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  1. Just to keep things up to date! Cards I'm looking for: Cards I have for sale/trade:
  2. I think it's just the animation style, and/or the background is dark so it makes her skin seem even paler. Maybe she'll look normal in a grassy area.
  3. Most were pretty quick in Hyrule Warriors. SG Lana, Wizzro, and Durania all seemed really slow to me whenever I played them. Watching Cordelia's video, she might've traded speed for aoe, but she doesn't look any slower than Twili Midna.
  4. For the most part, Cordelia usually appears as pale or fair skinned in most of her art work, merchandise, etc. I personally think she looks normal.
  5. I prefer physical, since it makes me feel like I own it and I can add it to my collection in my gaming cabinet. I only get digital if it's an eShop exclusive, retro, or it's cheaper. Something about digital stuff makes me paranoid about losing it at any moment. >.>
  6. It did get a bit better from the patches, especially in that one village (avoiding spoilers for OP)... it desperately needed to be fixed. It's not perfect, but it might play a bit better for you now.
  7. Don't forget Xenoblade Chronicles 2! Lol. The Switch will have a bunch of great games by the time you get one, so I wouldn't worry about getting BotW for the Wii U if I were you.
  8. No idea why my message double posted. Sorry! D:
  9. Yup, you have the option of playing on just the gamepad. That's how I played personally, since it's better for sniping. You just tap the gamepad screen whenever and you can switch between TV or gamepad. Also, np! I always figured the same if I get a Switch. But I've put so much time into the Wii U version that I don't mind missing out on the Switch version. Plus there are other games I rather spend the money on for the Switch, like Splatoon 2 or FE Warriors.
  10. I got BotW for the Wii U at launch. I've never once had a problem with it. It use to lag a bit around certain areas or events (don't want to spoil anything for you), but now with the update it hardly lags. For the load times, I was able to test it with a friends Switch, and honestly it took as long to load as my Wii U version. Only difference I could point out, and this being a minor nitpick, is that the resolution is a bit better for the Switch whereas there's a slight graininess for the Wii U. All of these things never bothered me or hindered my gameplay. I still had just as much fun as my friend who played on the Switch version. Like you, I debated on waiting, but I figure I wasn't going to get the Switch for a while so I got the Wii U version. I'm glad I did b/c it's a fantastic game. Hope that helps!
  11. I just collect the Eeveelution cards for the art and holo effects. I usually will buy the non holo, holo, and reverse holo versions if a card has any or all. I also will get any that have special holo designs, like cross hatch, stars/hearts/sparkles, etc. I almost have a complete Eeveelution collection, but the most expensive ones I'm missing are Espeon star, Umbreon star, and the Japanese fan club Eevee. All three run anywhere from $200 - $600 depending on the condition. Yeah, I'm weird! :p I have a separate binder of non-Eevee cards. Just spare cards I found randomly for cheap at local game stores or flea markets. Mostly just Pokemon I like, though. I never really played competively. Only time I do is when my friends want me to play and have a deck ready for me to use.
  12. I noticed on Echoes that the Cipher characters aren't listed on the character pages. Also Emma's Trainee's Lance, Randal's Wayward Lance, and Yuzu's Warrior's Sword aren't listed on the weapon pages. Also on the DLC page for the Cipher characters, Lando should be Randal. They changed his name for the NA version.
  13. +2 Motts +1 ManNamedDan +2 ChibiToastExplosion +1 yunjaelove +1 Gonzak Thanks everyone! It was really awesome chatting with you all. Glad I can help with your collections!
  14. I also back the recommendations for Xenoblade Chronicles X, TMS #FE, Hyrule Warriors, and rebuying Bayonetta. An indie game I suggest is Runbow. It's a clever platformer with really awesome music and color gimmick. I think they released a physical version recently that included the DLC. Plus you can play with or against other people online.
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