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  1. Nope, haven't completed Thabes yet. Do I have to grind more thru DLC or reclass Dread Fighters back to villagers? I did beat the boat levels but foundthat the Dagons or Water Dragons were really annoying. And I heard Thabes was hard. Also, does this make Duma an Earth Dragon and Mila a Divine one? Mila & DUma seems way more powerful than Tiki in her teenage form, being able to revive the dead and Duma having access to dark magic and making women soulless babes
  2. It seems so, my entry point to the series was Rekka no Ken so I wasn't used to heroes being descended from earlier heroes in the franchise. I guess it makes sense for a kingdom to eventually fall and be replaced.Still, I still can't wrap my head on where the f Grima came from. Was he an earth dragon or something? ANd why was he so powerful compared to Naga
  3. So the spot where Mila died (was it on Duma's tower or was the body transported to Mila shrine?) turned into a giant tree which the Mila Tree battle in Awakening took place, the volcano where the necrodragons spawn became Demon's Ingle (or was it where Duma died) and Alm & Celica's bloodline sired Walhart (umm... ok?) , is it strange that I find all of this to be very depressing? I have a lot of emotions after finishing the game and I only got depressed when I found out Valentia became Valm in the future. I don't know how should I express it, I feel like sequels mostly shat on a previous game's history with its own story. And what got me more disappointed was Valm became the villains ( or antiheroes for trying to destroy the Grima religion by invading ) in Awakening, disregarding Alm and Celica's legacy. Sorry, just ranting here. It's like the feeling when you find out FFXII's Ivalice world of technological wonders all came to ruin eventually, all races save humans killed society and became a corrupt medieval religion in Tactics. And Espers became super demons or something
  4. I finished this game a few months back and am somewhat thinking on doing a 2nd playthrough for Lehran stuff. Though I still haven't played PoR and as I recall, this game's chapters are freakishly long, especially those survive chapters takes the cake for it which makes it somewhat discouraging to replay. So should I do a 2nd run or should I do PoR first?
  5. Didn't Sacred Stones also have that king that was once a benevolent ruler suddenly becoming an evil zombie that only causes war? For some strange reason, why do I still like SS's story despite its flaws compared to Garon in Conquest? Both were mindless puppets
  6. Conquest Chapter 14: <SPOILER> Kamui: Hey, who sang that cursed song to hurt my father who tried to kill me three times? Azura: Oh hey Kamui, what's going on? Kamui: Hey Azura, did you see a singer who sounds exactly like you that tried to hurt my murderous father? Azura: No I haven't Seriously, who wrote this???? </SPOILER>
  7. As a guy who didn't play it yet, did it?
  8. So, I'm currently at Turn 15 and suddenly this happens I was having fun with this game until this part where reinforcements just pop out of nowhere. It's getting annoying and this feels really cheap. Poor Heather (I never used her), trapped in a treasure room full of halberdiers
  9. That's pretty depressing not to expect anything from the story, what happened to that supposed manga writer who was supposed to write this one? Is this it or was it heavily modified?
  10. I just finished Conquest two weeks ago and despite the maps being more fun than Awakening, the story was pretty questionable, if not worse than Awakening (I thought they hired a manga author to write the story?). It also left a sour taste in my view of Fates series. One evidence of this is I've been reading the Corrin is an idiot thread nearby. I'm actually playing Radiant Dawn for the 1st time and I find it more engaging for some reason in terms of story and gameplay for some reason.
  11. Isn't that a trope usually common in shonen/harem medias? Maybe they're catering to the otakus especially with those confession scenes and touchy treehouse. (Though to be honest, I found some really cute but most? ugh)
  12. So I picked up Radiant Dawn after playing Conquest. I'm still at the Dawn Brigade chapters but I'm enjoying the game more for some reason than Conquest. Maybe its the story or Micaiah's not as spineless as Kamui? The game though really likes handing out op units on the go.
  13. Was the old patch the one with the shoddy translation? Anyway, the supports in this game are buggy as hell. Sometimes, they never initiate a support no matter how many times I end turn
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