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  1. Shadow Dragon: Marth & Minerva Gaiden/SOV: Celica & Boey New Mystery: Navarre & Catria Genealogy Gen 1: Sigurd & Ethlyn Genealogy Gen 2: Seliph & Altena Thracia 776: Finn & Mareeta Binding Blade: Klein & Milady Blazing Sword: Pent & Louise Sacred Stones: Lyon & Eirika Path of Radiance: Soren & Titania Radiant Dawn: Naesala & Elincia Awakening Gen 1: Chrom & Cordelia Awakening Gen 2: Lucina & Owain Fates Gen 1: Takmui & Azura Fates Gen 2: Kiragi & Shigure (don't really like any of the female kids) Three Houses: Dimitri & Marianne
  2. I like to use eBay and TCGRepublic primarily. TCGRepublic has free shipping wherever you are and a good stock of Cipher cards. eBay is a good place to find US sellers, this is one seller in particular I like bc they sell Normal and High Normal cards in bulk and I got around 100 cards I was interested for like $12 + shipping from them.
  3. Chrom Awakening was my first FE after my friend who liked the series convinced me to play it. All it took was the whole "There are better places to take a nap than the ground, you know" scene and his goofy smile in the cutscene with Validar. As I kept going with the game I just liked him more and more for his character (I'm a sucker for the lord characters in this series) and since he was easily my best character bc I overleveled him a lot (didn't really know what I was doing then).
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