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  1. Yeah on top of the commonly allowed 7 stages we have: -Skyloft -Peach Castle 64 -Halberd -Delfino -Umbra -Castle Siege Legal. But we have 3 bans.
  2. He kinda does have ridiculous frame data for how disjointed he is. Most of it comes from his uair, possibly the best uair in the game. Frame 6, does 13%, disjoint, and autocancels. It literally has everything.
  3. ^That literally happen only on FG. I need to check up on it and knock some skulls sometime... Anyways, Cloud is obviously a very powerful character. It wouldn't be a stretch to say he is top 10, at least in the neutral. He is literally a sword character done right with great disjoints and frame data. Only top of this, he has top 15 mobility, is decently heavy at 100 weight, and limit break to force approaches/end stocks early. The only thing holding him back really is his bad recovery, which is pretty much Little Mac tier in terms of gimpability and distance (bottom 2 recovery) though double jump is much better than Little Mac's at least. Still, getting him off stage in a position where he has to burn his double jump and up b is easier said than done. If I were to liken him to another character in terms of MUs, I'd say he's like Mario in that he doesn't straight up lose to many characters. He will not age well like Mario as people figure out more optimal ways to force him offstage and gimp him. He is even more potent in doubles. Don't be surprised when you see Cloud as a very common doubles character due to Finishing Touch and his overall ease of use. These are his MUs from what I've observed: Cloud loses to or has a slight disadvantage against: Sheik, Meta Knight, Rosalina Cloud is even with or has a negligible advantage/disadvantage against: Bayonetta?, Corrin?, Pits, Diddy, Greninja, Ike, Link, Lucina, Mario, Marth, Ness, Pikachu, Ryu, Toon Link, Villager, and Zero Suit Samus Cloud beats: everyone else not already listed, but among top 15 on the 4BR tier list he beats Fox, Sonic, Captain Falcon, and Yoshi
  4. You don't even play the game competitively. When I think main, I think of the character you'd default to using in tournament without any knowledge of your opponent's character.
  5. Be careful how you use the word main. I know my main would be pissed if he knew I had 6 other "mains".
  6. Why not both? Many things can be balanced without affecting the casual aspect of it. "Omg my ZSS Upair>Upair>Up B kills 25% later!" Said no casual ever.
  7. Actually, I've thought of using Dedede. My scene isn't used to losing to him. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Fortunately not everyone thinks like you. I've had people curse/drop their controllers and its great. It doesn't work on my local scene anymore since I've effectively convinced most people here that Link is high mid tier and they don't feel bad about losing anymore. This is why I travel for Smash mostly, to elicit this reaction from people who aren't used to losing to Link outside of FG.
  9. I honestly play Link cause I'm sadistic and like to make opponents salt about losing to Link. There's no right or wrong reason to play a character.
  10. Shezzy, you got to bait airdodge more from downthrow. He airdodged right after every down throw. You could easily just charge an fsmash or run up upsmash to get a bigger punish.
  11. As cheesy as they are, Mario and Cloud are some of the best secondaries in the game due to low learning curve and high reward. Really good players will learn the matchups though, especially since they are so common. Mario isn't making the splash he used to and Cloud will not age well as people learn to deal with limit/gimping him.
  12. Corrin's counter is broken as fuck. Why aren't you all spamming it more? https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/44kt7e/counter_surge_3_kill/
  13. Idk why you all keep falling for Ana's bait. Its OK to not be good at a video game. This is probably the 192nd time you complained about not having fun or something being OP. Practice more/better and results will come naturally. If they don't maybe you don't have a natural aptitude to be good at competitive smash, which is fine.
  14. If you're a casual and don't care about balance, why even worry about nerfs? Most nerfs don't even really change the way a character is changed
  15. I knew she would be good. I think second best DLC after Ryu. Not as braindead as Cloud. Enough said about her. As for Corrin, he has some pretty big flaws. The bad: His air speed is pretty bad, making horizontal strings hard. Its pretty obvious he was designed to be a primarily vertical killer with fair comboing into up b and a strong uair (comparing this to prepatch Diddy uair is dumb though, there is no grab setup into it and it has more startup/endlag). His edge guard potential is also pretty low, especially when opponent elect to recover low. All he has to horizontally knock away in the air are RAR Bair and side b. I mean you can try to hit them with side b, but he can't really go too deep because of his semi-bad recovery distance. The recovery itself is pretty safe and has good protection, though I was able to counter it with Marth and eventually gimp. No grab combos hurt him when playing against shields. Good stuff he has is range in smashes, which are also pretty strong with tipper and not even that slow (other than his usmash). Side b is really strong (though a bit gimmicky), but unfortunately doesn't pierce shield. His projectile is pretty decent, though his middling speed only let's him follow up with dash attack or side b most of the time. Down tilt is a great combo starter and maybe a kill setup that leads into uair at kill %. Overall, I'd say he's mid tier. Ike is slightly better than him, and possibly Roy/Marth are on the same level as of the patch.
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