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  1. So, I did Blue Lions for my first playthrough and went in as blind as I could in terms of characters, and my F!Byleth just naturally built some supports and one was with Sylvain. At first, I was kinda disappointed cuz he was my first “A” Support and I thought I had accidentally locked him in. HOWEVER, after completing supports with him (and others) I still ended up picking him. I’m playing Black Eagles now, and am still going to pick Sylvain again. He grew on me that much. Bring on the crest babies.
  2. Not sure exactly how the unit logbook works lol so you have me at a loss. I typically hunt for skills on castles and that’s really it. I know Aptitude is not really necessary but I like to get it on all of my characters for a playthrough. Just to see who it really aids and who becomes really strong. It is Jakob! Kana that I have. I found the Aptitude for M! Kana on another castle though out of pure luck though so I’m happy. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thank you! I just tried and unfortunately I need a male Kana (male Kana can’t inherit from female Kana) so the hunt continues :( Thanks for the response though! A for effort!
  4. Hi! I know there have been tons of skill threads, but many of them are out of date and I’m on a new playthrough of Conquest and was looking for Aptitude on male Kana. My mistake for not having him inherit from his parents :( Was hoping someone had an up to date castle I could get it from :) Thanks in advance!
  5. Marathon training.... Tough shit.

  6. Just started Revelations, and Subaki missed with a 98% chance -.- he ended up critting with only 2% the turn after, but I was like WTF. The worst was totally on my Conquest playthrough on the Kitsune chapter, and Laslow with full health got crit with a 1% chance by Kaden. He was the last enemy I needed to beat, too. I had to just walk away from the game at that point.
  7. Almost completed Conquest!

  8. A little tip is to use your money more wisely as you don't get nearly as much as you do in Path of Radiance. I never had serious issues with it, but I racked up so much money in Path of Radiance and was able to buy whatever I needed whenever I needed. I can't remember exact parts of the game, but I definitely had to watch my spending (maybe not getting the killer weapons all of the time haha) Oh, and also check the shop often because Aimee does sell some pretty sweet stuff, like skills, weapons, and stat boosters if you're into that!
  9. I've only played Conquest thus far, but I'd have to give it to Dwyer. While Jakob has been an awesome character for me, his son has just fallen short. It might be my own fault for making him a strategist (Forrest has proven to be far better) he just has has scattered level ups that don't seem to compliment any classes for him. I'm hoping for a better Dwyer in Revelations :)
  10. Excited to finally have a profile here!

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