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  1. YES that was his name thank you so much.
  2. Most games get delays. We get our release date pushed up. And also characters can fuse into mecha monsters, and everyone in the party fights at once, for 6 (sometimes 7 with a guest) party members on the field at the same time.
  3. A while back I remember I was looking at this Youtuber who covered/hosted FE romhack 'game jams' so to speak, and one of his LPs that I can recall was an original, lightly crack-y but moderately sincere take on Heirs of Fate that cast him and some other FE Youtuber/ROMhack people (or FE-ized versions therof) as the parents of the playable cast. I can recall that one of the 'parents' was that guy with the ice-blue horned armor avatar that I've seen once around here, and his kid was trying to wear the same outfit but was a bit small for it. I've searched Youtube a few times but I can't recall who he was or the name of the hack. I recall another hack that he did that was an in-FE take on a Warriors game that just starred the FE7 cast, as well. I don't want to play that game or the other one, I just want to find the Youtuber and his LP. The only other thing I could recall was that his Youtube banner had a thing about waffles on it, but that might be long gone.
  4. Thing I'd like/want in a sequel to the game (spoilers):
  5. The obvious solution: next game has more than 3 'Convictions', they up it to Square Strategy. Or Rectangle Strategy. I kid, I kid. Gotta say, to the guy who was worried about Ezana's weather manipulation stuff? Don't be. Archibald, in my money the best archer in the game, gets a weapon upgrade that makes him deal more damage with the Raging Winds weather effect active.
  6. Sorry for not talking despite it being my thread! I'm really loving this game, having fun playing around with the characters, and I really hope they do more with the basic ideas via sequels.
  7. The official website listed out some information about the characters, and a couple had their combat roles listed. Eunie is described as a Healer and Lanz is described as a Tank (he even does the Blade Shield effect thing in the trailer). Sena is described as being Physically Very Strong, but says nothing about her tanking. Talon is a strategist who fights at a range, which could mean a variety of things. Neither Mio or Noah have their combat roles listed, but you can make a good educated guess about Noah. Mio might end up being more of a Seven (duel wield DPS) than a Nia though.
  8. Salt church gives you an ice mage who actually interacts with the whole 'elements affect the battlefield' stuff: He freeze tiles he attacks, and people on or going through them get debuffed (friend or foe). Frederica's fire spells can then melt the ice, which makes water that is then effected by electrical magic. Mountain meritocracy gives you a non-flying archer.
  9. There's a new demo that now covers the earlier parts of the game! Check it out!
  10. we also have't seen the wind magic and what that can do
  11. "...from a bit of help." Tristan rolled his eyes a little as Illyana pulled out some coins to put in... Melthric? But his accent and drunken slur could also make it Meltric or Melsric or... "Th-thank ye *hic* kindleh, lady." Illyana pulled out a cloak and covered her head as they maneuvered to a bar. Once inside, Mel... something quickly maneuvered to the bar to pay a tab, while the knight-to-be and princess hid in a corner table. "So, what is the Sacred Beast Weapon here?" Tristan asked. "The Sacred Bull Axe. The most brutal and powerful of the weapons."
  12. I feel like what we've seen about magic users is limited by the fact that we haven't really seen the environmental effects much. We'll know more when we can play around with maps with, say, water to evaporate with fire/freeze with water/shock with lightning, and terrain like that and so forth.
  13. The game is coming out 04/03/2022! They're listening to some of our demo criticisms and adding extra options and stuff. Also, side note, I noticed Hughette (Not!Chocobo rider) has a different title/class than the demo. There, it was 'Scout' but here it's "Flier Master", so there is probably some sort of promotion/class system going on.
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