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  1. You don't need to orko them and you don't need corrin to get too many kills. I don't remember which between Kaze and rinka tank the first two faceless but I remember I didn't attack them(or maybe I did) but just put my pair up unit between them and then the next turn manage to kill both of them. You don't wanna never attack an seal def unit and you don't want never to get attack by two enemies after you get sealed def. Also you want fight the boss on the mountain so you can easily weak him with kaze.
  2. There is only two actually hard chapters on Prologue: The snow one and the dragon one. The snow you just need to go to the north parth. Try to go through the shortpath take longer because the boss limit your moviment. Take advantage of ninja moviment bonus and pair up and unpair to move as much you can out of fight. You can resclue hinoka and sakura without so much difficulty. The dragon one is the very hard. The bottom part is harsh to go through. You can only take the west path. The hard part is kill the pair up mercenary before they attack and survive against the two dark mage. Ps Believe or not, I always manage to kill ryouma on chapter 6. I never hurt Sakuya on this chapter, I'm a good guy!(still kill her the next one she appear) Conquest lunatic is not so hard. The only chapter that nearly make me ragequit is wind tribe one. So annoying.
  3. I know. On my current lunatic conquest run I restart 1% because of crit and 5% because of miss and 94% because enemies overwhelm me.
  4. Are you the one who complain about conquest hit chance?
  5. I used the kitsune chapter to grinder lance to C and axe to D and there quite amount of red and blue unit after. There is the ryouma chapter with the annoying ninjas and there is a pillar that slow you down to kill them if I remember correctly. I still on fuga chapter so I still testing it. Xander+Elise+Rally def can get to def you need. Do you mean the outside part? I remember you have one turn to kill all the melee before the sniper reach you if you plan correctly but I don't know what units you use and by how you talk bad about most of unit doesn't help. I just say he can oneshot them, I'm not gonna hoping to kill them wich WL!Xander. This go against the point to reclass him to get more consistent hit. I have 100% hit chance against falcon knight and on the wind tribe chapter, sometimes you bow user cannot kill/reach all of them.
  6. As much I concern, I just need one unit who have enough def to take a crit to bait them and have the rest of my team wreck them. I don't remember so much that chapter but snipers out of wall was just annoying because of counter while the ones within aren't much stronger but the position to go in was very bad. Unit that can tank and also deal a meaningful amount of damage against enemies as counter. Pre fates people care very much to this when evaluating a unit.(also I forgot to add Corrin, ops) With the right setup anyone can do this but how frequently you can do this? I setup my silas to ORKO any falcon knight on wind tribe chapter. Did this make him good ep unit? Nope, he is not gonna do any meanful amount of damage against any other units except the one who he can do effective damage. As oneshot beastkiller can do the job. This aside, how can you assume that the Kinshin knight are faster than WL!Xander to double while omnyouji not to Pal!Xander? Didn't kinshin knight are much slower than omnyouji or I remember wrong? You don't need him to kill flyer anti flyer, you need him to activate the dragon veins when you need it and kill any flyer that are out of range of your other unit and repositioning better through the trees. I didn't have difficulty at all on this chapter on hard on my first playthough. I had Camilla and Elise as fryer royal. The boss Hinata annoying me much more.
  7. Let me be frank as well - Do you really don't have any other units to counter Berseker? Let me be more frank - Do you really need to worry about a enemy that appear only one end game chapter ? The only other enemy that you cannot face safely is bow user but are you serious use him as bow counter? Do you fear bows so much? Let start with the easier one: - I agree with hero!xander is the most tanking one but aside that, what else he have? Do you really need so tank unit? - On fates there only 3 units that are actualy good on enemy phase: Ryouma, Xander and Camilla(four if you consider early game Effie). Any other scenario, you care more about the units survive the enemies' attacks unless they hard counter the enemies. Being good on enemies phase have much less value on fates. -Try to bait a mage with Xander only because he have a 2 range weapon seem the most stupid idea ever. If you really want tank them, at least you should have Guardnaginata or hexlock spear which both are C rank lance and give up the counterattack that can still miss. - The two chapter where WL!xander 's fly ability are very good are within the most hateful chapters. - WL!xander have much more reliable OHKO(more hit chance and 4 more strenght) and there many more enemies that Pal!Xander have issue to hit: all the blue weapon unit. Most the common enemies wich he have weapon advantage to hit are either out of range(Kinshin knight), can hit him with magic damage(Oni chieftan) or can have weapon advantage(Mechanists). There remain one are Sniper and Automaton but one only present on Takumi chapter and other not very treatful. - You ignoring the advantage of flying unit to move easily through terrain and obstacle. As much I care, have good stats, lose the horse weakness and have a better hitting is already worth my heart seal on conquest.
  8. Here my issues with Pal!Xander: hitting and being a horse unit. As much siegfried is good, it's a pain in the ass hitting something either weapon disadvantage, out of range or mage unit. Being a horse unit make him also weak to beast killer and beastbone make the follow chapters after his join to army very hard to train his lance to use a good lance to get atleast good weapon advantage. Otherwise you are going to bench his lances as sieg is much better than try to train his lance. As WL he have the kitsune chapter where he can free farm weapon rank. He have the stats of general and not being a horse he is not weak anymore to beastbone. Also having a extra royal flying unit is also very valueble to wind tribe chapter, the follow one and hinoka one where they can shine better and as WL!xander he can also tank the bersekers and generals hell chapter.
  9. I current busy so I cannot check all the data but I kind of want to know when you can train his lance rank.
  10. I don't use her so much to remember every istance but she should do more magical damage than physical damage against general, oni chieftain, wyvern lord and master of arms(also blacksmith but I don't remember you meet any of them). Early game physical vs magic doesn't make so much difference. I believe the only chapter matter more is the Scarlet's one. Mid game have many good resistance physical units but there still is zora's chapter and you can buy the bolt axe which might is much higher than the physical weapon you usually use so her no so good mag matter less. Also it make seal strenght less annoying. Late game you have much more low res enemies and there are also many good def enemies so her magic side have much more value. She isn't good as before but you can use her more than a rally def bot. This aside WL!Cam physical damage is not so much better than the MK!Cam and you pick it over because you want rally def. I prefer much more Xander as Wyvern lord if I really need a Wyvern Lord without too much investiment *coffcoff* or a better Xander*coffcoff*.
  11. There are enemies you can kill with Camilla's magic damage than her physical damage and tomes are better than a handaxe if you want weak a not-high-res-unit to feed someone else.
  12. I cannot call this spread experience. You don't need give them so much exp. Also(about your previous post that I fail to tag) I prefer reclass Elise or Felicia than Odin if I really need to reclass someone and I usually don't need. You know that reclass Camilla to Wyvern actually reduce her damage output right?
  13. You are supposed to manage to get a dreadfighter when the enemies' magic damage goes wild. Before is just use your best base res units or/and ohko the arcanists.
  14. Arcanists also hit very hard. Even your highest res unit can be bishotted by them. Only halved their damage you can survive more hits.
  15. Dreadfighter Sage/Priestess Bow knight Falcon Knight General/Paladin
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