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  1. My favorite theme team is the Whitewings: Est, Palla, Catria, & Minerva! I have the spring variants too, so that can add some variety. Although, it has been awhile since I've had the opportunity to field them all together, since HM caps are a thing. But it's still fun to get them together if I can! Now, if only I could +10 Minerva. Perhaps one day IS will let me realize my dreams and release her from the limitations of being an older 5* exclusive.
  2. Nice clears! I see that Saizo is putting in good work for you! Yeah, I agree. I think it's most likely that he'll come as a 5*, since, after all, he's not actually "free," given we have to pay $60 or so to buy the game.
  3. My latest +10 is Priscilla! It was hard to choose between her & Maria. But, in the end, I thought Priscilla would cover a different niche than Maria, since I have a Genny already. If I pull another Genny, then I can build Maria as well! That said, I'm looking forward to using Priscilla more!
  4. The Infernal version threw me off for a little bit, since I tried to have Tiki tank things, and was confused when she was unable to. But then I remembered the new dragonkiller buff Naga could give, and so that all made sense. After tailoring my strategy to position Tiki such that she didn't eat so many dragonkiller attacks, things worked out quite well. Nice clear, as always! I especially enjoyed the dancer Galeforce. Just thought I'd juxtapose these two comments of yours, because, apparently, RD Ike both was, in your estimation, hard locked out of this quest, and also critical to its completion. Why should everyone be able to beat the infernal difficulty? It is supposed to be difficult. If just anyone could do it, then it wouldn't be difficult. To be fair, Eirika also has a very good refine on her weapon that can really help compensate for her low atk. Although I do agree, I often usually just use a few of my favorite characters in completing content like this. Tiki helps me clear most difficult content. While I don't want to detract from your Eirika videos, I think perhaps the best showcase for favorites being used to clear everything was Zeo's videos with Matthew. Matthew doesn't have a unique weapon, special refine, and is pretty poorly rated on tier lists. But, despite that, he could regularly be used to clear the most difficult content. That said, your clear video was awesome! I think I might +10 Eirika someday... Well said! Your savageness is appreciated. Indeed! If you can find a youtuber who posts a F2P strategy that you can follow, that just proves there existed a solution you could've found all along.
  5. Well, I guess they wouldn't have named this place "Serenes Forest" if it wasn't supposed to burn to the ground! Good luck on getting evil bab Tiki! She's amazing!
  6. If you notice, people are also complaining about there being new units as well. Maybe IS should just release a banner with no heroes on it whatsoever? That surely would appease both sets of people! I jest, of course, but the video itself has an overwhelming ratio of likes to dislikes, so the people complaining are just a minority. As you say, it probably won't stop units from being able to be danced, so it will need to be applied to the dancer instead, if you don't want the dancer to dance. It can further throw a wrench into dance-centric AR teams by forcing typical rally-dance setups to attack instead of rallying and getting danced. The skill would probably be too powerful if it could completely block the assists through the entirety of the enemy phase.
  7. The new characters all have great art, and it's nice to see Pent & Louise finally in the game, albeit in seasonal form! I'll likely be saving most of my orbs, with maybe a few pulls for Tanith. Good luck to everyone who's pulling! No, let's not merge the threads. You're the only one that wants that, as it makes the posts confusing to anyone who reads through the thread from the beginning. Instead, the thread you started can just be locked, which solves the problem of there being multiple threads for everyone else.
  8. Oh, he looks fantastic! Congratulations! Good to see you were able to finish him!
  9. Very nice, as always! It's great to see the Alfonse you just got in action. I'm also partial to Elincia, so it's fun to see her fly around as well!
  10. My newest additions to my 5*+10 roster are: Magic is everything! He's been a key unit for me ever since I got him, so he definitely deserved the 5*+10 treatment. --- Dragons are everything! I've been meaning to build Corrin up for a long time, so I finally decided to go all in for her. The manaketes are just so good. I had enough feathers to send her straight from +0 to +10, so, while I haven't used her much yet, she'll see plenty of action in the future! While I'm at it, I'd like to update the pics for my preexisting 5*+10 units, since now they've had their banes removed and such. I'll put them in the spoiler: And, with that, I'm up to 8 of them!
  11. @Zeo Congrats on finally finishing Matthew! He looks great! It really can be quite a pain waiting for those last few copies of a unit to show up. I remember raising Fir from +0 to +10 while waiting for the last two copies of Cherche. Nino & Lukas are awesome as well. I have plans to eventually +10 my Lukas as well. I really like the Steady Breath build on yours.
  12. As far as I can tell, no one has suggested Tiki as a potential Mythic Hero, so I shall be the first! This would be particularly apropos in reference to the Future Past DLC. Besides, she needs this to maintain the symmetry of alts she has with her younger self! There's a regular adult and young Tiki, there's summer versions of each... and, since there's a Legendary version of the younger one, having an adult Mythic would return balance and order to the world!
  13. I'm going with Team Cherche! She's been an integral part of my roster for a long time, and remains a steadfast cornerstone of my Arena team, along with A!Tiki & Est. If anyone wants to add me & avail themselves of my 5*+10 Palla, my ID is 8608857766! Let me know if you do, along with your in-game name!
  14. Oh, good choices. I, too, would like to see Nagi make an eventual appearance, and I think Rutger is overdue to show up. I'm facing the same problem, my friend! The bad gateway is preventing us from casting our Minerva votes!
  15. The further details lists the characters & titles that will have merged tallies. Basically, most characters from Shadow Dragon/New Mystery, along with the Tellius games. The exceptions for this rule are if the characters are the same but go by different names (so, basically, Severa from Awakening & Selena from Fates will be under a different tally), there's a certain period of time where the character has changed (I think it's pretty much young v. adult Tiki), and if the character has changed substantially between games (so someone like Hardin). So, who's everyone voting for?
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