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  1. Yeah I forgot to mention for the febuary and march legendaries. Its because there are like 3 characters i'm after on each. All spread across 3 colors. Febuary having Leif and Triandra. And Fae has fodder i'm desperately after. And march having Chrom, Lilina, and Thrasir. All 3 I have a use for
  2. SD Hardin Nyna Medeus Anankos Edward Leonardo Nolan Gonzales Legendary L'arachel Geoffry Kieran Laurent Gregor Giliam Vanessa Non seasonal Artur Franz Moulder Horace Etzel
  3. Planning on reinstating my FEH pass sub for the febuary and march legendary banners for sparking purposes. But one question, the january legendary banner is pretty meh for me as a whole with the only unit on it I would really consider a big want for me is Ashera. Would you consider her a unit worth sparking for? Since I might just restart the sub now. But not sure if she's really worth the spark. Since everyone else currently confirmed for this legendary banner I either already have, or have no use for If she isn't a truly spark worthy unit, i'll probably pass on the sub this month unless there is a resplendant i'm dieing for I'm also just trying desperately to find 1 good spark opprotunity that would be good for me, since i'm 1 stone away from the 100 trait fruit, and I just got a -attack duo Fonse from my tickets Also completely unrelated question, but does anyone know when CYL voting usually starts?
  4. Something i've been wondering for a long time now. Are there any easily mergeable axe or lance infantry capable of running a spurn tanking build? Most axe infantry we've been getting lately have just had bad to middling speed, nothing really capable of using those skills. And lance infantry are more or less the same. Just we've gotten far fewer of them in general as well
  5. I'm guessing we might be seeing our first staff legendary. Elincia or L'arachel in this case
  6. If I used a forma soul on brave Micaiah, and have her original self decently merged and invested in, would you say her legendary is worth going for in my case? Normally I follow a 2 out of 3 rule for legendary banners. And in my case, Bramimond was a top priority for me, but got him off my free summon. And not in dire need of spare legendary Corrin's (also didn't help she also showed up on my free summon ring) So colorless this month went from god tier for me, to "i'm not sure if I should continue"
  7. Free summon ring on this legendary banner was very nice to me. Was planning on sniping colorless for Bramimond, who's been a big want of mine for a long time. And... Free summoned him! 2nd colorless on the same ring was a legendary Corrin as well. This frees up all the orbs I get to snipe red for Sigurd now!
  8. Just got a ninja Shinon. So, would this Sedgar work well with that Ninja bow and deadeye fodder combo? I'm approaching the trait fruit needed to IV swap him to +speed, and have enough grails to get him to +7 merges the moment he hits the shop as well.
  9. Would fallen male Morgan be a good user of close counter? Just free summoned a Takumi, and he's the only one in my roster who would probably work with it due to his defensive stats and auto followups
  10. I'd be down for one in the style of soul calibur.
  11. After 2 and a half years... I FINALLY got legendary Marth. Thank god for sparking on remix banners. All thats left iis securing atk/spd unity fodder once CYL 5 reruns.
  12. Archanea: Now that non OC ascendants are a thing. I'll edit this Hardin: Sword cavalry. Acting as a middle ground between Zeke and Ingrid in terms of combat performance. And some cavalry style support similar to Quan's refine Nyna: High attack, res, and speed blue tome infantry. Horace: Colorless armored bow demote. Would definitely be a new and unique demote Ascendant Minerva: Axe flyer GHB: Jiol: Lance armor unit. Typical high attack and defense. Bad everything else stat spread. More F2P accesable armors is always fine by me.
  13. I'm just really bad at orb management. So assuming my current situation, do you think i'll still be able to hit the 135 mark to spark for Laegjarn? My current situation is: I'm only at 7 right now. And still 10 summons short of sparking legendary Marth (there is no way i'm missing this chance). So 33 more still needed. Which will probably dip into the huge imflux of 20 from the new story chapters a bit. So i'm a bit worried I won't be able to hit said mark. And if I can't, i'm just going to have to snipe colorless and hope for the best instead of the garunteed copy. Since the banner lasts from the 17th to the 7th. Do you think i'll be safe for the spark amount by the time it ends?
  14. I'm not really one to chase merges on any 5 star exclusive. Only time i'll really go out of my way for it is if I need that +1 to fix a horrendous IV. Since I don't really care to hard about arena scoring and just drift around tier 17-18. I mostly just play this for the collection aspect. So i'm thinking i'll just wait for a rerun, since at the moment I need every orb I can get for Sigurd's rerun.
  15. Ah my bad, I must have misread the announcement. I'm still unsure if i'll really be able to get value out of legendary Marth, since I took his brave as my freebie, and I have brave Alm refined for my windsweep sword nuke. Legendary Marth has been on my list of "would love to have" for a long time (Mostly for collectors sake, his art is goddamn fantastic). But this seems like a poor time for me to go for him again since legendary Sigurd's rerun is taking priority for me. Ironically this is why I never got legendary Marth. Every time he rotated back, there was just something that was a higher priority for me happening at the same time, or in the near future.
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