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  1. I'm taking all sorts of suggestions, nothing is beyond reason for this build. I've been thinking I should either try to actually make him viable or at the very least, make people angry when they see all the expensive skills I've given him. Right now he's just a magic sponge with speed debuffs, but I'm considering giving him a Pain staff and Savage Blow... just cause I can lol.
  2. Don't get me wrong: I like Zelda and Mario, but right now the only switch game I have any interest in playing is Warriors... Sounds dumb right? It totally is, but deep down I know that I'm Awakening/Fates trash and that I want to play a game with those characters in it (Yes, I know I could just play FEH). Am I over thinking this?
  3. Yo, hello it me. I see your a fellow Conquest lover.

  4. Oh boy, here I go... 1. When people say they hate a movie, book, game, etc... but they haven't actually played/watched/read the material. 2. When I'm doing something important or saying something cool, but then I get a runny nose 3. (This one is hyper specific but it's just been on my mind) When people think all anime or anime related products have to be made in japan to "officially" be anime. Anime is definitely Japaneses in the same way that baseball is American, but you don't have to be Japaneses to make it. Just like how you don't have to be American to play baseball. In a way, I feel like it would literally be racist to say that a show like BASToF Syndrome or Jang Geum's Dream (both Korean) aren't anime shows because they weren't made in Japan. ... felt good to get that off my chest.
  5. There are two reasons I can think of. 1. There are more villain characters in Nohr (Garon and his goons are the most obviouse example). Since darker colors are usually associated with evil and a good share of the villains you face in all routes are Nohrian, darker colors are used in their design and as a byproduct, Nohrian aesthetic. 2. Gothic color schemes and story archetypes are far more common in western art. As a result it would have made more sense to the creators to pair up the darker, more brooding colors with the faction that was meant to mimic western culture.
  6. I really can't pick just one, so I'm just gonna point out 3 characters I hate equally. 1. Rhajat : She's a poor copy of Tharja, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the writers made her bisexual solely for the sexual appeal. I get that FE has a history with using fan service, but I still feel like that's scummy move given that LGBTQ+ characters get ruined by that kind of crap all the time. To be perfectly honest the "appeal" her character is supposed to have mostly just puts a bad taste in my mouth. 2. Lachesis : I know that Ephraim and Eirika get crap for being a little too close (which is probably over hyped anyway), but I feel like they pale in comparison to the incest baggage Lachesis is packing. Long story short, it makes me super uncomfortable, and in my opinion it almost bleeds out into having a negative effect on Edilgan's character (ALMOST). 3. Sumia: It's usually don't get angry through a feminist lens, but SWEET OL' SUMIA gets me out of my shell. I loathe how Awakening sets out on a blood mission to pair her with Chrom, then proceeds to make her an insecure, overly emotional, spoiled girl that bakes pies. Normally I wouldn't hate a character on those traits alone, the thing that really upsets me is the fact that she needs to be dependent upon others to function ( Not in a teamwork and freindship sort of way, in a "I need someone to think for me because I'm weak" kind of way).
  7. This is a really hard choice to make, but I'm going to have to pick Conquest. Even if Birthright is a great game, its still pretty boring in comparison to Conquest. The story is generic and the maps are really easy, and it doesn't have the same replay ability that Conquest has.
  8. Saizo has the best stats, but as a character he's kinda annoying. ( I still voted for him though ) If I was voting based on character I probably would have picked Asugi, mostly because his supports can be pretty funny
  9. I voted Xander, mostly just because I think he's a more interesting character ( even if he is kind of a hypocrite ). Ryoma has a better design and has OP stats, but his character arch is BORING
  10. Hey, this group sounds like it could be fun, but I'm a little worried since it seems like you haven't posted anything since January. If your still active let me know! Here's a link to my tumblr btw http://schwarzschild--fruit.tumblr.com/
  11. I never really trusted Azura, even after beating all 3 parts of Fates. I would have loved it if the game took a really dark turn and she turned out to be some sort of evil demon who was just manipulating you the whole time. I know that a plot twist like that would never really happen, but I think it would have made her bland character archetype WAY more interesting. Also, is it just me, or does the dialogue in Fates tend to get REALLY preachy? Honestly most of the time I end up tuning out whatever message they're trying to send because the character's lines get really repetitive after awhile. I know this contradicts what I said about Azura, but I think the story could benefit from not having a demon/dragon be responsible for all the bad things that are happening in the game. Wouldn't it be great if the game just addressed the sometimes there are just bad people in the world instead of blaming it on them being possessed by something? Last Thing: I always hated how my avatar was really trusting and kind all the time, I wish I could make more complex decisions about how I wanted to go about the plot in my game. I wish I had the option to try and be evil basically. I honestly think it would give the game more layers, and allow for more complex storylines. ( If you've ever played a Fallout game, that's the kind of complexity I'm talking about.) IN A NUTSHELL: * I wish the game could be more realistic about it's morals *I wish I could make more complex decisions, that includes the ability to act evilly rather than being a hero *I wish the game would take more time for character development in general. ( less preachy, more real conversations)
  12. I started Fire Emblem on pretty simple terms. I played the demo for Fire Emblem Awakening and ended up buying the full game. Then, once I started doing my research I realized that there were FE games that were even better than Awakening and after that it didn't take much for me to get hooked on the entire series.
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