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  1. A Man Called Gar "Really, when isn't it dangerous?" Gar amusingly said. "But if she gets aggressive it rather tidies up her intentions, no?" Gar smirked, waved and headed out.
  2. Xenia and a Called Gar "Him, careful? Ha." Xenia snorted. "Hm?" It might make it tricky if things went the way he wanted it to, even if there was no risk. "Well, I do have prep to do along the way, and that would mean we could leave right now and work on the way instead of waiting, minimize downtime." Raquel wasn't a threat to any of his contingency plans and wasn't one to blab... But maybe this one was... "Sure," he replied. "You can come." A good test.
  3. A Man Called Gar "That's... why I'm waiting for Raquel to get the general area...?" Gar was rather confused at the line. "The woman's gonna be at the center of a storm, just the outskirts and I could pinpoint her room in a blink." Gar looked over at the other speaker. "If Palace security lets her in that quick I'd have no trouble getting in."
  4. A Man Called Gar "I don't see anyone else volunteering," he chuckled. "But all I'm going to do is talk. Well, unless she starts something, but that's what contingencies are for."
  5. A Man Called Gar "I thought it rather obvious," Gar shrugged, "but I'm gonna go pay miss empress-face a visit."
  6. Xenia With the possible threat this imposter posed 'twasn't likely the prince's bodyguard was gonna go gallivanting around some forest on hearsay. Still the best shot at this point though. A Man Called Gar "If we're done, I'll be heading out once I get that location," said Gar.
  7. A Man Called Gar "I don't need specifics on the personages," said Gar. "That's your own prerogative. Just the numbers would due."
  8. Gar and Xenia Xenia frowned. "Well, it was worth a shot..." Gar asked, "So, does that mean you can check how many emblem wielders there are in total?"
  9. Xenia "Don't suppose there's any chance of finding Boscovitch too?" Xenia asked.
  10. A Man Called Gar He had the gist of it. "That's assuming she'd keep the face after the deed is done." He scoffed. "Even if she got caught, they'd just plan around it." And the worst enemy of all plans was sheer unpredictability. "Raquel, if you can still track her, where is she?"
  11. Xenia Everything sort of fell into place for Xenia, all at once. The puzzle was solved. She announced, "They're gonna use the fake Yelena to assassinate the prince and give Fox his shot at the throne." Gar snorted.
  12. One Word: Gar Gar decided to waive his newest brilliant plan until after the latest attempt to convince people of the truth failed so he could overwhelm everyone with his brilliance once more. Confident in the complete lack of forthcoming support from the highest echelons, he'd decided to stick near Raquel (and her father) while she trained. It was far from the most exciting period in his life. Raquel didn't need distractions (not that he was much of one when he kept silent), and her pops was by her side, so Gar set himself up in an effective location in the bar to keep tabs on things. Said tab keeping would soon spot Raquel's father making a good attempt at a tab himself, before getting flagged down by some woman. A normal person might take it for a bit of harmless talk or flirting. A paranoid person would it was some sort of scheme. Gar, knowing full and utterly well something like common reasoning had waved goodbye to the world a lifetime ago (it'd only been weeks, right?), knew this was something. Since he fully trusted each of the goon squads trying to kill Raquel, this might be a distraction. Even if his contract was broken, she was still a lighthouse of trouble guiding in shipholds of calamity and the same people Gar wanted flayed. Gar left proper coinage on the table, signaled a barmaid and silently drifted towards Raquel's direction upstairs. He didn't expect anyone to be keeping eyes on him, but if they somehow escaped his notice he wasn't gonna lead them directly over to her. Xenia Didn't matter where it was. Didn't matter who it was. Men in power always had that same deep scowl of 'screw everyone else'. Xenia knew plenty of people who'd say the council would be getting their proper reward for letting the fallen threat dive them down. But Xenia was more concerned with all the completely unrelated folks who'd go down with'em. She sighed. She'd no idea where to get one of those guardian guys and the looks given around meant it was a shared feelin'.
  13. A Return After so many little walks away from everything he was an expert at walking right back where he needed to be. Back in their delightful new home base it wasn't hard to know that everyone would be congregating in the dining hall, as usual. "What's new?" he put out. Xenia Great. Raj was back. Xenia rolled her eyes at her girlish hope he wouldn't be around to muck things up.
  14. Hrm. Well, for what it's worth, I've finally managed to get my schedule cleared up enough for my activity to resume soon.
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