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  1. Just got him unlocked. Yeah it was right at the start of chapter 5 of my 3rd playthrough. And its really sad that he doesn't have any support coversations at all... Probably going to end up like Anna was in 3 Houses. As someone who just completely sucks due to lack of supports.
  2. In that case, I probably just need to play a bit more until I get Holst
  3. I'm talking Just started my 3rd playthrough, already finished Edelgard's story. And Dimitri's via new game+. So now i'm doing Claude's route. And I know he's playable, so i'm curious if anyone figured out how to get him yet?
  4. Well in some cases, having supports locked to after a certain point makes sense. Since they directly talk about events that happened in the story. Wouldn't make sense to talk about those events before they happened.
  5. Just got mercurius from the chapter 11 freebie, and finishing Dimitri's route gave me a free gradivus. All thats left is parthia now
  6. Can't use them for main story battles. Only useable in the replay mode via records keeper at the main base
  7. Just curious what everyones thoughts regarding what the best recipients for this is. I only finished Edelgard's route, and am only half way through Dimitri's so far. So i'm a bit unfamilar with most of the abilities for everyone Claude's route. But I believe the best choices for it are Felix and Sylvain so far. Since their personal skills are incredibly good for a variety of characters. But I would love to see others thoughts regarding this item. Since its going to take 30+ playthroughs to get all the items. And its something that should be prioritized using on those with the most valuable skills to copy.
  8. Which route was that in? I didn't see anything like that in Edelgard's story Just started Dimitri's story today and barely have any progress into it yet, and haven't even started Claude (will do that once I finish Dimitri's)
  9. Just finished Edelgard's story last night, and the S rank reward for the final chapter was Hauteclare. So I assume the rest of the archanea regalia weapons are available as well? And is that the only way to get them? Since I imagine Gradivus will be the S rank reward for Dimitri's final chapter, with Parthia being the one for Claude's final chapter. So that leaves Mercurius unaccounted for. So are there other ways of obtaining these weapons?
  10. I only finished Edelgard's route so far. My ideal DLC would be: -Remaining non playable characters becoming available. I only played Edelgard's route, so in this case Randolph, Ladislava, and Bergliez as examples -Them getting dedicated story chapters. Basically showing what they were all doing while off screen. Like imagine a side chapter in Edelgard's route dedicated to Bergliez kicking butt and fending off the alliance blockades 300 style. -Proper ending. Edelgard's route ended on a non ending.
  11. For Asbel forma, life and death 4 or flashing blade 4? Going to be giving him an AoE special if I redeem him, and since those are in the 4 star pool i'm just going to inherit one to him if I redeem him. My top priority is obviously a better A skill, and for an AoE special setup life and death or flashing blade 4 feel like the best choices. As for Sara, any general improvements I should aim for? This is the first HoF i'm tempted to redeem 2 units off of a single lineup
  12. I believe atk/spd catch 4 would be his best A skill overall.
  13. Assuming refines go roughly in order, how far off would you say Perceval is from his? He kinda just pity broke me on the summer banner. Of course refine order skips around all the time. So its a bit unpredictable, just want to know if there is hope of it happening this year. I don't remember exactly when he came out, just that he was in the 2nd half of book 3.
  14. I feel it could be either blue or green. My dream is a double legendary with Bruno and Veronica both on this banner. If those 2 were to ever be added, now would legit be the perfect time.
  15. How is fallen Gustav as a unit? Anything groundbreaking, or is he just trace + atk smoke 4 fodder? Also got an off focus ascended Idunn off this banner as well, she came up +def -attack. Should I use the free trait boost to fix that attack bane, or just boost her res for better tanking?
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