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  1. With Disney+ officially out... I am freaking out! As a Gen Z, all these sitcoms and original movies from the late 90s and early 2000s that I remember watching (as well as the stuff that started when I was a kid like Good Luck Charlie and Lab Rats) is hitting all my Nostalgia Nerves. Plus, I get to enjoy classics all the Millenials and Gen Xers rag on about like the 90s X-Men show and Gargoyles and Sister Act! Personally, I can't wait to rewatch Let It Shine and Girl Vs. Monster again for the fist time in a while. Anything you'd like to share regarding Disney+, shows you're excited to watch (new or old) on it, or just general disney TV show/movie memories?
  2. Edelgard: I can't believe they think they're cuter than us. Hubert: We'll show them. Dorothea: We're totally cuter. Ferdinand: Oh yeah. They confront... Ferdinand hugs Hubert and Edelgard hugs Dorothea Ferdinand: You think you're cuter than us? Edelgard: Yep. Hubert: No way!
  3. You are not a super pac guy is a good day going on a Google play w you can use it because none is the same as the one good morning you have a bit more of the future of a Mario galaxy Tab in a turn-based rpg.
  4. Did you like the ideas it presented? Would you have been interested if it had been real? What critiques or problems did you have with it?
  5. What do you get for unlocking the Budding Talent?
  6. Ignore it and move on. WWYDI you stepped on a wet patch of carpet, which you think might either be dog pee, cat pee, or toddler pee?
  7. The new doctor will help me to write a new book series that will help me understand that I have to be able and I think I can do complicated work.
  8. Byleth: Sylvain! What's (80 - 60)/20? Sylvain: Uhhhhhhhh... *Looks to Blue Lions for hint* Felix: *Holds up note saying "How many girlfriends have you had?"* Sylvain: Zero! Byleth: Correct! Sylvain: Thanks Fe-HEY!
  9. I'm very excited about My Hero Academia's fourth season!
  10. Little complaints and tiny nitpicks, stuff like that.
  11. You can sing the earwormiest song to ever earworm. It's so earwormy that it makes people cringe, unable to do anything but sing along. Demonfist
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