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  1. dophin biggest issue is that somehow the codes address changes with each version of the emulator and also the fact that there are 2 different versions of the game (1.01 is the most common online), at least playing on the wii itself the codes works fine, since i was the one who ported a LOT of codes of the 1.01 ntsc version. the last time i savis that dolphin 5.0 had the same offsets as the console, dunno if that has changed atm.
  2. some character codes are quite temperamental since they are tied to story based promotions. Ike, Sothe, Micaiah suffer of this.
  3. is +80, at least on console. on dolphin dunno because each version has is own offset so is randomized.
  4. this one you only need to add 80 to the first line bc of the codetype. Slider/Multi Skip (Serial) 08______ XXXXXXXX TNNNZZZZ VVVVVVVV ______ +ba= Initial Address X = Initial value for the RAM write T = Value Size (0 =byte, 1 =halfword, 2 =word) N = Amount of additional addresses to write to (the first is assumed) Z = Address Increment; in bytes (How many To skip By) V = Value Increment (How much to add to the value after each additional RAM write) so most likely the code will be Weapons Have Infinite Uses(untested) 8B5FE49 0000008100CA0050 00000000
  5. did you try the codes on the archived WiiRD forum??, there are 2 topics full of great codes there and here, one of those can do exactly what you are trying to do. you only need to port them try them.
  6. for what i am seeing, 1.01 dolphin codes are still are still the same as the console ones, so you can easily port them from the ones from the gecko site and the archived wiird forum since them are all 1.00 codes. since i found the 1.01 console offset (+80) after so many crashes i sucessfully ported a LOT of working codes in another topic, i had to study codetypes to port some other codes, by the way the video mode affect the code themselves, so you are requiered to use widescreen settings for the codes to work.
  7. that code is kinda special and i had to research WIIRD codetypes to port it like other codes, since is a Slider/Multi Skip (Serial) code you only need to add 37400 only on the line that start with 08 so it will end with something like this Always Perfect Level Up 088FAA1A 00000064016500FC 00000000088FAA1B 00000064016500FC 00000000088FAA1C 64646464216500FC 00000000088FAA20 00000064016500FC 00000000088FAA21 00000064016500FC 00000000
  8. try scanning for nolan, since micaiah/ike/sothe values are kinda temperamental and they can change depending of the chapter, but nolan heater and myst codes work consistently for me on every chapter, those values can also change if you they die or ignore to recluit any unit. thats how i managed to find that offset for the 1.01 version on the wii.
  9. didnt you try the wii control code that i ported on the dolphin thread? i ported this code and i havent tested it yet since it had no time, it consists of a on and off code try this code to test it if works , make a backup save just in case. control all enemies Gamecube Controller on off 283D7928 0000xxxx 2066B8A8 702E7468 0066B8C4 00000000 E0000000 80008000 283D7928 0000XXXX 2066B8A8 702E7468 0066B8C4 00000001 E0000000 80008000 use this page to get the button combination value that you want on xxxx for the on code and XXXX for the off code. any enemy alive on the end of the chapter automatically joins your team,be careful of recluiting too much as this displaces some characthers memory offsets. Quick End Chapter {Win} (Push B and + on WiiRemote then end move) 283D795A 00000410 003CB07C 00000004 E0000000 80008000
  10. i ported some other nice codes All Weapons have a 255% Critical Rate 08B5FE2F 000000FF 00CA0050 00000000 Always can learn all skills 0870F8AB 00000000 0050002C 00000000 - dont need the scrolls for learn All Skills don't require skill points 0870F8AE 00000000 0050002C 00000000
  11. well the old wiird forum is up now hosted in the gamehacking, back then i used internet archive to access that forum but sadly some pages wherent archived when i was porting codes for the 1.01 version, here is the wiird website and here if anyone is interesed. i tried back then to port the max storage code but it always freezed for me. if someone wants to try to port that code here is the 1.00 one Enable Max Storage (300) in Convoy for All Chapters 024CB6DA 0000012C 024CB6E2 0000012C 024CB6E6 00009220 024CB6EA 0000012C 024CB6EE 00009220 024CB6F2 0000012C 024CB6F6 00009220 as for the controlled enemies here i did a quick port for the 1.01 (untested) Make all Enemies Played Controlled (works in all Chapters and all Difficulties) on Wii Remote 283D795A 0000xxxx 2066B8A8 702E7468 0066B8C4 00000000 E0000000 80008000 283D795A 0000XXXX 2066B8A8 702E7468 0066B8C4 00000001 E0000000 80008000 this is a on off code, xxxx is the button combination for the on and XXXX is the button combination for the off. 0001 = Left 0002 = Right 0004 = Down 0008 = Up 0010 = + 0100 = 2 0200 = 1 0400 = B 0800 = A 1000 = - 2000 = Z 4000 = C 8000 = Home for example B + A is C00 (0400+0800) this is on hexadecimal. Warning: If you want are going to recruit enemy on every chapter, try not to recruit more than 1 or 2 enemy characters per Chapter. Having too many characters while entering Part IV Rebirth could freeze the game. How to use the code: 1. Defeat all enemies except the one(s) you want to recruit 2. Activate Make Enemy Player Controlled code then activate End Chapter code to end the Chapter 3. The enemy will be on your side when the Chapter ends
  12. i ported a lot of codes for that version (1.01) and got a lot them working on my wii incluiding perfect level ups, blessed weapons and all items on convoy here, but i dont know if they can work on dolphin since those offset change a LOT with each version of the emulator, at least on the console they wont change at all.
  13. welp i had to study a bit of gecko codetypes to be able to port some other codes. i tested myself those codes and they all work on my wii. Weapon Level Max after Battle 283C9416 0000B8BC 043C9154 014B014B 043C9158 014B014B 043C915C 014B014B 043C9160 014B014B 043C9164 014B014B 043C9168 014B014B e0000000 80008000 283C9416 0000B8B0 043C95F4 014B014B 043C95F8 014B014B 043C95FC 014B014B 043C9600 014B014B 043C9604 014B014B 043C9608 014B014B e0000000 80008000 sadly it doesnt upgrade the strike weapon for laguz Have All Items in Convoy and Skills 083E92A0 80B5FE60 410D0028 00000050 use it on part 4 and endgame only since you need 300 spaces on convoy for the code to work Push B and - on Wii Remote to Move again 283D795A 00001400 08884E9F 00000000 003B03F0 00000000 E0000000 80008000 Player Inf HP on enemy turn 283C9416 0000B8B0 2E3C9438 0000F080 003C9434 00000063 E0000000 80008000
  14. i found some extremely nice codes from one wiird forum topic that has a LOT of 1.00 codes, i ported and tested some of them on mi wii and worked, here are the ones that worked for me Every Single Unit always has 99 Exp 08884E8F 00000063 00A103F0 00000000 Every Single Unit's First Item is Blessed and Equipped 08884F50 27900000 20A103F0 00000000 Every Single Unit's Second Item is Blessed 08884F78 27100000 20A103F0 00000000 Nolan Item Slot 1-7 weapon(alondite,wishblade,urvan,double bow,Aqqar,Peshkatz,baseland) 04884F4C 80B604A0 04884F74 80B609F0 04884F9C 80B60EF0 04884FC4 80B61350 04884FEC 80B61490 04885014 80B619E0 0488503C 80B61A30 Nolan Item Slot 1-7 tome (rexflame,meteor,bolting,rexcalibur,nosferatu,rexaura,purge) 04884F4C 80B61BC0 04884F74 80B61C60 04884F9C 80B61E40 04884FC4 80B61FD0 04884FEC 80B62160 04885014 80B62200 0488503C 80B62250 Nolan Item Slot 1-7 Skill Scroll(vantage,cancel,imbue,adept,wrath,resolve,nihil) 04884F4C 80B64F50 04884F74 80B64E60 04884F9C 80B652C0 04884FC4 80B64EB0 04884FEC 80B64E10 04885014 80B64DC0 0488503C 80B65090 Nolan Item Slot 1-7 staff(elsilence,elsleep,rewarp,fortify,ashera staff, matrona,rescue) 04884F4C 80B63A10 04884F74 80B63AB0 04884F9C 80B63B50 04884FC4 80B63920 04884FEC 80B63D30 04885014 80B63CE0 0488503C 80B63B00 Nolan Item Slot 1 Creiddylad 04884F4C 80B622F0 Nolan Item Slot 2 Laguz Gem 04884F74 80B659A0 Nolan Blessed Item Slot 1 04884F50 27100000 Heater Blessed Item Slot 1 0488E100 27100000 Myst Blessed Item Slot 1 0488B1C0 27100000 Micaiah Blessed Item Slot 1 04886ED0 27100000 Quick End Chapter {Win} (Push B and + on WiiRemote then end move) 283D795A 00000410 003CB07C 00000004 E0000000 80008000 Always Players Phase 003CAB49 00000000 sadly some codes didnt work for me like Weapon Level Max after Battle,Have All Items in Convoy and Skills, Push B and - on Wii Remote to Move again, Gain 100 EXP after battle, all of those are on the link i posted before (from page 19-33)
  15. try to import a save from POR with a easy mode difficulty on it, if it crashes the game you have the 1.00 version.
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