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  1. I meant farming the actual skill drop. Not breaking the 6000 kills.
  2. Looking for a more general purpose A slot skill for Naga, since I don't really care to much about AR, and the game basically gave me 6 copies of her off this legendary banner, when I already got her off her debut banner. So at this point i'm tempted to make her a core support unit for me. I have a spare OG Hector for distant counter fodder, but from the looks of it, Naga doesn't have the mixed bulk to really take advantage of it. Also another question, I got 2 copies of legendary Tiki, one is +attack, other is +speed. Going to merge, which one is the better base?
  3. Yeah its pathetic just how easily they are brushed to the side. The funny thing is, for being a behind the scenes group who seem to want to avoid direct confrontation. You can just walk right into their main base without any resistance.
  4. Just pulled a spare Tibarn for sturdy impact fodder, and thinking who would be the best user of it. And yes, I already have a copy of him fully built up. So this one i'm talking about is just a random pity breaker. As of now, the characters I have who I think would make good use of it are: Laegjarn (+Attack -Res) Laevetain (+attack -hp) L:Ryoma (+speed -res) +8 Sothe (+attack -def) OG Ephraim (+attack -hp) Those are just the ones I have on hand who might make good use of it. But if none of them work well with it, I can hold onto it for later. I just don't want to waste premium fodder like this since i'll most likely never get another one for a long time.
  5. Just equip your best archer with a killer bow, use one of the range extend abilities. And pray for a crit. With just 1 extra tile of range you can reach death knight from the first room with any bow. Since the battle ends if you beat the death knight or everything else. You can skip the entire chapter this way. But you'll miss out on the movement ring from one of the chests, which I feel is to valuable to pass up.
  6. There is? Where can I find it? Or is it some massive spoiler somehow? I'd prefer avoiding spoilers until I finish all 3 paths. Just about to finish my first one later tonight.
  7. After a certain point, his hair color changes to a very obnoxious bright green that just hurts to look at compared to his original hair color, which looked perfect with his black trench coat. Is there an option to change it back?
  8. I typically do so whenever i'm in the mood to replay one of the older games. I'm currently in the process of my 3rd echoes run. And a few months ago I just replayed SD and new mystery.
  9. I'd replace the entire 2nd act of awakening, and replace it with something else based around grima, and dealing with plegia under Validar's command. That way it keeps the entire story set one one big threat, instead of just trying to create another story out of nowhere and shove it in. Basically expanding the 3rd arc to cover everything from arc 2. Give Lucina more importance to the story. She barely does much outside of a few chapters. And most of her role is basically telling people not to do something. Maybe more of what happened with Emmeryn like this. Lucina fixes the problem, only for it to find another way to happen regardless.
  10. Its a good way of building up a character. going from dealing with small time thugs to world ending dragons or insane kings who want nothing but world domination. But yeah, I would like to see it be mixed up a bit. Have some games start off with other small time threats. Not just bandits. Feels pretty good seeing that whole thing play out.
  11. I would honestly like to see a Goldoa banner. Gareth on red Kurthnaga on colorless Ena on green Nassir on blue Dheginsea as the event unit
  12. Well my best bet for DC fodder in this case would be trying to pull for another Hrid while he's on the mythic banner. Already got everything I wanted off it so far, so I have some spare orbs to throw around. I could always aim for that.
  13. Just pulled Naga, and since I only really do AR enough for the free grails each week, and don't really care about my score or anything. What would be a good replacement A skill for her? Something more general purpose and usable in all modes that synergyzes with the rest of her kit? If it helps, she came out +speed -res. Which looks really good with a 39 base speed at 40.
  14. Just got Hrid off the Naga banner, and from looking at his kit, he is all about debuffing. And proceeding to murder everything that is debuffed via his Gjoll weapon. Who would be a good teammate for consistant debuff spreading to help him out? I have Aversa and Sothe available, and both of them seem like good choices, Aversa for her built in panic status, and Sothe for his AoE debuff dagger.
  15. Still is my favorite switch exclusive title to this day. I'm more or less fine with the roster decisions since I actually did enjoy the 3DS games alot, with Xander and Chrom being some of my favorite characters in the series. I still really hope they do a sequel at some point that expands into the telius and GBA games. Maybe even jugdral and valentia. The gameplay is still excelent. Can't really say anything more from that, except it is pretty easy at times. But there are hard battles thrown in, but I just wish the difficulty was more or less consistant. I also think warriors did some of the characters better then in their original games. Corrin is actually pretty cool here. Rowan is still obnoxious, and I still don't like him. Lianna is bland and forgettable, Seriously, a baked potato has more personality than Lianna. Darios is the best OC out of the 3 in my opinion. The whole dynamic between the 3 was looking to be something along the lines of Ephraim / Eirika / Lyon. But it didn't quite reach that level of great writing. So overall a missed opportunity.
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