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  1. Who would be best pairings for Takumi, Hinata and Azura? Want to focus on these three and get there kids right now
  2. Who should I use this Brand on? Corrin, Soleil, Caledori or Sophie?
  3. I have all options as I do not have any kids yet I'm just starting to plan ahead
  4. Yes I meant Hinoka I apologize I was watching Naurto and ended up putting that instead but I appreciate the input
  5. In birthright I paired Subaki with Hana and liked the Caeldori I got and I was wondering if there is a better pairing for Revelations like Selena, Oboro, Mozu or Hinata?
  6. I was just thinking of different boons and banes to use but you bring up a good point skill wouldn't help much I'll stick with the speed
  7. So I've finished both Birthright and Conquest. My avatars Boon/Bane for birthright was +Strength/-Luck and my talent was mercenary and I had her marry Jakob. In Conquest my Boon/Bane was +Speed/-Magic and my talent was knight and I had her marry Silas and I enjoyed how Kana turned out for both but especially in Conquest. I'm starting revelations and was wondering if I should stick to he +Speed/-Magic or if I should do +Skill/-Magic for a knight again?
  8. Thank you very much! And I noticed that compared to birthright but I was going to try and pair off and at least get the kids whether I use them or not and the talent is a knight.
  9. Hello, I only have a question for 2 pairings in Conquesr. My female avatar has a +SPD and was wondering who would be best for her. Also, who is better for Effie? Arthur or Silas?
  10. For the Nohr side. I need help with those pairings. I have a female avatar with +SPD who should I pair her with? Also, is Silas a better match for Effie or is Arthur?
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