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  1. So since I have yet to see this spelled out anywhere, Name a class, then name another class that can effectively dispatch the former- assuming both units have maxed stats and weapons. I've noticed a maxed out swordmaster with 150 avo, 69 spd (while paired) still ends up being outgunned by daggers/shuriken. While normal units would have 0% hit chance, master ninjas that dont even have maxed stats are somehow able to achieve around a 60% hit rate. This is WITH the swordmaster having shurikenbreaker and (I think) without the master nin having swordbreaker. Does the weapon triangle advantage really give THIS much of an advantage? Im not sure if i have the correct cause of this phenomena, and I may be exaggerating the hit rate a bit, but regardless I've seen some hit rates that dont really make sense based solely on stats. Thoughts? This was posted with 5 vs 5 multiplayer in mind. Not castle battles.
  2. Thanks for all of your replies! Yes I have max speed, skill, and defense statues on the revelation route. Im wondering if I should switch defense with strength. Also, very good points were made. Certain blow will def help. Their hit/avo rates were truly nothing special when compared to mine. 180 hit and about 170 avo compared to my 200 of both. Im currently utilizing takumi with a surefire yumi, shurikenbreaker, and certain blow among some offensive skills. I wonder what benefits you get from having weapon advantage, like exactly how much hit/avo you get. Against ninjas, which class do you think will do better? -Berserkers -Dragon units with axes -Kinshi Knights -Snipers -Vanguard with an axe? Once again, thanks for all of your help!
  3. Every time I think I know just about everything, another anomaly appears in 5 vs 5 wifi battles. I was doing extremely well and had only lost once in the past month and a half. Then along comes a team full of Midori's.... All of them ninjas with maxed out speed and skill. Actually, 4 Midori's and 1 Shigure with all rally skills. The maxed out speed + the rallies were only able to, at best, match my own speed. Here was my team: -Avatar, Nohr noble. Supporting Hinoka as a swordmaster with a maxed hagakure blade. -Setsuna as a ninja, supporting Midori as a ninja. -Xander as a paladin with 57 defense. Hinoka had an avoid of 137, plus "shuriken breaker". That gave her 187 avoid in total against the midoris. Hinokas Hit was 213. Hinoka, supported by MU, gets ready to obliterate one of the midoris who was finally in range. I go to preview my attack, and discover that Hinoka only has a 37% hit rate against midori. The opposing midori does not have swordbreaker. And if this isnt swell enough already, I discover that the opposing midori has a full 100% hit rate against hinoka!!! My own Midori and Setsuna were able to match the opposing team on the battlefield. Xander had like, a 15% Hit rate against them. His defense was very good, but it didnt do any good against midoris Lethality. Heres my question: -I understand that shuriken beats swords in the weapon triangle. Does this really add THAT much to their Hit and Avo in battles???? -What build would you suggest to be able to counter one of these teams? -Would equipping Hinoka with a maxed Dual Katana completely obliterate ninjas? Im thinking of swapping out Xander for kinshi knight takumi with a surefire yumi. Triangle advantage + Movement/attack range. Thoughts? Keep in mind that this was not a castle battle. They didnt have Avo or Hit bonuses from buildings.
  4. At first, I ended up having to wipe my data multiple times and start over before I finally got the hang of the do's and dont's. This news is bittersweet for me because I'm just now finding out that I never had to start over hahahahahaha Anyway (If you dont care about knowing what spider is then stop reading), Spider seems verrry tedious to me, and I've never even tried to pull it off. It involves pulling out your SD card from your 3DS and connecting it to your pc. Then you generate a QR code and open the 3DS internet browser. Then the 3DS crashes and the next time you play the game, the codes will be running. Ive seen people online with the hooded man character model and picture on one of their units, among other interesting things all resulting from spider. You wont find anyone using it anymore, because apparently it only works with older versions of the 3DS browser
  5. Has this been tested and confirmed? If so, thanks for the info!!! I feel more safe about testing certain weapons now. Also, the reason multiple yatos are usually illegal is because powersaves ONLY has a +7 yato to add. It's the +7 thats making it illegal. If you used Spider to add multiple un-smithed yatos, it wouldnt result in a shadowban. I know this because I saw someone online with every inventory slot being a regular yato. That ended up being his only strategy and it ended poorly for him, lmao
  6. First of all, I wasn't demanding that anyone PM me for help. I simply stated my preference of communication. Secondly, morality isn't always black and white. Don't try to tell me whats wrong and right because frankly, you came out of the gate being a huge bigot when all the while NONE of my posts had a shred of hostility towards ANYONE. And also, they invented the "Black List" feature so that whiny ass babies like you can just walk away instead of sending hate mail. I will continue to do whatever the fuck I want. I hope my reply was everything you expected it to be (:
  7. Also, Here is what Happens when You're Shadowbanned You can still visit other castles, but no one can visit YOUR castle When you try to wifi battle, it will ALWAYS pop up "You have been disconnected from your partner." right when you get to the map-select screen These effects may carry over to your other saves as well, but have also been known to not affect them sometimes. How to Get Rid of/FIX a Shadowban ​Go to the main menu screen Select "Wipe all data" To FIX a shadowban without losing your saves, wipe all your data, then go back into powersaves and RESTORE your data. Then select the backup file you wish to restore from. It needs to be a backup file that was created before you added illegal items/skills to your game.
  8. There was a LOT of misinformation spread above. For starters, regarding S rank weapons that you normally couldn't get more than 1 of: You can have and equip as many as you'd like and DONT have to worry about a shadowban. In addition, Assigning a female/male only class to the opposite gender with Spider will NOT get you shadowbanned. (Although powersaves doesnt have any code to make this possible) Here is a list of things off the top of my head that DO in fact result in a shadowban: Enemy only skills Enemy only weapons (Be careful in powersaves, some weapons SOUND like regular weapons but are really enemy-only, ie: Steel Javelin) Adding +7 weapons that arent able to be forged under any circumstance outside powersaves ie: Yato+7, Dragonstone+7 Having MORE than +7 on any weapon ie: Adding the +64 steel dagger with powersaves Using Spider to get more than the calculated limit of songstress/Non-Einherjar Noble-Class/Non-Einherjar Kitsune Things that Dont Get You Banned Having a rod/staff that has above the regular amount of uses (powersaves) More than 1 Hagakure Blade or any other S ranked weapon that can only be found once a playthrough Above I mentioned opposite gender classes Adding all possible resource buildings with Spider (You may have come across a castle with like 12 resource buildings) Using dragon herbs/seraph robe to increase stats/HP to their limit, even at a very low level Using powersaves to get as many battle seals as you want/any other seals Equipping more than one seal on every char Adding DLC skills (that are also amiibo skills) without an amiibo and before DLC comes out (Except be careful with the "Paragon" skill- I havent tested that one.) Any Questions? PM me!
  9. So lets say I have a MU with nohrian trust, and a supporting unit with offensive skills. For my MU to increase the triggering of offensive skills, should I put "Hoshidan Unity" on the supporting unit who has the offensive skills, or my MU? Also, does nohrian trust work when the two units are paired? Or do they need to be in attack stance?
  10. For anyone else still on this thread, I have a quick question regarding fates' character saving- Okay so as many of you know, when you upgrade the statues, your chars get their stats-caps increased. Lets say you increase their stats after increasing the cap, and then you import the char into a new save. 1) Do these chars retain their upgraded stat caps? 2) Can these chars upgrade their stat caps even more upon upgrading statues in the second playthrough? Thanks in advance~
  11. I'm actually talking non-MyCastle battles. As in 5 vs 5 battling. I always choose my own castle as the map and see people breaking things that arent blocking their path. I initially thought that it could only affect me poorly in AI/MyCastle battles.
  12. Thanks a lot! Very useful info~ If you partake in an online battle and choose your own castle as the battleground, I guess thats counterproductive since it allows them to break your buildings? Choosing the enemy's castle would be more beneficial then, am I correct? I always chose my own castle because I was more familiar with the layout. I always saw the enemy breaking random things that werent even blocking their path and laughed/thought they were acting ridiculous. I always thought breaking the building only affected stats during MyCastle battles. I feel ashamed of my own ignorance now D:
  13. Ahh I see, thank you! I did some more research and found that you can potentially increase any stat cap by around 10 using these statues. My next question (because Im too lazy to test it myself,) is- Does the Mess Hall retain its benefits if you create your online team directly after using it?
  14. The avatar statue only raises the skill stat cap, and I have mine at lvl3, my skill stat only reaches a maximum of 33 as far as I can tell. As for the others, is there any information on how much of a stat boost you can get from them? They seem to only raise one stat, but I've been seeing chars with multiple stats in the 45-50 range.
  15. A little bit of speculation: Maybe using the Mess Hall before creating your online team allows you to retain these benefits for online use? Maybe S ranks supports really DO add that much to your stats? Could be something to do with statues? Let me know what you think~
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