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  1. Eh? Did I miss your birthday!? Happy Birthday or Belated one.

  2. Cool, by the time you read this I will have added you too. :P

  3. Of course. :)

    Hes just my TYPE!

  4. Yes! Its an ideal I wan to see come true. Im insane!

  5. Somehow, we must make the Melty Blood topic as massive as the FE4 thread. :P

  6. GOD HAND! I must play it now! But Im at school. ;_;

  7. Hmm, well its good that its back.

  8. So wait, how long has the chapel been back?

  9. Sounds like it will be fun. But thanks anyway for the invite.

  10. I'd love to. But I dont even have a job yet. :P

  11. lol, sorry I dont check me E-mails as often as I should. :P

  12. Dude! Fuck yes! Circle of the moon was sheer awesomeness.

  13. Circle of the Moon. If you haven't you should try it. :)

    And um, Happy birthday?

  14. Yeah it does, I like it.

  15. Yor new name really caught me of gaurd. O_o

  16. I just noticed it was the one Hero constantly uses. :P So I figured you got it from the chapel, my mistake.

  17. Scratch that I meant personal profile photo thingy. (lol)

  18. Lol, I think I know where your avatar came from. :P

  19. Yeah I was going to do that but the image was far to large. Even for this forum. :P

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