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  1. Sturdy Impact on valentian Catria? Or is this complete overkill? Just got another Tibarn and she looks like a good candidate for the skill, or is it complete overkill and not needed?
  2. My guess is Lif this month. Mostly since book 3 is over, and they made Thrasir a mythic. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't do the same for Lif, then probably Hel in january, or throw her on a 2 person banner with Gustav
  3. More interactions and backstory for the whole embla vs askr conflict. No more outsourcing the story to other worlds like book 2 did with muspel, or book 3 having the majority of it be in hel's kingdom. Thats what I want specifically. As for a new character, a pair up legendary would be a nice option. I highly doubt were going to get a F2P duo hero, and having a pair up legendary be a F2P unit would be really cool so we can actually get use out of the whole pair up thing for story chapters.
  4. I can see it now. The absolute perfect AR defense team. A single level 1 Wrys with muspell flame.
  5. Prefered weapons, personal skills, and skills limited to specific unit types suddenly no longer have any restrictions on who can use them. How do you break the game? Bold fighter Reinhardt anyone?
  6. The team I use for pve content is the following: Brave Ike (With his urvan refine) Brave Lucina (With her refine as well) Legendary Alm M: Corrin at +10 The way it works is brave Ike is basically unkillable as long as Lucina is within 2 spaces of him due to the massive stat buffs her refine gives, combined with the special charge effect for his aether. While Alm deals with range threats with his massive 1 shot kill potential. Corrin I have built for dealing with close range threats. But other good choices for pve content include: Brave Micaiah, fantastic for deleting annoying armor enemies Surtr, his true damage weapon proc and stat drain is ridiculous for most maps. Once his menace skill procs he can be an absolute monster to take down. As for free to play friendly options: Fjorm and Eir are both good choices. Fjorm being a good mixed tank, especially against range with her ice mirror. And Eir is just an overall solid range attacker with some nice utility. Legendary Ike is also a decent tank as well. There is also Reinhardt who you can get for free from heroes path.
  7. I'm pretty tempted to build one of the new refined units and was wondering which one of them got the best upgrade this round? From the looks of it Subaki and Athena both got great ones so i'm probably going to use one of them. Also was cleaning out my baracks and forgot I had legendary Lyn from the anniversary thing. And not sure what to do with her, i'd prefer not to sack her for fodder since she is my only wind legendary at the moment. But from what i've heard she is basically the worst legendary by a pretty wide margin and not sure if her base kit is salvagable. So any alternate builds? Or is she fine the way she is?
  8. Just pulled my first Valbar and am wondering if anyone actually built him yet? Since he's a favorite of mine from SoV I was thinking of making him a future merge project.
  9. Silver snow seems most plausible since its the one route where Byleth is the actual main lord. But they should atleast go over important parts of the other routes as footnotes and such. Not completely ignoring them.
  10. A genealogy of the holy war or binding blade remake announcement would be a fantastic way to go about it.
  11. Just pulled a spare legendary Alm and am very curious on a certain interaction with the null followup skill he has. Does anyone know how it reacts with brave Ike's refine, which gives all enemies a guaranteed followup while giving him a stupid amount of damage reduction. Does it remove the downside from the refine? Or does the refine cancel the skill out entirely?
  12. Just finished my +10 Garon and looking for a new grail hero to work on merges for. How is Kronya in this regard? I keep hearing good things about her.
  13. I think it might be a long shot. But I would personally love to see Sigurd or Seliph get a legendary alt. Although we got Julia not to long ago, I feel either of them are very deserving of a legendary alt, being the main lords of FE4. Also Leif should get one at some point to.
  14. The novelty gimick of having 3 halloween hector's is starting to wear off on me, so i'm probably just going to fodder 2 of them off for distant counter So my question is, how is Garon with it? I currently have him at +7 and plan on finishing his merges once the grails come in to do so.
  15. Is it true that legendary hero reruns are on a set schedule? If so, does anyone happen to know when Julia and Lucina's next rerun is? Last 2 legendaries I need.
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