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  1. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHlKNzDJNw
  2. Took longer than expected but the skills are up.
  3. I could probably get all of them for you in a couple of hours.
  4. I need a Soleil with Certain Blow,STAT.(Side note currently working on getting all possible skills for both kanas)
  5. I'll get a (F)Kana with several faires for you I just give me some time I'll probably be able to get it for you by the end of the day.
  6. There are two maps in Japan that are not in map pack 2,so we will eventually get a map pack 3.
  7. I have all the rallies for Lazwald
  8. Mine has Astra/Pavise/Vantage/Aegis/Lethality
  9. Alright thanks (I kinda forgot to put defender.)
  10. I am only going to list my Corrin's skills...ok? Let's begin. HP+5/Strength+2/Magic+2/Skill+2/Luck+4/Defense+2/Resistance+2/Movement+1/Draconic Hex/Seal Strength/Seal Magic/Seal Speed/Seal Defense/Seal Resistance/Rally Strength/Rally Magic/Rally Skill/Rally Speed/Rally Luck/Rally Defense/Rally Resistance/Inspiring Song/Lethality/Astra/Dragon Fang/Sol/Luna/Rend Heaven/Vengeance/Pavise/Aegis/Dragon Ward/Miracle/Counter/Countermagic/Vantage/Beastbane/Golembane/Nohrian Trust/Hoshidan Unity/Shelter/Shove/Lunge/Swap/Replicate/Quick Draw/Strong Riposte/Elbow Room/Natural Cover/Even Handed/Odd Shaped/Life and Death/Spendthrift/Duelist's Blow/Darting Blow/Death Blow/Certain Blow/Armored Blow/Warding Blow/Trample/Wary Fighter/Swordfaire/Lancefaire/Axefaire/Shurikenfaire/Bowfaire/Tomefaire/Defender/Gentilhomme/Demoiselle/Inspiration/Malefic Aura/Voice of Peace/Foreign Princess/Swordbreaker/Lancebreaker/Axebreaker/Shurikenbreaker/Bowbreaker/Bowbreaker/Tomebreaker/Gamble/Underdog/Lucky Seven/Air Superiority/Heartseeker/Quixotic/Good Fortune/Camaraderie/Renewal/Even Better/Better Odds/Amaterasu/Lifetaker/Potent Potion/Live to Serve/Poison Strike/Savage Blow/Grisly Wound/Salvage Blow/Profiteer/Nobility/Future Sight/Aptitude/Quick Salve/Pass/Locktouch. I have completed my Corrin's skill list. Request any skill you want that I have. Castle Code is in Sig.
  11. I have it check my castle code in the signature.
  12. Castle Code is in my signature.
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