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  1. Male Kana can get Aptitude legitimately by just marrying a second gen that has Aptitude and passing it on to him.
  2. Tfw you take the time to design original skill icons and your concept gets noticed by one person.
  3. I would say Scarlet but since you're playing Revelation... You could still give it to her and make her an Einherjar [spoiler=REVELATION]before she dies in Chapter 18. In Extremis, her personal skill, combined with Awakening, Vengeance, and Vantage can make her amazing at half HP. You could also give her Ganglari to get her to half quicker, but you'd probably need skills like Lifetaker and Sol to do that. Edit: In Extremis actually activates at 1/4 HP, but it could still be useful.
  4. Oh yeah, I also have a +3 Iron Katana named Pickle Power for Hisame.
  5. My Avatar is male and I wanted him to use it.
  6. I named a +2 Great Club "Critmaster." Very original, right?
  7. I don't know what anybody expected. PAL versions usually get the censorship hammer harder than American versions of games.
  8. So I'm attempting to run a Castle that can be seized easily for skills. I'm a bit new to the concept though. Any tips on what to do to both attract people and make it really easy for people that visit? A few notes though: - It's a Birthright castle, so I cannot provide skills for Nohrian characters or Fuga. - My avatar is pretty powerful, so even if you're on Conquest or Revelation you can still recruit him. Give him a Great Club and he'll proc a skill or get a crit on almost all units. - There will not be any illegitimate skills whatsoever. This means no Aptitude or anything on 1st gen units. The castle address is 18155-86561-61595-16084
  9. There are other people besides Scarlet that you can marry to get all children. There are also the children characters, Reina, Anna, Izana, Shura, Yukimura etc.
  10. No interaction is possible between different versions of the game for different regions. Sorry.
  11. Fire Emblem Wiki: "However, aside from the stat drops associated with swords, it lowers the user's critical evade by 5 and reduces the user's health by 20% after all battles involving the user."
  12. If you didn't know, after you get 400 battle points, you can unlock Ganglari to use even after Chapter 5. However, every time you participate in combat with another unit, your HP gets reduced by 20%. Is it worth buying skills like Lifetaker and Renewal for my avatar just to use the sword or is it better to just not use it at all?
  13. Castle address is in my signature. Tell me when you're done so I can switch the address to my other castle. The Avatar's name is Jane. +Str, -Spd. Merchant. She has Hoshidan Unity, Rend Heaven, Dragon Fang, Draconic Hex, and Sol equipped. She can Partner Seal into Master Ninja and Mechanist if you want Poison Strike, Lethality, Replicate, etc.
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