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  1. Most of the features of the abyss besides that characters are unlocked after you beat just the first chapter, if that helps. The dlc characters need to be unlocked further in the side story. People believe the dlc takes place between chapters 4-8 of the main game I think, I may be off base but that’s roughly there.
  2. I’m certainly not saying Bernie’s 100% autistic (I only have it, I’m not a psychologist and can’t diagnose these things) but I do want to point out that autism and anxiety do come together for a lot of people. Additionally, people with anxiety and autism also suffer from abuse. That said, it’s just my opinion. This is a head canon thread anyway.
  3. As an autistic person myself I don’t know if I should be thrilled to be compared to Felix because he’s a popular and powerful unit, or a little upset because, let’s be honest, he’s an asshole. Though I can be an asshole sometimes. I thought for a moment using my own experience and the person who came to mind as Autistic would be Flayn actually. I know a number of her social issues stem from spoilers, but even so her formal speech and interactions with others give me a few signals. Of course, that may just be a reach on my part. Bernie also gets points for Autism from her using fiction to express herself, and of course, she has major social anxiety.
  4. I’ll admit I was pretty unhyped for the church route and put it last for my playthroughs. This may have been good though, because my first play through was Golden Deer, so that was more fuzzy than if I’d just gone right from it to Church. Silver snow isn’t perfect but it did so some interesting things the other routes didn’t, which I really liked, for example, leading the characters without a lord and having a truly neutral group to build up as opposed to any of the established nations. I think my favorite thing was
  5. Spoilers for crimson flower ending edit: Answered, thank you!
  6. I’m sure this has been asked and answered before but for the life of my I don’t know what to search for or how to find it. What do the red arrows that go up mean while dining with someone? Not the red down arrows that indicate someone doesn’t like a meal - sometimes there is a separate red arrow pointing up during a meal, often on people who already have blue positive arrow ups.
  7. As far as I can tell B+ is when you can get to the next rank but it’s timelocked (ie. All a-supports pre-timeskip). Best guess is A+ is similar, though it is a bit weird.
  8. I’m on my third playthrough and I just discovered I can check on people’s support levels while choosing who to dine with
  9. When you recruit certain characters they come with items. Knights and teachers come with class seals, nobles with bullion, and commoners with stat boost items
  10. If you’re in this thread you already know there will be spoilers, so I won’t bother spoilering here. Also this got longer than I intended, sorry. For context the only other route I’ve played is Golden Deer. I promised myself not to comment here again until after I finished Edelgards route. Even up until chapter 15, the bloodshed and Edelgard working with TWSITD made me wonder how anyone could align with her. It seems consistent, however, that those who did her route first could not imagine siding with the church either, so I pressed on, curious how such a route could cause such a massive difference of opinion in people who played the game. Finally, I began to see some more characterization of both Rhea and Edelgard during the beginning of chapter 16, which I’m sure was fine if you played it the first time, but after playing a Golden Deer it felt like a long time of wondering “is all this worth it”? By the end of chapter 16 Edelgard’s uncle made an appearance as the slippery snake he is. For the first time in the route, I felt that Hubert and Edelgard actually were working against TWSITD and started to feel a bit more compassionate towards their goals. Again, this is two chapters from the end, and if you’ve played a different route before, feels rather late. Chapter 17 finally sees Rhea being unreasonable. But Dimitri is still not too bad, I really don’t understand Edeglard’s comment on him being obsessed with her. Chapter 18 opens with Edelgard and Arundel continuing the whole ‘I’m using you you know I’m using you I know you know etc.’ Getting kind of old. Edelgard confides in you, you’re the only person who understands her, etc. Also it’s funny seeing Rhea acting as Daenerys Targaryen after we accused Edelgard of that. I also know I made some remarks about people playing Black Eagles to marry Edelgard, but I essentially did the same thing for Hubert, so maybe I’m no better.... So, did I finally find out why people who support Edelgard first are so fervent that she did nothing wrong(tm)? Well, the game does make her sympathetic - if that’s the only route you’ve played. Additionally, Rhea is not as obviously evil GD, feel like they kind of had to make her extreme in this route, but now I get why people who play Black Eagles think she’s 100% evil. I’m curious to see how people who play Black Eagle then play Blue Lions feel - or vice versa. I can’t say for sure if I’d even give this route a chance had I played Blue Lions first. In conclusion, If you dislike Edelgard and you are willing to play the whole story, I would recommend trying Black Eagles. But I do not think anyone who is convinced Edelgard is bad will be convinced otherwise, and will probably give up before the end of the story. If you like Edelgard and don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t, or why anyone would support the church, please play literally any other route. It will make a great deal of sense. Tl;dr: The route you play first will vastly influence your expectations of Edelgard. I gave Edelgard’s route a chance after playing Golden Deers. Her route is so vastly different from the others that you may not understand the game fully unless you play both her route and another. I believe she as a character is well written. I do not think her route or her decisions are any better than the other routes, though. Rhea only is evil in this route, in Golden Deer you have no indication she is evil. Also bitch move locking the s support behind two chapters, IS. At least it was only one for GD. I’m also planning to replay the Golden Deer route again eventually, but I have no desire to play Black Eagle ever again, especially after that final map, Jesus. Also why was I able to refill my battalions before battle on the last two chapters in GD but not BE?
  11. If you want to understand Edelgard’s actions more go for Black Eagle. If you can’t stand Edelgard or feel more sympathetic to Rhea, go Golden Deer
  12. After all the death and drama, a nice light hearted map or two focused on supports between students could be nice. Also there’s been some data mining
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