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  1. Has a name that contains 3 elements from the periodic table.
  2. How do you get the armor symbol next to a hero’s stars and what does it do?
  3. Give a pleasant greeting and ask what she's here for.
  4. Banned for nonsensical banning.
  5. It provided an enjoyable battle that was more of a puzzle with hazards.
  6. Lucina in Sky Children of the Light would be intriguing. I'm guessing she would help countless Sky kids, explore the various lands, and fight Dark Dragons before eventually traveling to the castle in the sky to get back home.
  7. Boost Guardian wasn't that bad. I recall losing to much health the first time around before finding out how to hurt it and not having enough time to win due to the health draining environment. Came back and swiftly won round 2. I look forward to playing Metroid Prime 4 whenever it's ready. That mysterious ship stalking Samus at the end of the third game will most likely be part of the plot and I'm sure Metroid Prime will find some way to crawl out of oblivion into the 4th installment. A Dark SA-X parasite would be an interesting way to bring her back without actually reviving her. Breath of the Wild 2 looks good so far. Plan on playing the first one this year so I should be ready for the second by the time it comes out.
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