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  1. That's right but also remember that now the units learn magic by Character level and professor level. Fire skill for example allow the user to use fire but if the user already know fire by character level the skill doubles the uses of fire for that character. But we still don't have enough information. In the Treehouse gameplay Dorothea could use Fire 20 times but we don't know but that was with or without the Fire skill.
  2. Greetings from Mexico. The Spanish trailer also calls it "star", cursed star or fell star to be more precise.
  3. Uhmn so she's the granddaughter of the King of Brigith, so she's also a noble.
  4. My Byleth: Ok Ignase you have 2 options. A) You become a Dark Mage to spread Curses and Plagues around the world. or B) A Brigand to burn villages and it's people to cinder. I want your answer and a 500 words essay about why you choose that option for tonight.
  5. That's not poor. Vee and most VA's on that situation were paid for what they did, it's just that during development the person in charge decided to not use the recorded material. This isn't even rare in videogames, there're a lot of examples of unused tracks, models or voice lines in other games. In XC2 there were a lot of code lines making references about all Blades being playabable and even some of them had unused voice lines that only playabable characters had in the final release.
  6. This may not be entirely true. The Japanese trailer is less boot liking, it only mention that Byleth was choose to teach in the School for his aptitudes and skills. It never says the lines "You're the Hero the world needs" or "A special power awakens within you" as this is the reason why Byleth was choose. When talking about Sothis the trailer just says that "At the same time Byleth was choose to be a teacher he started to see a mysterious girl".
  7. Maybe the crests are like the Starsphere shards from FE3/FE12, Physical items that when are in the inventory of a character (anyone or the noble from that respective house) gives bonuses in stats, growth rate or other things (like removing the movement penalty of terrains).
  8. I feel the same, the tights look weird and the chest size is disproportional with the hips and waist but hey just wait for the power of fandom to fix that. I really hated FCorrin at the start but with some time and fanarts now I like her a little (I still think that the ass window is stupid though). Fortunately it started pretty soon Don't know why I feel that this time the bullied team will be the Blue team.
  9. There's a possibility that a fouth house exist in the japanese name it mention the four season (summer's wind, autumn's moon, spring's flowers and winter's snow) there's a theory about each of the protagonists been a season Edelgard (spring), Dimitri (winter) and Claude (autumn) so there's one left and thats the avatar, been the avatar means that he's customisable but the default hair color is green (wind┬┐?) and obviously a fourth house (maybe destroyed long time ago or hidden just like Valla).
  10. I agree with the limited number of enemies but also you know that the 1% crit bullshit can happen anywhere not only on the Arena and in all cases you can know the difficulty of your enemy with the quantity of gold you bet.
  11. I don't know an arena where if you lose your character don't die what's this Fate 2.0, the original purpose of the arena was that you risk your characters life in exchange for gold and exp what's the point on having an arena if you can't lose anything important not a pearl or some rice.
  12. Maybe for what we had see there could be three cavalier (sword: Xander, Lance: Camus┬┐? and Axe: Frederick) and three pegasus because it would be weird if the only flying units it's cordelia. As for a lance-user on foot maybe an armored unit (Draug, Kellam, Benny, etc) or Oboro. Who knows maybe Azama (as a war monk) spreading his word to form his new religion
  13. Another axe users could be Vaike or Basilio from Awakening as the developers seems to really love that game. But for others axe users someone said already Charlote and Rinkah from Fates and for Shadow Dragon well Minerva and maybe Michalis as enemy, and at last Barst.
  14. Take it easy man that was only a joke. Try to be like Elise just enjoy what's happening. (laugh about what the really upset are writing) I know that there's nothing we can do, We all know that this game is Japan oriented and in Japan Cordelia is very popular she was the obvious choice. P.D.I am Beruka like "meh I'll buy it on the release day at end"
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