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  1. Obviously another green or colorless month. But i'm leaning more towards green since it lines up with Freyja's first rerun. I really hope its not Gotoh at this exact moment since i'm trying to save for Chrom in april.
  2. Eldigan: Mystletainn: Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If foe initiates combat, inflicts special cooldown +1 to foe Re-Refine: If foe initiates combat, grants atk/def +4 and if unit's attack triggers Special, grants Special cooldown count-1, and deals +10 damage when Special triggers. Pretty simple. And makes him a much more potent enemy phase threat. Katarina: Reese's Tome: During combat, boosts unit's Atk/Spd/Def/Res by number of allies within 2 space x2 Re-Refine: At start of turn inflicts atk/spd/def/res -4 to foes in 3 columns of unit Basically just making her base effect easier to trigger, and making the ploy based effect more dangerous and easier to apply Minerva: Hauteclere: Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1)."Deals +5 damage when Special triggers.". Re-Refine: If Special triggers before or during combat, grants Special cooldown count-2 after combat. Special spiral on a flyer unit would definitely be a unique and powerful refine.
  3. More speciifcally their FEH lead unit Simple as that. I'll start, my lead unit is male Kris.
  4. Does brave Lysithea bring anything unique to the table outside of being a red tome nuke? She kinda just showed up off the genealogy banner, ironically while she is on focus on another banner. And i'm pretty set in the red tome nukes with fallen Julia and my +10 fully invested Katarina. So unless she brings something really special, i'm probably going to fodder her.
  5. I honestly find this hilarious. Got brave Lysithea from my latest pull. But not from the banner she is actually on. Random pitybreaker on the genealogy banner.
  6. So far i've had some pretty good luck, what I got so far is: Sigurd, Ayra, brave Ephraim, bow Hinoka, and Ishtar Sigurd, Hinoka, and Ephraim just got merged. Ishtar is in line for a refine sometime, and Ayra I have no real use for, I hear she is pretty bad these days without heavy merges and investment. As for how I like the system. I love it, its a great middle ground between their weekly revival status and being actually demoted. Since there are some on the list who are still excelent units to this day on that roster.
  7. 5 colorless ring on the genealogy banner... But hey got a 4 star focus bow Hinoka off of it. So yay me. This is my 4th one. So far Sigurd, Ayra, brave Ephraim, and now bow Hinoka.
  8. I was almost worried I would have to wait for Katarina to show up on a duo special heroes banner to get her, got her on the final day with the new story chapter orbs. Yay me. Also a bonus Tharja on the same ring, neat.
  9. Just got my final merge for Roderick, and he currently runs this build, but i'm currently looking for a better C skill to help him out more, any recomendations? His primary use is a typical firesweep nuke for most general play, but he has an alternate drag back trap setup for my AR dark season team. So i'm looking for a C skill that would benefit both of those roles well.
  10. Does anyone actually want Kliff's fodder? This guy won't stop stalking me lately (Copies in the past 2 months) and I don't really have a use for him. Already did his ordeals for the flowers, and was wondering does anyone actually want that fort def/res fodder?
  11. I just hit the jackpot with my free aniversarry seasonal. Got duo Sigurd out of it. +attack IV as well. Even better that he's my favorite main lord in the series.
  12. Green or colorless for the next legendary would be my guess. Both have highly sought after characters sharing those 2, while blue is very meh. Green is my main guess though. Following the pattern of a previous legendary always having their first rerun sharing with the newest one. In this case Triandra. As for who, Micaiah seems likely.
  13. Would be an interesting idea. Maybe a special item that adds +1 merge to the unit. And this item be like a top prize reward for a certain mode. Something like 35,000 or 40,000 points in TT? It would still remain infrequent enough for getting these that its still relatively scarce (1 per month basically) but enough where you don't feel like your getting screwed over with lack of resources. And tieing it to a TT reward past the 20,000 mark would really help incentivize those to continue grinding the mode out instead of stopping at the 20,000 mark like alot of people do. Another similar idea I came up with was an alternate use for trait fruits. Basically instead of just having them be used for IV changing. What about the possibility of spending 50 to simply just remove the bane from a unit? So if your only purpose of fishing for a merge is a bane removal, there is an alternative for units that are notoriously difficult to get multiple copies of like legendaries and mythics. And would be very helpful for units with god tier fodder that would be a waste using it for a merge like Igrene.
  14. With Seiros bringing a new DR skill for dragon units, and me getting 2 copies from this banner, I was thinking of foddering off one of them to my Garon, who I already have at +10 merged. I also have a spare W:Sothis for that C skill. I already gave him distant counter a long time ago. So how does this build look? I think this setup would make him quite bulky which is my aim for it. Making him a dragon mega tank.
  15. Have Rhea act in as a gotoh archtype unit for the fight with Nemesis. Purely for how epic it would be.
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