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  1. Just got F:Kris off the latest banner, and i'm wondering. Since both hers and M:kris's stats are identical and they both seem to want to run the same DC setup. For me is there any point in keeping her if I already have M:Kris setup for that, at +speed and merged to +2 now. Especially considering her IVs came up pretty bad with +HP -attack. I do have the DC fodder as well from a random Nagi that showed up a few days ago so I can properly set her up. I have a few characters lined up who would like that spurn fodder. Most notably Shannan, my +10 M:Corrin, and Leif (+5 merges)
  2. Typically I rely on throwing a mega tank at stuff, everything either killing itself on them. Or being so weak that the rest of my team can clean up. So a bait and punish setup. Currently my big lineup is M:Kris as said mega tank. Just gave him DC and he is pretty much unkillable. L:Azura, Mirablis, and a range nuke I typically swap between depending on map. But my main lineup is L:Celica, L:Alm, B:Claude, Igrene, L:Julia, fallen Julia and L:Leif. It all comes down to specific matchups. Leif comes in when I need multiple kills per turn for an example.
  3. I know its very farfetched to expect something like this... But some kind of versus mode where 2 players fight for map control. And after a set time period whoever has the most forts, highest ko count, and number of ally captains still alive wins. And being able to directly fight the other player. If you defeat them it simply puts them on a 15 second or so break from the map before they respawn at their main base. (Main base in this case can't be captured) Just something of a dream mode for a game like this. But i'm not really sure if it will even work.
  4. And even if they only go with main lords, the roster would end up being a bit small and would have to add some secondary lords to fill in. Characters like Sothe, Julia and Elincia
  5. Not going to list main lords we already have in the game, since they are most likely to return above others. Just add Sigurd, Leif, Seliph and Julia and i'd be happy. Bonus if they can slot Quan and Eldigan in. As for others, Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Sothis, and Rhea for 3 houses. I'm sure there are arguements where Rhea and Sothis can count as secondary lords to some degree for that game. Lyn Eliwood, Hector, and Roy I feel are MUST haves in a sequel. They can differentiate Roy and Eliwood by giving Eliwood a mounted moveset. Alm is another must have I feel. It felt so odd having Celica without Alm. I will probably get an angry mob running towards me for saying this... But Kris (Not sure if he truly counts as a main protaganist but I will for this thread)). Mostly for the support potential between him Robin and Corrin. The avatar trio. Ike, Elincia, Micaiah, and Sothe are the other big telius ones I feel should get a slot in a sequel.
  6. Well most modern armors these days already come with a fighter skill built in that suits them perfectly. And I have no real interest in merging up another armor after Sheena, I just don't like using them that much. The only armor I truly like using are B:Hector, and brave / legendary Edelgard. The movement just hurts so hard for them. But in Hector's case I can make due since he is kinda busted with his refine. And its for this reason I was more leaning towards fodder for this Nagi.
  7. How good is Nagi these days? She just randomly showed up for me on my free summon for the foil banner today. She came up +res -speed which looks great for her statline. But at the same time I am in need of that DC fodder for my next merge project, Ashnard
  8. I actually do have a +3 Hardin from random pitybreakers over the years. And I could just grab a r Leo when I get the grails to spare for bridging that skill.
  9. Who actually wants distant defense 4 fodder? Random Caineghis pitybreaker showed up, came up neutral. And my current one is +def -speed. No real need to merge, and I don't use him enough to really warrant heavy investment. Guessing tanks with some kind of built in distant counter would like it.
  10. Blew 100 orbs on the 3 houses banner. 6 copies of Seteth, 2 of which were 5 star. Fantastic. One of my favorites from 3 houses, glad I got alot of merges for him so easily. 1 Catherine, IVs are nothing special. But nothing harmful either. 1 random Tsubasa. Uh sure game. Thanks I guess? Probably going to spark a 2nd Catherine and fodder the first one I got. Then just use the neutral one.
  11. Takumi is my vote. Since it encourages you to play fast or get overwhelmed by reinforcements. While at the same time needing you to play safely to avoid Takumi's one arrow nuke thing. Garon was pathetic. First phase was ok since there were a few clever traps like the cleric with the capture staff easily being able to drag a squishy unit into a death room if you weren't careful. 2nd phase was a joke, could literally turn 1 win it with just Corrin and Azura. Anankos was ok. Boring, but atleast had the most interesting way of actually taking him down. Having to fight him piece by piece basically. But my actual favorite was the heirs of fate Anankos. Interesting map layout, interesting gimick of having both Kana's stuck in the middle purely there to fight Anankos while everyone else had to do everything to weaken him. With Shigure being quite good here due to starting in the center and being a flyer, being very helpful for helping the side groups out. Also the best final battle music in fates.
  12. Just threw this together in unit builder How does this look for a Petrine build? I have all the fodder on hand to make this a reality. Just need to wait for more merges to be available via grails and such. And any recomendations on things I can improve upon? I do plan on giving her the new atk/def solo seal coming from the next TT as well. All this is going to cost me is a L:Eirika duplicate from one of her past reruns, a fallen M:Corrin duplicate that just randomly showed up last night, and a Julian who I have 3 of from this legendary banner.
  13. Sacred Stones feels the best to adapt to a movie. Due to its length, and great character arcs in those short time windows with Lyon and Ephraim. And the whole route split isn't really long enough where it would be a problem to fit into a 2 hour movie. Also a shadow dragon movie would work due to the simplicity of its story. But I would say sacred stones would be better due to better story and character writing. 3 houses and fates are just entirely out of the question because of their multiple story lines would just make it impossible to fit into movie form without skipping over major points of each route.
  14. Got 2 copies of Julian from this legendary banner, one came up +attack -HP which i'm 100% going to keep. So the 2nd one i'm just going to fodder, the thing is I don't have anyone that can use that close foil skill. But I do have several units lined up who would love that lull skill. All melees. But in this case that close foil will end up going to waste. So my question is, since close foil is such rare fodder, should I wait until I get someone who can use it. Or just fodder that lull skill on its own. If it helps, the characters I have lined up would benefit from it are brave Eliwood (+4 merge, +speed IV) Petrine who I plan on making a merge project out of once shes available for grails
  15. Trying to decide what to use my Lewyn manual on. And the 2 i'm considering so far are legendary Alm and Shannan so they can more effectively spam their unique specials. Or do both of them make terrible use of the skill or something?
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