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  1. I used to play all the time. But being a free user gets boring after awhile.
  2. Eh? Did I miss your birthday!? Happy Birthday or Belated one.

  3. Interesting video. Anyway... Took me two class periods.
  4. Yeah the anime is kinda dull. And you can tell a lot of the voice actors for the english dub get really lazy by episode three. <_<
  5. Man I already raped enough noobs at the arcades to last me a lifetime... <_< Also I shall soon go on a search for the english Tsukihime anime dub. :)
  6. The only time I have issues in the areana is when I send in a lower level myrmidon in there.
  7. I dont use areanas in FE games that much (if at all) but I do find them very handy for leveling and proper raising in this one.
  8. Funny thing too. All over the net there are a bunch of SionxWara shippers. Maybe I'll post a couple of the images of it I've found.
  9. And Nero ate them while Wara did vampire things to them right there in the back alley. True story.
  10. Last night Nightmare and I had a total of nine over the top EPIC Wara vs. Nero fights. These fights were so epic that Shiki's penis shrank right back into Shiki.
  11. http://kaijint.hp.infoseek.co.jp/illust/ty...dame/iconMB.htm
  12. I still need the AA version of "For Crimson Air".
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOCoBxoy3jE...feature=channel Truth from MB. Someone on NicoVideo is uploading the music, and someone on youtube is uploading those videos to youtube.
  14. Cool, by the time you read this I will have added you too. :P

  15. Lvl 30. Killed Medues in two hits. Easiest FE final boss as always. :P
  16. Imagine if your postcount rose in FFtF. ... You just got a hard on, didnt you?
  17. US version. 4425-6811-7671 Just PM me or drop me a comment if you add me. :P
  18. I always wondered what those were.
  19. Now I need to play the newcomer. :P
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