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  1. Oh okay,I didn't realize that it was such a popular concept. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Lucina, she needs a taste of real fashion (She thinks that a polka-dotted dress with pictures or Emmyren is a cute outfit...) WCWY want to show a Fire Emblem Game too? (Think of the reactions!)
  3. Oh really? So this is Nintendo trying to sneak references in?
  4. I know about Kitsunes and myths surrounding them. I don't know very much about Pokemon, I've only seen little parts with friends who love it. Is there a Kitsune Pokemon based on the same stories?
  5. In Birthright there are two characters, Kaden and Selkie, who are Kitsune and can be promoted to a Nine-Tails. Am I the only one who noticed that the transformed state looks an awful lot like a certain Pokemon who goes by the same name? I looked it up as well as looked around here to try and figure out why Nintendo would go and do that. For some reason no one else has pointed it out. Have any of you guys noticed that Intelligent Systems included Were-Pokemon?
  6. Yeah, I always get a little annoyed with people who say they don't like ChromxRobin simply because the supports are meaningless and silly. There's so much going on between them in the main story that the supports don't really matter. Yeah, Male Robin and Chrom take bromance to an entirely new level.... ~~~~~~~ Other awesome pair-ups: Lon'qu and Tharja, he's scared of women, and she's really a creepy one. Not only that, you get some backstory to Lon'qu as well. Panne and Virion, I like this also because of backstory reasons and because of Yarne. He's the only one who can pull off the grayish blue hair and it makes a lot more sense that he'd be worried about his father cheating. I mean come on, can really put it past Virion? Lissa and Fredrick, they've known each other for a long time and this way he can get even closer to Chrom. Male Morgan and Nah, they are just so cute together. Morgan is one of the few children characters who looks around her age, plus he's just so sweet to her. He went through a lot of trouble to please her and then tried to make sound like nothing. Severa and Owain, she's a bully and he's a weirdo. As we've seen in Severa's supports with Noire, she gets along with weirdos (sort of). The S-support is adorable too.
  7. Hmm, probably Grima (I actually wrote a parody about Grima) WCWY want to play Trivial Pursuit with?
  8. Chrom and Female Robin are the best pair-up. They have hilarious, meaningless supports and meaningful conversations in-story. Robin is naturally going to feel attracted to him, as far as she can remember, Chrom was the first person she ever saw. They are a power couple who can easily defeat any enemy when together. Their children are even more powerful. Morgan looks great with blue hair and Lucina is an awesome sister for him.
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