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  1. I would honestly like to see a Goldoa banner. Gareth on red Kurthnaga on colorless Ena on green Nassir on blue Dheginsea as the event unit
  2. Well my best bet for DC fodder in this case would be trying to pull for another Hrid while he's on the mythic banner. Already got everything I wanted off it so far, so I have some spare orbs to throw around. I could always aim for that.
  3. Just pulled Naga, and since I only really do AR enough for the free grails each week, and don't really care about my score or anything. What would be a good replacement A skill for her? Something more general purpose and usable in all modes that synergyzes with the rest of her kit? If it helps, she came out +speed -res. Which looks really good with a 39 base speed at 40.
  4. Just got Hrid off the Naga banner, and from looking at his kit, he is all about debuffing. And proceeding to murder everything that is debuffed via his Gjoll weapon. Who would be a good teammate for consistant debuff spreading to help him out? I have Aversa and Sothe available, and both of them seem like good choices, Aversa for her built in panic status, and Sothe for his AoE debuff dagger.
  5. Still is my favorite switch exclusive title to this day. I'm more or less fine with the roster decisions since I actually did enjoy the 3DS games alot, with Xander and Chrom being some of my favorite characters in the series. I still really hope they do a sequel at some point that expands into the telius and GBA games. Maybe even jugdral and valentia. The gameplay is still excelent. Can't really say anything more from that, except it is pretty easy at times. But there are hard battles thrown in, but I just wish the difficulty was more or less consistant. I also think warriors did some of the characters better then in their original games. Corrin is actually pretty cool here. Rowan is still obnoxious, and I still don't like him. Lianna is bland and forgettable, Seriously, a baked potato has more personality than Lianna. Darios is the best OC out of the 3 in my opinion. The whole dynamic between the 3 was looking to be something along the lines of Ephraim / Eirika / Lyon. But it didn't quite reach that level of great writing. So overall a missed opportunity.
  6. Heres the link to that save file. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/997174-fire-emblem-shin-monshou-no-nazo-hikari-to-kage-no-eiyuu/saves
  7. I personally really enjoyed the remake. If I had to take points off it for something, Kris forcing himself into the spotlight way to much got a bit annoying when he had nothing to really do with the overall story. I'm fine with him playing more of a part during the Katarina and friends side chapters since he actually does have relevance to that. I just wish he would shutup a bit more when he isn't needed. If he did this, I would say he would be a prime example of how an avatar unit should be in these games. A side character who is more or less along for the ride while giving the real spotlight to the actual main lord. But having a few side chapters dedicated to developing them as a character.
  8. I want a new archanea banner soon. As for what i'm predicting will happen. Gaiden. I don't think were going to get a 3 houses banner until after the game releases. Due to spoiler reasons and such.
  9. Just got the game downloaded to play the randomizer. And i'm running into a huge issue. The problem i'm having is on the battle prep screen, whenever I try to move one space to the left or right when selecting units for anything. It skips over 2 spaces instead of just 1. Making anyone in the middle collum un selectable because the cursor always jumps over them. The other problem i'm having is during battle, I have the cursor mapped to the d-pad on a gamecube controller since its the only controller I have available to work on this computer. Sometimes I have to press the button in extra hard for it to even read a single movement. Which is getting rather annoying Anyone know of a fix for this? Or should I just try to get a different controller working? Edit: Switched to a PS4 controller and everything is working fine now. So feel free to delete this topic
  10. I'm thinking randomizing base stats might be a bad idea. My first run of a randomized FE7 resulted in Lyn having 2 speed and 3 magic as a sorcerer, can't even kill the first bandit and she gets doubled right after.
  11. Free pull on the new power banner gave me Quan. How well does he hold up as a unit today? His IVs came out +speed -def it looks like. And while i'm at it, good build recomendations?
  12. As for class: Kris had the right idea, being able to choose a class at the beginning from the usual pool and alter their base stats / growths slightly. I feel giving the avatar character a unique class has the potential to just break the balance of the game if done poorly. While in terms of reclassing options, Corrin did it best. Where you pick 1 extra class line at the start and have full access to reclassing to that. While if you want others you have to use supports for that. As for how to make them feel unique. Have their attitude change slightly depending on who they support with, and how you use them as a unit. So if the avatar supports with more of the darker characters, they pick up a few traits from them. While supporting with nicer characters, they start acting nicer to everyone else. So it feels like your choices actually impact the character. As for plot relavence. I would prefer it if they kept out of it for the most part. Not barging into the plot every 5 seconds like Kris did. I'm fine with them getting a few words in the story here and there, which can tie into the above point nicely. Where they have stuff to say on the story at certain points based on how their character traits are progressing. But keep them as more of a side character.
  13. Just finished my first +10 merge unit with male Corrin. And thinking of making Sothe my next one since he showed up 4 times for me while aiming for fallen Tiki. Plus he's a personal favorite of mine from RD. The current IVs I have are: -Neutral +attack -res +speed -def +attack -hp Which one would be the best for an eventual +10 merge?
  14. How well does Aversa work as a heavy debuffer unit? And if so what would be the best way of going about this? I do have a spare Luke so I have a free panic ploy available. Also a spare Arvis for res ploy as well.
  15. The game plays out normally until chapter 5. Where Corrin goes full dragon berserk mode after Mikoto explodes, at the end Azura manages to soothe his rage temporarily, but warns Corrin that it can easily happen again in the future. But doesn't conveniently have a dragonstone on hand to fix this problem permanently. So with this, Corrin has to try and keep things under control or risk going berserk again. Basically having to juggle his peaceful mentality while keeping this under control. Giving some extra internal conflict which plays up until the rainbow sage gives Corrin the dragonstone around the halfway point in each path. This could also be used as an interesting chance to expand on Garon and Iago's plan. Where instead of just trying to kill Corrin, they are trying to strategically provoke Corrin in specific ways by harassing his friends and family, so this rage breaks free again so he starts attacking everyone again. And their plan is once Corrin goes full berserk mode, Anankos could easily brainwash him to try and destroy the world with him (That sounds like something he'd try right?)
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