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  1. Interesting discussion. Gameplay-wise it's clear that Micaiah gets the short end of the stick in more ways than just this, unfortunately. However, I think it's fine that Ike needs to finish Ashera. Otherwise, with Micaiah being the other main character, should really have some expected contribution here. One change I'm personally testing would be a personal tome for Micaiah that deals effective damage to the surrounding auras (with the auras themselves being harder to take down by your other units). I think that's a pretty elegant solution as it implies that Micaiah/Yune are best at neutralizing her defences, while Ike goes for the killing blow. Allowing the killing blow for anyone takes away the flair of it all. And from a gameplay standpoint really wouldn't affect much.
  2. Thanks for the feedback from you both! 31 LCK? Woah. Guessing you trained her a lot before promotion? Interesting how she gained 0 magic throughout all her levels. Bit unlucky there. The higher STR/DEF is fairly notable. Barring in mind the Caladbolg which boosts his DEF even further, so he'll have close to a +10 DEF lead. Keeping in mind that the DB's maps in part 3 have a higher ratio of physical enemies. In part 1 Zihark is better granted. Edward's more of a long-term investment. Sothe's buff for the next update should help with this. At this point I'm revising Rafiel again. I'm currently testing a version of him with Formshift. His movement is now 6 when untransformed. While transformed he becomes notably more tanky/safe but has 4 move. Currently seeing how it plays out, but it's pretty interesting. Might be that his transformed state becomes too situational; after all he cannot fight back. But if I make him less durable when untransformed it could occasionally be required to put Rafiel closer to danger. Keep in mind that Aran's vigilance means he has +20 avoid and dodge. So he essentially gets +20 LCK for free in that regard. Yeah, it hasn't been changed. It lowers stat boosts when transformed. I also changed the in-game description so that it's now correct. Volug's growths are decent when you consider how Laguz work. A 30% growth is the equivalent of 60% over the long-term. And you mainly want to be using Volug in part 1 to also raise his strike rank. Still a good turn-count considering the requirement will be 14 turns in my yet-to-be-fully-revealed challenge run incentive. Essentially, once the project is complete they'll be an incentive to perform a run of the game under certain rules/requirements. Each map has a turn limit and a bonus objective (for example in 1-6: never inflicting effective damage). I'll provide more details to it close to full release.
  3. Vika's STR cap isn't that high (32) but her along with the other Ravens have arguably the best SS weapon out of any non-dragon Laguz. Her crit% is great. Micaiah's buff is only relevant for the latter part of Part 1. Her lesser usefulness in 1-E is mostly just attributed to having low move more than anything. But the boost may mean it's a little more rewarding rescue-dropping her or something. What about your other units? I assume you're using more than 5. Just some brief thoughts would be helpful. By the way, 1-E is still unintentionally easier than it should be. The AI of the Silver Lance General and Elite Strategist / Crossbow Warrior are incorrect; they're only meant to move within attack range. This means that the top section of the map can be trivialised by by baiting enemies away from it. Not meant to happen.
  4. Level =/= power. Level = EXP gain. Vika/Muarim's bases/growths relative to their level are far higher than other Laguz. Them being a lower level just means they gain more EXP. Laguz up until LV 15 typically gain a huge amount of EXP. Vika/Muarim's average stats for LV15 are decent even for part 4, especially with some bonus EXP (which can be given to them in 4-4 by returning to base).
  5. No need to any more. Soon they'll be another revision in staff stats: Much more streamlined. You can now figure out staff stats with the information already provided in-game. The exception is Silence/Elsilence/Sleep, which simply gain/lose crit based on HIT changes. Hammerne!Mist is a notable stand-out, not gonna lie. (Florete might still overall be her best weapon but... good contender nonetheless) EDIT: In case you cannot notice, MT is now exactly WT+4 and Crit is based on Weapon Rank (20 base + 5 for each rank beyond C). Hit is universally 70 with the above exceptions. Therefore you can quickly calculate everything in-game.
  6. You can save the Cav with Celerity Jill/Volug. Otherwise, the total BEXP should be higher than the original regardless. The allied group that spawn contribute to that; assuming any are left alive at the end.
  7. Both would be updated. Any base stat changes will reflected on a save file (based on +/- alterations) and growths would be updated as expected. Changes to promotion bonuses would not be taken into account however.
  8. Item data is actually outdated in the OP (I should probably remove it for now). Ballista was reverted to 5 uses mostly because it rarely needs to be more than 5 and it didn't really benefit 3-5's situation of both your Snipers just hugging one for the entire map (as opposed to just the first 5 turns which beyond that, isn't too interesting).
  9. Curious considering many people tend to have trouble on this map, at least with getting all the loot. Might just be dependant on RNG or levels gained. I feel that this map is challenging enough considering how early it is. I mean, it's certainly no 2-E in terms of getting a perfect clear but it doesn't appear to be a pushover either from other players I've watched / got feedback from. 1-4 is kinda meant to be an EXP fest. However, in a Lunatic version it would have enemy crows as well (there's only so much difficulty you can have with 1 range beast laguz and chokepoints; unless you inflate stats). With 1-3, I'm assuming the gimmick you're talking about is the longbowman? Granted, that could use a change, but the rest of the map may be sufficient for an early game map; if not too exciting. A couple of Elites could be interesting though. Keep in mind that Edward generally turns out much different than Zihark. Edward ends up with a lot of DEF (50% growth) and has much higher STR as well. Also, updated Caladbolg increases DEF/RES/LCK by 3 (although reduces SPD by 3 as well) so he'll typically have a DEF lead of ~8 on average. Hopefully the distinction here is that compared to the vanilla game, Edward's stat spread is different enough to not overly compete with Zihark. Otherwise, he does have a lot of variance as to how he turns out. But I think that's fine for a unit like him. Not all units should be RNG proof. And he also benefits the most to being promoted later. High investment / high reward unit. And innate Wrath adds quite a few possibilities. A buff in SKL might be fine though. Yeah, general consensus is that Meg needs another nerf. I feel that a reduction in RES may be the best option. And/or some more enemy hammer wielders. 1-E doesn't actually have any of them. Otherwise I feel that her offensive spread is fine considering her SKL/LCK. Taking into account that her skill options in the lategame are a bit limited since Fortune becomes more and more mandatory as you proceed, with no hope of her proccing skills based on her SKL (or LCK) stat. Enemy SPD/LCK (avoid) also continues to rise while Meg's SKL/LCK won't scale much at all, so her accuracy also continues to get worse as the game progresses. She can't utilise Brave/Killer weapons either for the most part. Speaking of which, I'm thinking about changing the Blight Bow to the Cleave Bow (anti-armor). Shining Bow already exists for magic damage and [Aura] on a 2-range weapon seems a bit pointless. Would help to keep Meg in check (replacing enemy Steel Bows > cleave) while retaining her strengths. Or Armors in general being stronger with more opportunities to being countered. Thunder magic is pretty strong yeah, although Ilyana and Mage Knights generally have less MAG compared to other mages, so the high MT counteracts that and makes them extra potent against dragons. Which, in of itself, isn't much different than Bows/Crossbows against fliers, which are 2 range as well. Yeah, Ilyana can one-shot dracos but this will usually be only one of them each turn since they'll seldom attack her over other units on enemy phase. Unless she happens to be the only one in range. Dragons themselves can only be dealt with on player phase as well, since Thunder Magic is 1 range only for the most part. Resire is extremely powerful when it's effective. But based on general usage it's quite situational and limited. Slayer interaction is crazy strong of course. It gives an extra niche to Bishops. STR gains of mages also are typically lower than MAG, so the base damage of Resire does fall off (unless you're Oliver). Laura literally has a 2% STR growth. It's also fairly inaccurate. Dark magic is powerful but it's locked to low move mages that usually have low DEF. Light magic also has double WTA against it and offensively, is inferior to thunder. It's purposefully powerful otherwise, however the further into the game (as damage values increase further and further) the damage mitigation from it reduces in overall effectiveness. There are also melee weapons that bypass its effect (Greatsword or Polaxe etc...). Laguz and daggers etc... also exist. Not that adjustments can't be made of course. Just needed to provide my thoughts on those. I don't believe that's quite accurate. Renewal only heals 4-5 by the end of part 1 (for most units) while Imbue easily heals 10+ for certain units. It's also to prevent stacking them. Can you imagine Meg with both equipped (it used to be a thing... wasn't particularly balanced)? Thanks for the feedback overall. I'll certainly make some adjustments on some aspects. EDIT: I'll also give Micaiah a small buff. MAG cap has increased by 2 in all tiers, with her growth increased to 70%. Should help her out a little during some of the later maps, without really buffing her early on. Promo bonus slightly reduced however, since her part 3 performance was already really good. I'll probably give Sothe some adjustments as well to help his scaling. A little more STR/SKL specifically. After all, these units are forced, so they should remain strong.
  10. I suppose it's more than doable to deploy non-promotes if you play well enough. The map never really overwhelms you at any point -- it's just timed, and Tormod & Co. are all powerful enough to do a lot of the work if needed. Normally I just promote most people I'm deploying regardless, since normally I'd have 3-4 ready to promote and can then just bring Zihark as well (and can give BEXP to the rest of my non-promotes later on for either 1-E or part 3). Fiona and Laura I only really deploy non-promoted on this map, although usually there's rarely a reason not to promote Laura anyway since she doesn't lose EXP from healing and likes the added movement + 4 MAG. Either way it's nice to have every unit usable for part 3. Whichever way you go about it will be up to you. Also regarding Micaiah, did you note her promo gains @CrippledSponge? She's certainly not a slouch in combat come part 3. Although she does help at that stage to buff your other units as well.. Yes, movement costs were changed. Horses can move through water/swamp now as well.
  11. Thank you for the feedback. Some of your concerns have already been addressed by the way. The Elite Swordmaster in 1-E's been nerfed. Also, the Elite Warrior doesn't need to be fought along with the SM... since the SM can be lured to the first floor below the warrior, where the warrior only moves within range. Concerning the RNG, there is the fortune scroll available for units like Meg, and other units like Aran and Fiona are also rather crit immune by default. Nolan as well. You could argue that Goddess Icons are actually best on those units so they can specifically be used to fight Swordmasters or Mage Knights (Aran with one has roughly 30-32 crit avo). Since Halberdiers and Snipers no longer have innate crit, those shouldn't be too much of an issue. Yeah, Meg is incredibly dangerous to overuse without Fortune, and that limits her skill capacity otherwise, but that's one flaw she has. The Strategist with the Iron Knife is indeed an error. They're supposed to have Carreau. In 1-8, the Dragons only move together if you get too close. The Dragon with the Red Gem only moves when they can move with you then being in their attack range. Not an uncommon AI type in this hack. Interesting that you found 1-6-2 notably easy. However, It was actually nerfed in difficulty at one point. Depends who you're focusing on unit-wise I suppose (condensing EXP is probably an advantage on this map; less so than later maps when units are strong after promotion regardless of levels). I'm not too fussed making maps prior to 1-7 being overly difficult anyway since you shouldn't have too much of a hard time training your units at this point. 1-6-2 is the last map to train non-promoted units except for Fiona. Also, if you don't know; Fiona's blessing is 2-range. Makes her a lot more appealing as a unit than you might think. Using either Vika or Muarim isn't a bad idea either since their growths are pretty insane for a Laguz. By 1-E they can be really powerful with the Laguz Gem. Volug can be quite RNG dependant with levels, but usually by S rank he performs decently. Keep in mind that his stats are gimped in part 1 compared to later on, so with enough levels and/or a stat booster or two, he's incredibly good in part 3. As for your other feedback, I'll certainly consider some changes based on those. It's because they share the weapon data with the other unit where it's actually droppable to your benefit. I could separate this by creating another instance of the Greatsword, but haven't got around to that.
  12. Supporting either (or Zihark/Ilyana) with Meg can make for some really good gamble builds as well. Combined with worst biorhythm enemies and/or Leo's 'Focus' (after promotion) and you can easily retain near 100% hitrates with it. Heaven might just be the best affinity type for a lot of units. Actually still contemplating making Laura's affinity heaven as well (she borderline needs a nerf anyway if her part 3 performance says anything. It would give her less AVO while she rarely needs the extra HIT herself... but could be nifty for certain support partners).
  13. By the way, for those who complete the current release, would it be possible to answer the following if you have the time?: 1) In terms of difficulty, what map(s) do you feel is too difficult for that particular point in the game? 2) In terms of difficulty, what map(s) do you feel is too easy for that particular point in the game? 3) Are there any units who you feel are too weak for what their purpose is? 4) Are there any units you feel are too powerful? 5) How do you feel the gold income is? Too much gold? Too little? What should be cheaper/more expensive? 6) What weapons do you feel are too powerful or too weak for what they're designed for? 7) Are there any mechanics you feel that need tweaking? 8) In regards to skills, do you feel that the capacity costs are appropriate? Any availability changes you'd like to see for certain skills? 9) 2-3 is currently the map being polished for release. Any thoughts on this map and what you might want to see? Do you feel that less enemies would be preferable to improve the pacing, or that more plentiful but weaker enemies is fine (same EXP total in both scenarios, which will be far higher compared to the original in order for the Crimean Knights to not end up under-levelled)? 10) 'Elite' enemies (mini bosses) are currently an experiment for 1-E. Do you believe they are good to include and would you like to see them on some earlier maps? Are the stat bonuses they receive sufficient, or should be stronger/weaker than they are? What enemies do you feel could become 'Elite' to improve the pacing/difficulty of any particular map? This is the type of feedback I'll be looking for.
  14. I may make some changes here. Although, could end up just making their existence trivial. They have to be exactly 3 range to often land reliably, in which the moving variant would go for when possible. Immobile longbow users need to be placed in such a way they can still be threatening. I'll see what I can do. Are you sure you haven't loaded an incorrect ISO? There's no reason it would be 1-range unless you've specifically loaded an non-patched one. Keep in mind that creating a save file on a patched ISO doesn't mean that resuming it on a non-patched one will retain all changes.
  15. It's recommend to promote the bulk of your units before 1-7, since all enemies are promoted at that point. 14-16 is typically the levels your units will be. However, you can make a couple exceptions for using BEXP to fill out some stats, since most units cap their core stats at 14-16. Promotion bonuses are really strong, so you need the power boost at some point. It's even recommend to promote a unit as early as 1-6. Nolan/Leo are good candidates due to the Bowgun. Or Laura since she doesn't lose staff EXP but appreciates the extra move + 4 MAG. This is something unique to cats that I'm allowing; it's a unique quirk that I think is fine. Players can utilize it as well. Possibly, although the intention here is that you're rewarded for not killing the longbowman before killing the boss. The added difficulty is meant to exist, otherwise the player will just want to kill them over the wall (without retaliation at 2 range) every time. It doesn't steal no. Name change is just a nod to older FE games and the fact that the staff gives passive SPD solely (also being a decent-ish combat weapon as a result for some units).
  16. Keep in mind that Ilyana still takes EXP away from the DB, while the Greil Mercenaries have no shortage of units to deploy. Because of this particular downside; she indirectly makes the DB worse off in part 3. She's really good, but at least there's a reason why you may not want to use her too much. It's also worth mentioning that additional enemy strategists were added since the last version, which hard counter her. That list was made in the previous patch; Fiona's been buffed in the last update. She's mostly lower down though because like Edward, she's reliant on doubling to be good, but won't always consistently gain sufficient speed. She could still be underrated though since her healing utility is really nice.
  17. Consider however that Resire is 60 HIT consistantly while Longbow has 60 HIT at 3 range as well. Then the difference is that Micaiah has bad/mediocre SKL while someone like Leo (or archers in general) have a lot of it. Unless biorhythm is massively in her favour she isn't going to be consistently hitting with it. And you want to save uses for it for say, Laura in 1-8 (or just throughout part 1 overall). Micaiah also loses a fair amount of AS from it at base and she only has a 15% STR growth. So she can easily just get doubled without hitting with it. There are more reliable ways to deal with the map depending on Micaiah's gains or Biorhythm.
  18. It should do, but I wouldn't recommend using them for feedback purposes (regarding balance/difficulty). There are two hidden items in 1-4, one is a Master Seal and one's an Energy Drop. Used to be two Master Seals. They were referring to what level they maxed MAG on. Her MAG cap is 16. If it makes you feel any better she's apparently top/high tier in this current release. A few long term playtesters (some friends of mine) together compiled a tier list of sorts for part 1: It'll be interesting to see if you guys agree/disagree with this. The list is based around reliability as well. Edward isn't necessarily bad, it's just that he's considered to fall flat if he doesn't gain much SPD or STR/DEF. So he's more RNG reliant than some other units (well... all of them). But that's just going to be the way some units are. It's also strictly for part 1, so part 3 or 4 performance isn't accounted for. Also for those interested, this is the general consensus for the part 3 units in early/beta testing: It's one of their ways of giving feedback and it may help provide some discussion. (Granted Part 3 isn't too relevant to you guys currently -- consider it a teaser?).
  19. That so? I swear 'A' was the base ISO I've always worked on. Supposedly not. Latter is fixed now in the download link. Whoops. Try downloading the patches again. Likely to do with the file type of the patches.
  20. @Carreau Diamond I'm happy to send you a PM as I've done with everyone else so far. However I'm unable to do so currently -- you'll need to enable that. I'd much rather not flood this topic with patching requests or too much discussion surrounding that. @flare9 Give me a PM if you still need some assistance, although I understand that Mr. Mister has been helping you so far? @Mr. Mister I actually recall you having some issues patching a long while back. I'm guessing these were overcome? If you have any issues on your end, feel free to PM me all the same.
  21. For anyone that currently had issues, I shall respond to all of you individually in the evening. It might be that there are additional versions of the ISO out there, so I can possibly create additional patches for each. Otherwise, there'll be an alternative solution for the time being. @CrippledSponge Resire is fairly inaccurate and weighs Micaiah down early on. Then its damage falls off later. Resire is mostly a tool for Micaiah to heal herself in order to use Sacrifice more efficiently. Situationally it can be powerful of course. Micaiah caps magic on average at level 16/17. This is so that if players don't focus on levelling her then her promo bonuses can keep her relevant later into the game. The alternative would be to increase her tier 1 cap but lower promo bonuses, but that punishes players who don't heavily invest in her or get RNG screwed. In other words, she's designed around being RNG proof, or so that the player doesn't really need to invest too much in her. With Stillness in 1-9, you can even power level a really under-levelled one if you wanted. Just promote Meg. Unless you really want to increase it with BEXP or something. But that investment is really weak/inefficient compared to using it elsewhere. Accurate weaponry and supports should keep her hit rates stable. And even if she's sometimes inaccurate that's just part of her balance. Make her focus enemies with bad biorhythm. All Bronze weapons provide extra WEXP. Bronze Knife's description just hasn't been updated.
  22. Patch is HERE. Feel free to provide as much feedback as you feel necessary. For those who haven't patched before -- keep in mind that there are two versions of the US ISO so one of the patches should work for each one. If one fails, try the other. Any further issues, give me a PM. Keep in mind that the release currently only supports emulation; modded Wiis currently will fail past CH1-1, unless someone knows an immediate fix for that. Will be investigated in the future though.
  23. Currently doing some difficulty tweaks to 1-E and then the release will proceed as planned. There likely won't be any log changes to the OP for the time being (so those will be outdated for a bit) but I plan to fix that by the end of the week.
  24. Your analysis is pretty accurate. Especially with the archers. Keep in mind that Gatrie/Brom have more availability and will have a level lead in part 4. Brom also has the highest DEF/HP (and innate vigilance) and Gatrie is decent all-around with really good RES. Meanwhile Meg cannot proc skills due to her awful skill stat and Tauroneo doesn't have great stats for his availability -- with Resolve being the saving grace. If anything he's the most likely candidate for a buff if anyone (he's conservatively tuned for 1-6). (In case it wasn't in humor) By "new year's" I mean... tomorrow! For now it'll only be up to 2-2 though. Each map will be released separately from there.
  25. Apologies. I can confirm that a release will be on new year's. Regular releases will then begin from there.
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