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  1. Hey there! So I'm doing a play through of Radiant Dawn on Twitch and was looking for a way to spice it up. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the mod on Discord. If you ask Arch he can probably get us directly in contact.

  2. @ronlynYour units turned out pretty close to what's intended (by part 2 end) in terms of investment. Yeah Haar is still really good no doubt. No longer doubles but his STR/SKL has some extra levels to grow to make up for it a bit. Thunder magic is actually threatening to him now as well. I may reduce his DEF further which helps Brom's stand out a bit more. Don't think Brom needs a buff though -- if anything I think Neph/Brom/Haar/Heather might be a little too good in part 3 considering EXP in part 2 and general nerfs to the stronger GMs (Titania/Ike etc...). But since they need prior investment in Part 2 I'm sure its fine. Balance isn't intended to be perfect anyway (it just needs changing enough so that difficulty of the game is more-or-less consistent enough when use/deploying different units throughout the game. I mean, I'm sure that Haar will still be better than Lyre overall in this hack, but that's fine just so the gap isn't so huge). For the Laguz, Mordy was already good/decent in the original game so his power shift shouldn't really affect that. Overall a buff if you consider gauge changes and WEXP etc... Lethe could use a further change though (A bit more base STR should be enough + I can make her S rank a bit faster). Nealuchi isn't really supposed to be a Jeigan either, it's just that his availability is bad post part 2 so his stats and WEXP gain are higher to compensate that (same as ReDux). I think he should be fine (if BEXPed to ~20 in 4-P or something). Stefan has near capped HP/DEF/SKL at base with STR/SPD being good as well (middle ground between Edward's focus in STR and Zihark's SPD). So for 1 range combat, he's great. Although he barely has any MAG/RES/LCK so he essentially has no 2-range combat (Edward's isn't great either but still occasionally useful). Edward's overall the strictly better unit if you can patch up his SPD, since his stats are passable to great everywhere else (and Caladbolg lets him tank) but obviously requires the investment. ZIhark/Mia both have good 2-range especially the latter. Lucia's balanced all-around and can use any sword as a Wyrmslayer. She has the best potential for 4-E (even just because Alondite!Lucia in 4-E-3) but will need the investment earlier in part 4. Still undergoing testing currently, particularly with the various difficulty modes. To confirm, there's now a difficulty mode in-between 'Casual' and 'Standard' mode ('Novice'). 'Casual' is really meant to just be a sandbox-y mode to go wild and have complete freedom to break the game if you want to (skills won't cost anything, gold is near infinite, supports skip straight to A freely etc...). 'Standard' is still fairly challenging, just more forgiving than 'Intermediate' for blind runs. I think there's room for a difficulty between those (for a player who wants an easier/smooth run, similar to a normal mode in most official FE games, but still forces the player to play by the game's rules unlike 'Casual'). Personal deadline for the release is by the end of the year. I haven't been able to invest too much time into this recently due to work, but I'll at least have a couple weeks later on to make sure everything is ready before then. Also, as much as I've appreciated the feedback/criticisms regarding 'Elites'... I can't really afford to make experimental changes/additions to a singular available difficulty mode. Clearly something to avoid from now on. 'Elites' and enemy skills will be absent in every mode but 'Intermediate' (used to test benchmarks for difficulty/balance) until the full release.
  3. Well, if you're playing it as intended (using all 6 units evenly to clear the map efficiently) then each unit will gain 4+ levels. If you want to grind a single unit, then you have the option to do so, but its no different than any other map. Thing is, the Crimean knights need more incentive to be used in order to keep up in levels long-term. By 2-3 and 3-9 giving a lot more EXP, then it'll now be feasible to do so. The alternative, should you max out BEXP, is funnelling the EXP into someone like Haar or Nephenee who already have huge availability. Therefore the only purpose of increasing the BEXP reward is buffing those units, since they're the best candidates for it. So you have two options: giving units with low availability a lot of CEXP to be stronger in part 4 (without falling behind) or giving BEXP to units who don't have the availability problem, in which you'd gain a lot of value out of doing so considering what % of the game they can be used. Therefore, the ~7 levels of BEXP is enough, if you consider what you're getting out of that. I mean, Neph, Brom, Lethe, Heather etc... are already gaining a lot more combat EXP in the maps they are available in part 2. Buffing the 2-3 BEXP is indirectly a buff to them in particular. Otherwise, units like Calill or Nealuchi should be balanced around not being given any BEXP investment (or much at all), since the player has less incentive to give them some in the first place. So yeah, any BEXP under this context is just making the Griel Mercenaries stronger. And I think the Crimean knights need the extra power more.
  4. The amount of combat EXP you can get in 2-3 is substantially higher. Each unit can receive ~3-4 levels (Astrid doubling that). Meanwhile the maximum amount of BEXP is probably equivalent of 6-7 maximum on a single unit. It's better to kill enemies unless you absolutely don't want to use any of the knights long-term. You only need to want to use at least one of them (to favour kills to) for it to be worth it.
  5. @Samuria86I've sent you a PM. Thanks for the feedback! Keep in mind that the unit changelog I provided indicates whether the changes are intended to be a buff or nerf from the original. Jill should be around the same as the original game since the only changes to her were her base level being increased to 16, but her promotion bonuses being buffed. If anything, it's a buff to her if you promote her early. Otherwise, enemy changes would have an indirect effect on her performance. Same goes for Nolan, who was slightly improved from the original. Yep. It makes Pure Water / Barrier occasionally quite useful to use on Oscar so he won't be targeted.
  6. this is my first time patching fe 10 and i used ppf-o-matic to apply the redux to a fresh ISO. When I launch it on Dolphin, however, all I'm getting is a black screen. Am i doing anything wrong?

  7. I've sent you a PM but, there's only one patch needed, for an ISO of the original game. Part 2 of course includes part 1, it's just the latest version of it. Just keep in mind that you shouldn't re-patch an ISO you've already patched. A and B patches are just for different ISOs that are out there (for US version of the game). So one of them should work. Just make sure to keep a backup of the original ISO.
  8. Have you patched a fresh ISO? If so, it should be fine. I'll PM you in case you need some further help with that. Units shouldn't have a problem capping either way, so early promoting should be fine. For instance, Leo caps STR at 19/9. There's certainly room to level some units close to 20 if you want to do that, it's just useful to have anyone able to contribute in part 3. Meg for example could just promote when she hits 14 SPD (level ~13) to avoid being doubled by tigers in 3-13, while 2RKOing them back with brave sword. You can be pretty flexible in resource investment though. Otherwise, It's going to be beneficial to focus on a couple units since it's still largely the vanilla game. In part 2 you'll typically want to be using everyone just by nature of everyone having free deployment and some maps such as 2-3 having a low number of units (relative to enemies) as it is. Having certain units being the focus of EXP gain is a bit different though. If you want Makalov to gain 5-6 levels in 2-3, then you'll have the option to do that.
  9. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Re-Balance (Part 2) UNIT CHANGES For the time being, do not go beyond 2-E. Would be interested in some feedback regarding the difficulty changes. You should also receive a lot more EXP than the vanilla game (so you are rewarded for the higher difficulty, especially during 2-3).
  10. With Micaiah being a main character and all, I think there's room to make her more than just reasonable. It's why I'd be less inclined to nerf Ike as much as some people might think he should be. To confirm, this is now Micaiah with further changes: MAG cap is 25 which she will reach on average. SPD growth is slightly lowered to keep her out of range of doubling (usually). Here is Laura who has had some further base stat improvements: Promoting at 15 before 1-E (with ~4 levels of BEXP total) would mean: HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES 26 7 19 16 21 13 10 13 I think that's really solid for a unit that does not share combat EXP, but may need a bit of BEXP to keep up. Either way, so long as she has 20 SPD by 3-6 she can double tigers and perform well. Only that benchmark needs to be reached for the most part. The base stat buffs since the initial release should be more than enough. Here is Meg currently: Should be a solid enough unit upon recruitment. (Just don't sell that fortune scroll!) Fiona is left unchanged outside of promotion bonuses (from initial release): The bonuses are: +3 HP, +4 STR, +2 MAG, +3 SKL, +2 SPD, +3 DEF, +2 RES Thing is, I don't mind if Fiona is intentionally weaker until a bit later on. It's true to being an Est archetype if that's what she's intended to be. That said, she's not even that bad with a near-instant promotion. A speedwing (or a few levels of BEXP) + arm scroll + silver lance gives her serviceable offence without any combat EXP investment (she wouldn't be much worse than base Zihark with that setup). The difference being that the player has the option of training her in 1-8 to make her better if they really want to make her powerful long-term. I had a very similar discussion when ReDux was much earlier in development. I could just make Fiona great at base level but that's not really true to her original design, nor does every unit need to be conventionally good or easy to use. Worst case scenario is that you instantly promote her for part 3 and she can chip enemies while self-healing (or block a choke-point in 3-13 with just healing items, since she won't be 1RKOed by tigers). She could still be a novelty unit and that's fine. The pay-off for using her should be higher than before though, and that's the important part. Don't play beyond part 1 for the time being. Part 2 will be out tomorrow. The hack will have more extensive changes beyond part 1 (than originally intended) since it'll ultimately be worth doing. The maps themselves will still be the same in layout but difficulty (and EXP) tuning have been modified quite a bit. It's not going to be the same kind of difficulty as ReDux, but should prove to be more challenging as a whole. Maps like 2-E are already quite fun to play so even just a difficulty bump (along with removing 1 or 2 turn cheesing) should make things more interesting. The main reason is so people have something to play while ReDux is still being worked on. Yeah, this rebalance will delay ReDux a bit more, but I think that's worth it if there's something to tide people over for a much longer period (comparatively). Putting a bit more effort into it should give people more of a reason to play (rather than just a bog-standard balance hack which wouldn't fundamentally change how the original is played beyond the novelty of some units being better; basically the reason I'm not usually too keen on balance hacks myself).
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I've made some further changes recently which should address some of that but I'll respond to a few of them: With Micaiah the main purpose with her changes was to merely give her enough bulk to avoid 1RKOs as well as enough SPD to avoid being doubled. Otherwise I don't think her combat is considered to be that bad in part 1; mostly because of Thani. I don't believe that she should necessarily naturally double either. Still, she averages 17.5 SPD at LV20 now which is still pretty good. Otherwise, I could boost her MAG and increase the cap beyond 20 like in ReDux. A mag cap of 25/40/50 (with an even higher growth) would boost her ATK a decent amount. If she isn't doubling then hitting harder would be fine. The only problem with doing this is making her an even better healer (one of the reasons why in ReDux she doesn't have staves in T2) but eh... If you've trained her significantly then I'd imagine you'd want her for combat either way (and training her in part 1 just for a powerful staff bot is fine too I guess). With Leonardo there's a point where if I just give him a ton of STR/SPD it... wouldn't really be Leo anymore (even if it would obviously make him better). At the very least he is almost guaranteed to cap STR in tier 1 (at least with the recent changes I've made) which gives him 23 STR at 20/1. He's also able to use the steel bow at base now which does make his early damage respectable. The Iron Longbow also gives him a range advantage over any other unit, so there's that as well. Otherwise his stats are solid all-around even if they mean less for an archer. It would means that BEXPing his SPD is still potent later on, especially since STR can cap really easily at all tiers (as in, at 20/9 on average -- you can viably master crown him early for a powerful 3-range one-shot). I think the main difference with Laura now is that she has a realistic opportunity to become a great combat unit if the player wants her to be (and have it pay off). It would involve BEXP and/or the Spirit Dust etc... But the possibility of the player giving her more resources to shine is at least viable. Worth mentioning that she does have a 39 SPD cap at tier 3 (highest for a mage tied with Calill) so you can imagine her lategame is really good. Worth mentioning that I am keeping units mostly intact in regards to their original design/role. So for units like Laura/Meg/Fiona etc... they still need some kind of favouritism to be great, with the difference being that it now requires less for a better pay-off. Meg/Fiona I've covered in my previous response. Yeah, they still need BEXP or other resources to be great so that's consistent with the original game. But it's far easier to use them at least. Meg's mobility is at least better by virtue of ledges no longer slowing her down all that much (or not at all in the case of thickets, which makes her deceptively mobile in say, 1-6-1 or 1-8). I have buffed Meg's bases a bit more though and Fiona's promotion bonuses even further (so an early promotion would be viable in case you just want her to contribute a bit in part 3). Either way, Part 3/4 are going to be more difficult than the original game so growth-oriented units should prove to be more useful and/or worth given investment and I would imagine that applies to these units over others. Meg has 36 SPD at T3 for instance with great stats all-around. Fiona is a similar case. Doesn't necessarily mean that they are optimal units overall but they can be used without too much effort. With that said, maps beyond part 1 are getting some addiitonal changes. Part 2 now has fully promoted enemies in every map except 2-1. Part 3 enemies (typically in Ike's maps) have further stat boosts etc... There's some additional effort made to 'fix' the difficulty curve beyond just buffing/nerfing units at this stage.
  12. Pretty much all of those are good suggestions. Some of which I've overlooked for the mini-patch so far. Mostly because a lot of the changes were done for it before I'd implemented them in ReDux (such as hidden items), so these changes you've listed would be worth including as well. This is already being done, particularly for any class past tier 1. I'll agree that diversity in classes isn't that great in FE10, so much like ReDux, there will be changes especially for SPD/AS. This also applies to some playable units as well. For example, Calill now has the base/growth to double consistently from base level, but I've reduced her SKL moderately so she also has be selective in enemy targeting (or tome use) to secure hits. Which at least makes her more interesting than just "Soren/Ilyana but actually having SPD". Things aren't as drastic as in ReDux in this regard but it does means that some of the lesser units from the original haven't just been flat buffed in some cases (which can lead to just homogenising units). With that said, the scope of it is a bit higher than originally intended, since I'm making further tweaks as I play through it. Yeah this will be boosted for the next update. Like in ReDux I'll make it so the find rate is further boosted by good Biorhythm, with a global % increase along with that. E tomes are increased to 2 currently but a global increase of 1 (for the rest of them) should be fine on top of that. A full change-log will be provided when the patch is complete. In terms of caps, they have been changed to be appropriate to each unit's growths (which aren't changed too much). And I've made an attempt to tune caps so that each class in the lategame are suitably good (obvious candidates such as Bishops/Gold Knights being improved overall).
  13. I mean, that possibility isn't being removed entirely (we're talking lowering AS scaling to be more in line with GBA FE or slightly lower than that). It's more about just making AS scale more slowly and close the gap between AS on units as a whole, so that EXP is less of a factor on whether a unit doubles/gets doubled (your units are less pressured to keep up with the enemy's SPD since they also scale more slowly). On the plus side for faster units, it means that they remain doubling for longer with less investment (base stats would have more relevance than before). A base level Jill would now be able to double some enemies in 1-E, just on the flip side, she would require an insane about of investment (and/or speedwings) to double fast enemies. In the current release, Jill can gain 3 points of SPD in just 4 levels (on average). This would be changed to 6 levels with a ~50% growth. SPD values/growths would be in-line with the DEF stat. Caps alone doesn't really do anything especially early on after promotion, and will just make it so units will cap-ram their SPD fast (due to growth). That doesn't really prevent someone like Jill doubling fast units in 1-E since your units would be freshly promoted at this stage (and assuming her cap would be reduced to ~26 or something). Then the secondary problem to that would be being able to BEXP other stats quickly on the virtue of SPD capping earlier. Of course, caps would be changing as well. But lowering those without any other changes would cause more scaling issues than it solves. Promotion gains is a separate topic altogether since they define the power difference between pre and post promotion and not much else. For instance, if promotion bonuses are globally increased by 1, then base stats for all tier 2 enemies (or playable units) are also logically increased by 1 so nothing changes. The only actual difference this makes is the encouragement of an early promotion or the necessity of promotion to remain inside/outside doubling range. I do think that this needs to exist in some form since opportunity costs for promotion need to play a factor (as in, do you wait for a unit to cap their T1 SPD, or promote early to get that boost?) on certain units. Current release of ReDux hasn't changed. There is however a much more minimalistic balance patch released recently for Part 1, which will update very frequently as I test through it. Feel free to check it out. Full release should be within the next week or two.
  14. That's not really being affected though. Pegasus/Swordmasters etc... would still be doubling your low/mid SPD units. The difference is that units would less likely to be SPD blessed (or have way higher SPD due to being over-levelled) to either not get doubled by them, or for someone like Jill/Sothe to start doubling them. Each class/unit still has their own tier of SPD, but due to lower growth, it means that EXP/promotion will have less of an impact on how units deviate from those. When I mentioned Aran before, that was referencing being doubled by Tigers or other Halberdiers by being under-levelled or SPD screwed. But his interaction with high SPD classes shouldn't change. Upon reflection it might even be something that's more of an issue currently than it is in some other FEs. SPD growth/scaling is higher than it is in say, the GBA games and EXP amounts are higher than the original FE10 for the most part (at least for the DB/Crimeans) so it's something worth looking into.
  15. Regarding the Black Knight, I doubt those changes would have any impact since unless he's nerfed to the point where he cannot solo (like in ReDux) in 1-E then that won't really change him (you're still fighting tier 1 units keep in mind). I otherwise left him intact because it's true to the original game and his part 4 incarnation (and no real reason to arbitrarily lower his stats if it's not significant like in ReDux). For master seals, I don't really think that freedom to early-promote is inherently a bad thing when you consider how that affects the game (aside from skipping level 21 itself). The Dawn Brigade need any level acceleration they can get. And if you're buying master seals to early promote (implying that you're promoting more units than free master seals you are receiving) then increasing their cost would only be penalising using a larger roster of units as opposed to low-manning. By being cheap, it means that you can at least promote everyone for part 3 and have them contribute. Units also benefit far less from auto-promoting since stat caps are high in tier 1 (standard FE fare of 20 in most stats) so you're potentially losing stats long-term in order to do so. By making them less accessible you're essentially nerfing the less optimal style of play (for example, leaving Leonardo as an unpromoted level ~10-15 scrub because you can't afford him a master seal). If anything I'd add a base panel option under 'manage' to freely promote units if that were easy to implement. Master seals having a cost at all is just an illusion of value, aside from the short term power boost in early/mid part 1 (which can't be bought at that point anyway). Appreciate the feedback nonetheless. That is just my reasoning behind why I have/haven't changed those things in particular. Part 2 isn't available yet. It will come in 2-3 days. Speaking of low-manning I've been thinking of doing some scaling changes to ReDux, mostly in regards to SPD/AS (where growths/bases/promos etc... are reduced and scale less with EXP/investment). This would be beneficial to the game by making it so under-levelled units are faster and over-levelled ones are slower in relation to how they are now. But relatively speaking, anyone with moderate investment would remain around the game. Obviously enemies would be impacted the exact same way. It's the same with how the DEF stat functions currently, where a ~50% growth is on the very high end and even ~30% is an okay growth. The variation becomes lower between units. In the context of SPD, it would still mean that an average Jill will double most enemies, but extra investment won't suddenly make her double swordmasters for instance. The reverse being true for units like Aran being under-levelled where he'd be less likely to get doubled. It essentially just means that SPD scales less with EXP investment.
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