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  1. Changing from stable to the latest preview fixed it; didn't think that something that small would have such a big impact. Thanks for the all the help!
  2. *facepalm*, I forgot to turn on the FakeGapps module. Now it says the game won't run unless I update Google Play services, but I can actually get into the game if I back out after it takes me to the Play Store. Seems like the app thinks I don't have Play Services when I first open it up, but the game still runs in the background.
  3. I did everything you listed here, but when I open up Fire Emblem: Heroes, I get an error that it won't run without Google Play Services. When I go to the microG Self-Check, "Play Services has correct signature" is not checked.
  4. Except with Record Keeper, it's a 13% overall chance to get any 5*. 3% is awful, but going to have to wait and see how summoning fully works before I pass final judgement. Front page news post made it seem like there's a rolling gacha.
  5. So it looks like IntSys is sticking to a 3-year gap in between main titles. Hopefully they can find a new head character designer, because I'm a little tired of Kozaki's ridiculous stuff now... Echoes looks pretty damn awesome; never played Gaiden, so this will be a new experience. Lol'd at Ricken/Marth's VA going all-in for Lon'qu, instead of someone he actually voiced.
  6. How is it compared to say, H5 in Shadow Dragon?
  7. Not really a "bundle" when it's just a console inside... Still, very tempted to get this since my current 3DS XL is suffering from an erratic bottom screen. I don't have much experience with special, themed consoles; do these get scalped easily after initial release? (i.e., if I don't order one within couple days of release, will I be s.o.l.?)
  8. I must be blind cause I can't find anything at the moment. Gotta still try Yodabashi camera and I Google'd some place called Culture Zone? Found some souvenirs for everyone but myself. Lawl...
  9. I see, thanks. The only swag I found at Ikebukuro was sold out Robin and Lucina amiibos, and empty Fire Emblem if cartidge cases. Was pretty disappointed. And I was even searching for the new trading cards for giggles but I guess those weren't released yet. Much appreciated. So it's esentially a figurine gachapon?
  10. I THINK the place I got a FE4 fig is called Yodobashi Camera. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yodobashi_Camera

  11. Besides scouring Akihabara and looking stupid doing it, anyone know of any specific places to get dat Fire Emblem swag? I would like to get some souvenirs while I'm in Japan. Cause shipping & handling is a bitch.
  12. Didn't really care about her (besides getting a chuckle at jiggle physics) till I just saw the third image. Wow, did not realize she had no pants. Well, I guess I really shouldn't have expectations from the same guy that designed Olivia.
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