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  1. Kronya is the orange-haired female Nightcrawler. So, she appears to be a sword user, or maybe a dagger user.
  2. Why are all these VAs making such funny quips and tweets for their confirms?
  3. I always like Griffin slightly more for his role as Akira in Devilman Crybaby, but he still was pretty good as Julius!
  4. Chill out, bro. It's just a room full of hot steam. It makes sense. Plenty of gyms have saunas that people go into after a workout. You're the one who's freaking out over this. Calm down.
  5. You go in a sauna after a workout to relax. It makes sense.
  6. Guys, Saunas aren't hot springs. It's not people laying down in pools of warm water, it's people in towels in rooms full of steam. Fates had hot springs. This is not a hot spring.
  7. The Golden Deer video should be coming this Wednesday... we know we're getting Claude, but who do you think the other 3 characters will be?
  8. Will Three Houses be a bold, experimental take that fundamentally changes how the series works going forward, like Genealogy of the Holy War? A cool, nifty side experiment that will have parts cherry-picked from for future games, and maybe individual games expanding on its ideas, but not being how every game will be like going forward, like Gaiden? Or something different?
  9. Yeah, this is so sad. I was just at the right age when Jessie came around, I loved that show. It's always sad when a young, up and coming star dies. He didn't even make it to the 27 club, just like Mac Miller. He will be missed. And I've heard that the Disney sitcoms have really stepped up their game with Andi Mack.
  10. I think Bernadetta just did/was caught doing something embarrassing by Caspar and this is her way of saying "Kill me now", half-jokingly.
  11. But... I really like all the characters! I want all of them to live! I like happy endings, dammit!
  12. I think Hubert might actually be Robbie Daymond.
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