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  1. Just got fallen male Morgan from one of my summon tickets. And I can already tell his B skill seems very out of place, why would he need sabotoge def on a tome unit outside of stacking more debuffs for his pref weapon. So i'm very tempted to swap it out. Any recomendations that would actually benefit him and work for his pref weapon? Also, I keep hearing brave Edelgard wants distant counter over her default distant ward, is this true?
  2. In my opinion, It was a fantastic game. But once I finished each route once I struggle to want to replay it anymore. Due to the slog that the first half of the game is after multiple playthroughs. I liked the story for the most part, but there were some areas I feel were missed opportunities. But based on your wording i'm guessing you want to avoid spoilers, so I won't list them here for that reason. The characters were alright. But I wouldn't say its my favorite roster as a whole. But Claude is definitely in my top 5 favorite lords.
  3. Got an extra ninja lyn, and am torn between who should recieve that SS / rein fodder. I have no interest in keeping her, since I honestly don't even like using seasonals in general. And i'm not a big fan of Lyn in general. So the 2 I had in mind were Seteth and original Minerva. Both of which I have decently merged up. (Seteth at +7, Minerva at +4). Seteth is definitely a stronger unit with his pref weapon, but I already gave him a valentia Catria for fodder awhile ago. Running the bond 4 / aerobatics setup from her. So he already has a good build going. And both are big favorites of mine as well.
  4. Does the healing from mystic boost stack with itself? As in if I have a unit with the skill in their C slot, and the seal equipped. Will they get double the healing?
  5. I know his whole mechanic of "Every 4th hit lands, the rest are blocked" But is there a specific setup to actually take him down and get that shield before he retreats?
  6. Looking for a good red tome unit who is easily mergeable for my next project. And i've narrowed it down to Erk or Morgan. Looks like Erk is miles ahead in raw stats. But morgan's reifne is pretty good. So my question is, how good is Erk? I already got 5 copies of him while chasing the spark.
  7. If they can beat Surtr via in game game mechanics in 1 turn (1 player phase, and one enemy phase). You live. If not, barbeque time. (4 star focuses count)
  8. Recomended B skill for Louise? I currently don't have any lull skills to spare. So would she prefer an atk/spd ruse from a spare brave Eliwood, or null followup?
  9. Actually, I do have a spare F:Byleth just collecting dust. No plans on using her since I have M:Byleth as well, who I actually use a decent amount. And the lull atk/spd was more for mix phase stuff. I'm trying to have this Kris be ok at taking a stray physical hit when needed to. But not go full on tank, thats what Hrid was for in this comp.
  10. Sadly both those seals are taken. My other Kris runs the atk/spd solo seal, and spd/res is on Itsuki. The other seals I had in mind for this team composition were chills. Giving chill atk to Hrid, chill spd to Kris, and chill def to Claude. Giving more debuff coverage right at the start of battle, instead of relying on after combat ones. Really makes me wish they would just make them equipable on multiple units at the same time, just with the restriction of "one seal of a specific type per team" Since having to constantly shuffle the high demand ones is just annoying.
  11. Any advice on improving my plegia Kris? Merges still a work in progress. I primarily run him alongside Hrid, and original Claude. Since the amount of debuffs being thrown around by those 2 make Claude's pref weapon super easy to trigger. And making his axe's effect very potent. Quan is also on the same team setup with his new refine, typically for supportive purposes and smacking pesky reds real hard.
  12. Yeah he basically is my go-to super tank. But I do lack the pulse smoke. And my only real option for getting it right now is getting Pent from the current banner before I hit the spark so I can fodder one.
  13. Husk Edelgard I feel is a very good chance of happening. Gustav, Hel Minion self would also fit perfectly for this.
  14. For this Kris, would you recommend swapping the special to noontime, and swapping the seal to atk/spd solo?
  15. Not sure if this is the ultimate "how convenient?" moment. But i'm currently in the middle of a Klein merge project. And just got 2 copies of him, and an off focus Dimitri on the same summon ring. Literally the perfect fodder for him. Neat.
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