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  1. Gotcha, I definitely downloaded the EUR version for everything, that much im sure of xD. I could always try and use the rom i got on the computer, but how would I go about installing that onto the 3ds? Just got hacked 3ds about a month ago, so im still kinda learning things as I go :P
  2. hmmm, I didnt see a green flash when I started Fates. When you say correct version, do you mean the correct region, because if so then I do have the same version on everything.
  3. Okay, I have been at this for 12 hours now, and I have gotten the files randomized, recompressed, etc., BUT I STILL CANNOT GET THIS TO LOAD IN THE GAME ;~; Idk what I am doing wrong at this point. I had to use some work arounds because braindump and Hans red screen and never work for me :P. I'm going to explain exactly what I did, someone PLEASE let me know if anything I have done wont work even if I try XD. So, because braindump doesnt work, i downloaded an iso of the EUR Special Edition, decrypted it in decrypt9, opened it with the HackingToolKit 3ds software to get the romfs folder, got the necessary files for the randomizer to work, uncompressed them with FEAT, changed the file names from "@U" to "@E" so the randomizer would run, ran the randomizer, changed the names back, recompressed in FEAT, downloaded the Same-Sex patch, copied the fefatesSE and plugin folder contents to the root of my sd, deleted the contents of fefatesSE because I didnt want the patch, and copied the randomized files to the fefatesSE folder. While this was going on, I downloaded the EUR Special Edition on the 3ds, along with the dlc. Also, because did not work, I installed NTR, and used 3.4 to supposedly make sure the randomizer would work. It says that it was successful and boots me to the home menu. I open up Fates, start a new game, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd nothing ;~;,,,,,, Let me know if anything in this setup is wrong, I have to get some sleep :P
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