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  1. Ever since the update I can't even login, game keeps giving me error code 803 3111. And I can't seem to find any proper answer on how to fix it. Any ideas?
  2. Well this is awkward. Free summon on the CYL 2 banner got me a brave Camilla. Funny thing is she just pity broke me last week as well.
  3. Katarina. While not "the worst" unit in new mystery. She typically will pale in comparison to a properly trained Linde or Merric at that point. But she is still one of my favorites from that game.
  4. Just had male Kris randomly show up for me a 2nd time Got my first from his debut and he came up +speed back then as well which looks to be his best IV. But I read somewhere that coming up -HP actually does hurt damage reduction skills quite hard, especially in Kris's case where HP is a superbane. I looked at the stat gains he would get from merging, and it would be +5 HP from patching up the IV, and an extra point in speed. Which seems very useful since I actually use him quite alot. But at the same time I have a few units lined up who could benefit nicely from that spurn fodder. A +5 Karla, +speed, and I already sacked a spare Byleth to her a long time ago. But her defenses are quite low even for damage reduction standards. And not sure if fury 4 would be beneficial for the setup as well. A +10 male Corrin, fully invested with flowers, a sacked L:Celica for SS3 and atk/spd oath, he would absolutely kill for that spurn and joint drive atk fodder. So what would you recomend in this situation? Merging to patch up that superbane on my +speed Kris, or fodder to one of the above characters?
  5. Fates: Rinkah, for a proper infantry axe moveset. Not like Lissa, but more rough and brute force style that you'd expect from a typical FE warrior. Silas: For a proper lance cavalier. Plus my favorite nohr character. SD: I might get alot of hate for this... But Kris. Mostly for the pure support potential he would have with Robin and Corrin being the big avatar trio. And I know people would say "But muh infantry sword!" Kris is in the unique situation where he could potentially be something else. Since he doesn't technically have a canon class. Only thing to go by is alot of concept art and such is a sword. But if we go by heroes, female uses a lance and they could easily do that instead. If they gave Lissa an axe, they can make this work. They have shown they are willing to be flexible somewhat with certain characters. Heck why not take it a step further, and allow him to equip a sword, axe, or lance before battle. With one universal moveset with minor changes thrown in. A true weapon master character. Awakening: Severa. Popular character, and could actually be implemented as a mounted archer.
  6. Your just one of the millions of cannon fodder. In this situation, which of the playable characters would you be most afraid of if you saw them coming towards you as an enemy. For me, probably Tharja. She would make it a very slow, painful, and uncomfortable death. All while laughing in her usual chilling way. Not something I want to be on the other end of.
  7. For skills like close call and repel, does the speed check for damage reduction only count visible changes to stats and blue buffs? Or does it take in combat buffs into consideration as well?
  8. Because they have no real life outside of being idiots on forums Why haven't they ported path of radiance and radiant dawn to any form of modern hardware? There was a prime opprotunity for it on the Wii U eshop back in the day.
  9. The game is literally taunting me right now. My endless quest to get legendary Julia, now at around 1600 total spent across her 5 reruns. Not a single copy has shown up yet. And now my free summon from the weekly revival banner, regular Julia. Was about to throw my phone after this. I didn't though.
  10. With the trait fruit system being just over a week away. Out of these units, who would you consider the best choice to use the free 100 on? I use all of them very frequently. Percevel (-attack) Going to be +speed Duo Ephraim (-attack) Going to be +attack Brave Eliwood (-speed) Going to be +speed Say'ri (Neutral) Going to be +speed
  11. Because all the bad voice actors were to expensive. Why does 3H have 4 story routes while Fates only has 3?
  12. Basically including DS shadow dragon, path of radiance, and awakening all upscaled and updated for the switch. Would this be worth a 60$ price tag? While also releasing individual ports of the GBA games and radiant dawn as seperate purchases on the eshop. Reasoning for those 3 in particular being part of the collection: SD being the original, very fitting for this. PoR being the series first foray into 3D and being a very popular game in the series. And awakening being what saved the franchise, it would be fitting to include in this as a fully upscaled rerelease with updated graphics.
  13. Was talking with someone on discord about AR auto dispatch. And they mentioned its possible to hit tier 21 purely from auto dispatch if you have 2 offense mythics per season. Is this actually true? I currently have Eir, Peony for light, and Naga / Altina for astra season. Also Lif / Mirablis for anima defense. And just Sothis for dark. So dark season is definitely my weak point as of now.
  14. Basically everything is the same up until the boss fight with him near the end. But once Elise does her usual thing to try and get everyone to stop fighting, Corrin manages to succesfuly make Xander snap out of this nonsense. delusion he's been stuck in. Xander then agrees to follow Corrin to see for himself if what she was saying is indeed true with Garon being a monster. Things happen as normal from there, just with some extra dialogue from Xander finally seeing Garon for who he truly is. Fight starts like normal, but have Xander be an AI controlled unit for the battle (Or a full on Gotoh archtype unit you get for the fight) Phase one ends, and Garon does the one attempted fatal blow on Corrin. Xander then heroically jumps in to save her, knowing that she is the only one truly capable of saving nohr at this point. And him more then willing to sacrifice his own life for his country. Dieing in the process. So, thoughts? Better? Worse?
  15. I would prioritize units you like above all else who have bad IV spreads, then units who you use simply because they are good. Since most units released post 2019 typically can work with any IV and still be usable. Very few truly become godawful with a bad spread. But it all comes down to just how frequently we'll get them. If its 100 a month, which I would say is plenty reasonable for F2P users. Then my opinion would change vastly on this matter.
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