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  1. Finally a got a 5 star on the free summon for the FE4 Banner. +Spd -Hp Ryoma lets goooo
  2. Unfortunately, linear characters like Faye were pretty much most of the cast of Fire Emblem Fates
  3. Season Pass ftw even though the price is pretty garbage....That being said PLEASE IS KEEP THIRD TIER CLASSES IN FUTURE FE GAMES TOOOOOO
  4. This is what I was thinking as well. Like you said the DLC in Japan ended abruptly. However, what sparked me to post this thread was a realization. Despite Echoes coming out, we have to look at things in Japan's view. First of all, Japan got If a year before we got Fates. They also got their map pack 1 immediately after the release of the game(like we did a year later). However, while the West got Map Pack 2 right after Map Pack 1, Japan got their map pack 2 right before we got ours. In other words, Japan had to wait an entire year for their next batch of dlc. So using this logic, its still very much a possibility that Japan will release Map Pack 3 this summer(ish) which will probably give the rest of skills and stuff. After which we'd probably get the new dlc plus the bonds dlc. Again, it's obviously not confirmed, but it's still surprisingly possible. Thoughts?
  5. So it's been a while since we got dlc in Fates. Many people gave up on the bonds dlc seeing as its been almost a year since we last got dlc and echoes is coming out (with its own dlc). That being said, I was reviewing the translated conversations in the bonds dlc and GOD DAMN there are a lot of them (especially the Hoshidan one!). Just by looking at how many conversations there were I got renewed hope for still getting it in the west. Localization does take a while. Also, like other people have said, there's a chance that we're waiting on the bonds dlc until japan gets more dlc. This is also possible because there are still skills that are in the code of the game but even JAPAN hasn't gotten them yet. And as for Echoes coming out, there have been instances where an older game gets dlc after its successor comes out (for example a CoD Black Ops 3 just got a new dlc announced and its approaching a year since its successor, Infinite warfare came out) so it is still possible. I know there's nothing we can say for certain until IS or Nintendo actually say anything about this, but still, what do you guys think? Possible or not?
  6. It's funny, I've been replaying the Tellius games and I know exactly how you feel about laguz (They're friggin awesome). I also completely agree with you in that a longer fire emblem game would be welcome and would make 3rd tier classes more sensible. That being said, Gaiden isn't a terribly long FE game and 3rd tiers are in them. Even if they are overpowered in that game (looking at you ZEKE!) I'd say that's just the point right? Just my opinion, but what do you think?
  7. I agree with you completely, but like I said before, I'm was trying to get people's opinions on the classes themselves, not the pricing. In other words, what would you feel if the next new FE game had 3rd tier classes (affecting aesthetics or gameplay take your pick) assuming it was in the game without the need for buying dlc?
  8. I see where you're coming from but that's just the point. If overclasses are used strictly for aesthetics, then it doesn't affect the gameplay at all. Those who want to overclass will be able to do so and those who don't won't be affected by not overclassing whatsoever. Since they are superfluous, it doesn't matter if you're into gameplay or aesthetics since they only affect aesthetics. It's not a matter of gameplay vs aesthetics. Rather its if you care about aesthetics vs you don't.
  9. Exactly. Some people don't really want third tier classes in fear that they're overkill. But seeing as promoting units into these classes would be very late into the game unless you grind(which means you want to promote your units into these classes in the first place) then there's no problem for anybody. And as for Apotheosis....PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN IS!!!
  10. First of all, I should have explained better: I don't mean 4th tier classes seeing as they only apply to 2 class trees, I'm mainly talking about 3rd tier. As for the rest of your points, I agree. But if max stats are tied to characters, and overclassing isn't a necessity, isn't that all the more reason to have them in the first place? If they have no significant impact on the gameplay, the reason for them being there could be drawn down to aesthetics. So why wouldn't you want a class that gives you the satisfaction for grinding a character to the necessary level, and a pretty cool sprite +animations? Thoughts?
  11. Let me just remind everyone that my question doesn't involve the price of the dlc. My question is just if you approve of higher-tiered classes. Also keep in mind that these classes can only be accessed at the characters promoted class level 20. While one could just grind early game and get these higher tier classes making the rest of the game easier, it would normally take some level of motivation for the sake of getting the classes. In other words, those who would make all of their classes into their respective overclasses, would most likely only be able to do so if they wanted to and did the necessary grinding. So regardless of how powerful a class is, it is mainly for aesthetics, as you only need to overclass if you want to. Thoughts?
  12. So if you guys have been keeping up with Echoes news, they announced the overclasses that would be made accessible in the dlc. So for classes trees like the cavalier route and villager route, they would have 4 classes since the Gold Knight and Dread Fighter classes are already third tier so now they have an overclass on top of that. What do you guys think about this? I think it's awesome and keeps your units feeling fresh and powerful and would be pretty cool to see in future fire emblem games
  13. Absolutely. The reason why people didn't like an avatar in the first place was because they were shoehorned into the story and the other characters kiss the floor they walk on (I'm looking at you Fates!!!). The Avatar was never the problem, they're implementation of the mechanic was. So yes I really would like an Avatar but a good one
  14. To be honest it's probably a tie between Azama and Corrin. Azama is just a pessimistic jerk and even though he sometimes shows his good side, he's just really unpleasant. As for Corrin, I'm not sure I can say I hate him rather than I hate how he was portrayed in Fates. Like come on, everyone literally kisses the floor he walks on...
  15. See? This is what frustrates me. All of these ideas that you've presented are well thought out and awesome. And, there are nearly an infinite number of possibilities that could happen if this system were implemented. An Avatar in FE has SO MUCH POTENTIAL yet they're just not executing it in the way that would be most beneficial
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