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  1. I have Ignatius with Nohrian Trust. address in my sig
  2. I'm looking for Caeldori with Swordfaire if anyone has her
  3. New poster but long time lurker here. Just thought I'd post my castle in case I have any skills that people need. Throne is empty and all units are on hold. Castle Code: 05347-10510-35846-27439. Avatar: Jo Mostly focusing on skills for Revelations children (all of them except Kana!M) Currently active are the Hoshido Kids: Midori - Aptitude, Quixotic, Hoshidan Unity, Lethality, Rend Heaven (Reserve skills: Astra, Vantage, Replicate, Salvage Blow) Caeldori - Quixotic, Aptitude, Lancefaire, Hoshidan Unity (Reserve skills: Dragon Fang, Rend Heaven, Pavise, Aegis, Counter, Trample, Renewal) Kiragi - Rend Heaven, Aptitude, Death blow, Counter, Quixotic (Reserve skills: Life and death) Shiro - Death blow, Aptitude, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Hoshidan Unity (Reserve skills: Quick draw, Life and death, Swordfaire) Asugi - Shurikenfaire, Aptitude, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Hoshidan Unity (Reserve skills: Astra, Vantage, Replicate) Mitama - Pavise, Aptitude, Rend Heaven, Amaterasu, Life and death (Reserve skills: Dragon Fang, Renewal) Shigure - Amaterasu, Aptitude, Rend Heaven, Life and death, Replicate (Reserve skills: Draconic Hex, Rally Strength, Rally Speed, Rally Defense, Aegis, Quixotic, Lifetaker) Hisame - Rend Heaven, Pavise, Swordfaire, Quixotic, Aptitude (Reserve skills: Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity, Life and death, Death blow, Renewal) Rhajat - Aptitude, Tomefaire, Replicate, Death blow, Certain blow (Reserve skills: Luna, Rend Heaven, Shurikenbreaker, Quixotic, Lifetaker) Selkie - Aptitude, Luna Just ask if you need any of the reserve skills and I'll switch it out for you. PM me if you need any skills from any of my benched kids (list is in my sig) Currently looking for Caeldori with Swordfaire if anyone has it
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