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  2. Physical weapon: Had to pick swords. There's always something memorable about them to me. A cool looking sword I'll remember as opposed to a lance or axe. Magic: Dark magic, hands down. Has some of the sickest animations throughout the series. Powerful but requires great skill to wield - idk, seems to match what it is quite well. I like how FE handles it as being related to intelligence and logic rather than evil. Most of the time. Favorite anima: Thunder. Just seems godlike.
  3. I'd say it depends on the unit: a mercenary with good strength and defense who is only taking small amounts of damage at a time can potentially be relied upon to have Sol activate just that one-out-of-four times and heal up. That's what I meant by the mercenary class being shit in the hands of Laslow, he's not very good and thus doesn't reap the benefits of the skillset. But yeah, in the case of sir generic mercenary I agree with you. Even if it's not saving your unit, it's just convenient to have one less unit to heal at the start of the next player phase.
  4. I prefer them to be noble. I liked what was done with Ike and his background as a "lord", but I don't want to see that redone. I don't know, I get the feeling that if they did that again they'd make it all about social status and coming from an unsavory background and how impressive it is and blah blah whatever get that main character circle jerk out of here. I like ike. But let's not redo that. I'd like a lord who's thrown into a war where he has to make morally questionable strategic decisions. This isn't in reference to or making complaints in regards to Fates, I'm talking more like how in FE10 Micaiah knew the side she took wasn't necessarily the "good" one: she had to face decisions such as whether or not to dump toxins into that river, as suggested by Izuka, in order to decimate their enemy. Seeing them grow it what's most important I think. Statwise I'd prefer the lord to be like Marth. Haven't played FE11, but his stats in his other 3 games were good enough to make him reliable but not broken as he lacked considerable bulk. Also, I don't want them to be an avatar. I'd like a story based promotion for them, done in such a way that it shows some sort of transition in their life and/or character.
  5. Mercenaries tend to be more bulky myrmidons only without dodge tanking abilities. They won't be able to double the fastest of enemy units and typically you can't consistently rely on them to dodge, so they often take significantly more hits. I guess it's up to your playstyle whether or not to use them. I almost always use Ogma, at the very least. They're capable units prior to FE13/14. But yeah they suck in Awakening. In Fates too, though I felt that they made them a bit better. I at least think mercenary is a viable class for your avatar depending on what stat mods you choose but then again, the right mods can make any class work for Robin and Corrin. Only talking Awakening and Fates, I'd say Sol makes it worth it (besides for Laslow, the embodiment of underwhelming). It's relatively easy to activate with the formula literally just being activation rate = skill stat. Astra is better for dealing damage yeah, but considering that your hero is probably taking more hits than your swordmaster means that the health recovered from Sol can make your merc into a potentially tanky unit who just heals his own wounds (hopefully). It's a less broken form of nosferatu, in a sense. Don't have to stay in the class if you don't want to Gregor is eh. Laslow sucks, though Selena is good enough to make mercenary work.
  6. While gaiden and Sacred Stones are most similar to Awakening, you said you're looking for story so I'm going to have to say Sacred Stones fits the bill a bit better. Those two having overworld maps aside, Path of Radiance has a good story and some really great characters. But lol @ paying for that one, it costs more than human life. So yeah, so long as you have good enough PC use an emulator. If you're curious about the world Awakening takes place in and would like to understand the references that game makes, then you could go for FE1 and FE3 or their remakes FE11 and FE12. 1 and 3 would be pretty harsh transitions though, so I'm going to have to stick with my aforementioned recommendations. Not bad games, but you might want to play them after playing some of the mid-series titles first.
  7. That, she does not. I also expect respect, which is the reason why so many people here got angry at several of her posts - they lacked this. TheSilentChloey herself has expressed that she had a negative mindset going into the game which, reasonable or not, admits that she was frustrated in her Conquest-rant post and thus not calm. The majority of the replies were calm, instead presenting logical arguments to defend the gameplay.
  8. Dread fighter wields shuriken, axes, and swords. Significant class growth rates are +15% HP, strength, and speed. Also 20% resistance. Aggressor is a great skill. I'd say use this class because high resistance+shuriken=mage killer. Vengeance from sorcerer can be pretty easily abused, so if you want to pick that up that's fine too. Depending what your bane/boon is Corrin could serve as a replacement mage for Odin and Nyx. Use Leo though.
  9. Hinata, though I wasn't really sure at first. Hana is guaranteed to double almost everything (and with a high MT weapon maybe kill), but will die in two or possibly only one hits. Glass cannons are risky. Hinata can take a few hits, and will double slower enemies while doing more damage. Character wise, I prefer Hinata's simplicity. Hana is fine.
  10. It's fine with me, really just a base/barracks hybrid kind of thing. At least we can change the music, so you don't end up with some super off-putting music to take you out of the story too much. Storywise? Totally ignore it. It's a little odd that most of the characters don't question it, but it allows for online play so I learned to accept it. It's kind of a prototype to me, they'll probably further improve on it in the next game. Probably. Maybe. I hope
  11. But how could anyone resist. Leo was obligatory first waifu
  12. So Hans is the real adventurer in this game, step up your goddamn game Corrin. Hans knew about the overarching plot all along? We've been duped. Talking about the chakram here, never thought of this before you brought it up. How did he manage to get it when it was in
  13. All items lost. Guess it would have been nice to be able to sell their stuff, but oh well. It doesn't work the same way as in RD. Also, Mozu just has to survive. No requirements besides that.
  14. I really don't like M!Kanna, it seems like they just tried to be safe by making him like M!Morgan. While I didn't care either way for Morgan, he at least had more personality than just being obsessed with his mother. Perhaps if M!Kanna's personality belonged to only him and not already Morgan, I wouldn't be bothered as much. From looking at Hunter Nightblood's poll, it seems that Peri is unpopular even though I haven't really heard much about her either way. Not going to argue that she's a great character, but I do like it when FE games throw one or two insane characters at you. I normally don't like many dubbed voices (though Azura's singing in this game is a huge exception), but I actually liked how retarded Peri sounds, it sounds about right I find Azama hilarious. A jackass for sure, but I found it amusing rather than irritating. Someone has to be an ass in these games to add variety, and he does it pretty well for me. Pretty much. Don't mind either of the princesses, but other than that I find the "Im yung but I can fight 2 guis !!!!1!11!!!!" characters annoying. Despite having my problems with Corrin (though not hatred or anything), it's nice to see that he/she has flaws. If they didn't, it would be annoying to have that as a main character. Also agree here: I don't like avatar characters being the sole main character: those positions were left for Chrom and Lucina. While Robin does bore me to hell, I didn't care simply because Robin felt like a blank slate intended for the player to project themselves onto. Or something. Because Robin isn't the mc like Corrin is, personality isn't as important to me.
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