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  1. Greninja gets pretty good rep even outside of Japan. He's been in top 8 of majors the past two weeks, 3rd at Eclipse and 5th at Canada Cup. He also has pretty good regional results and a number of solid reps (Venia, Some, Oisifuto, Istudying, Elexiao, DarkAura, Gibus, Stroder, Shinjoebi, Eddy, Kero). All these people either make top 8 at nationals or win regionals. That's way better than most other characters can say. Well you see, Cloud is 10x easier to pocket so that leads to an inflation of his results. Solo Cloud results at the high level are kinda rare for a top tier tho.
  2. In 2016, the only Nintendo game I bought so far is Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. While they were fun, they didn't really stand out to me. 2015 was similar, but at least the novelty of Smash 4 carried well into it (and still does in 2016). Pokemon is a given and honestly might salvage the year. Otherwise, anyone feel like they're outgrowing Nintendo or is Nintendo just going backwards with all these gimmicks and low difficulty games? Is Nintendo getting old? Are you optimistic, pessimistic, or somewhere in the middle (ew neutral opinions)?
  3. Be careful choosing to pick up a character when you see its rep do something cool once or twice. Ryo beating Abadango's Mewtwo is certainly impressive, but doesn't necessarily translate to him having a good MU on Mewtwo or even being viable in upper metagame. He could have been thrown off by lack of MU inexperience (from what I've seen ROy doesn't seem very popular in Japan either) or just been completely outplayed. If you're gonna stay local anyway it doesn't matter, main who you want. I do think Roy can be a valuable counterpick though, especially since people don't know how to play against him.
  4. And another one falls. We are in the lead by two stocks (11-9). Its only a matter of time until we reduce Teams Eyes stocks to 0. The Wahas will prevail! Send out your next victim to fall to the blade of Comet and his Marth.
  5. (Play this video while reading this for max pleasure) So they're finally here, performing for you If you know the words, you can join in too Put your hands together, if you want to clap As we take you through this Waha rap Huh!! Waha! Waha Kife!! (Knife, fearless leader who kicks ass and takes names) He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well He's finally back to kick some tail His razor edge can space very well If he stabs ya, it's gonna hurt He's sharper, faster, and deals more knockback too He's the first member of the Waha crew Huh! Waha! Waha Kife! Waha! Waha Kife is here! (Jedi, second in command and level-headed contrast to the leader) This Waha's got style, so listen up dudes He can shrink his hurtbox, to suit his mood He's quick and nimble when he needs to be He can stall in the air and climb up ledges If you choose him, you'll not choose wrong With a shorthop and airdodge, he's one cool Waha Huh! Waha! Waha Kife! (Comet, brainy researcher who takes the most logical route and does the research) He has no style, he has no grace This Waha has a funny face He can perfect pivot when he needs to And stretch his arms out, just to grab you Inflate himself just like a balloon This crazy Waha just digs this tune Huh! Waha! Waha Kife! Waha! Waha Kife is here! (Right Here, the quiet one in the group but with possibly OP powers?) He's back again and about time too And this time he's in the mood He can fly real high with his amazing edgeguards With his projectiles out, he's one tough Waha Camper He'll make you smile when he plays his tune But Waha Enemies beware 'cause he's after you Huh! Waha! Waha Kife! Huh! (Carmine Sword, the passionate romantic who lets his heart make the decisions) Finally, he's here for you It's the last member of the Waha crew This Waha's so strong, it isn't funny Can make a Waha Enemy cry out for mummy Can make hard punishes with relative ease Makes roll reads seem such a breeze He may move slow, he can't recover high But this Waha's one hell of a guy Huh! C'mon Nightmare, take it to the fridge! Falchions, Ragnells, Levin Swords Yatos, Master Swords, Sealed Blades and Buster Swords Ahh yeah!! (repeat) Know and fear this name: We are the Wahas !!!!!!!
  6. I beat Ice 2-1. I'm awaiting our rematch in final bracket though, that match was way too laggy.
  7. What is the contingency plan if people drop/go inactive like they always do mid tourney? Its not such a big deal when its 1 vs 1 but when your part of a crew that you get drafted for, it really sucks to lose a member partway through. I think we should allow people to continue signing up as substitutes just in case. And those of you who don't think they have the time/attention to see this all the way through should probably drop before drafting begins.
  8. Ness is a very easy to pick up character, but suffers a lot a the top level due to low mobility, range, and terrible recovery. I think he's still top tier in doubles because of his kill potential, powerful aerials, and healing capability (even though it got nerfed). A lot of people were saying early on that Lucas was inferior to Ness. I actually believe the opposite, where Lucas will potentially perform better at top level than Ness (its starting to show with Taiheta's results and Fow's results dropping/inactivity).
  9. Give the win to Dotty for this round, I can't play till Thursday (unless you want to wait for that). We have a final bracket anyway right?
  10. Needs more results than beating Abadango's Mewtwo, but still losing to his Rosalina. That's just one matchup. I doubt Roy beats Mewtwo either, I can see it being even though.
  11. Nah, he's fairly tall. Also, I'm pretty short.
  12. If you want this to be interesting you should probably vote for captains by skill. Otherwise someone like Ice could end up recruiting me or some other high seed (just an example) and make it really unbalanced. Though I can understand voting for people based on leadership skill in which case Jedi or Eukyld are great choices. I will vote based on the former though. I'm not too familiar with everyone's skill, but I ended voting for Dotty, Ice, Aura Wolf, and MrStardustRincon (have no idea how good he is, never played).
  13. Smashcon was cool, met Comet there it was nice meeting him. Yeah, I messaged him for today. If we can't play today (since I'm busy all day tomorrow), he can have the win.
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