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  1. Lucille, Flower Blooming In The Dark (Female)
  2. Virgil's growths are balanced, with a slight edge towards Magic, Skill, and Resistance. He'll be a reliable mage fighter and solid healer as he grows, even if his final Strength will be a tad mediocre. Virgil is the servant of the Lord's father, and has been a constant presence in the Lord's life since he was younger. Virgil is calm, rational, logical, and has a surprisingly snarky sense of humor. When dealing with less intelligent people, he can often insult them without them noticing it. But overall, Virgil is a reliable ally who helps the logistics and bureaucratic side of the army function much more smoothly.
  3. So, in the fourth map of Hyrule Warriors, you have a sub objective where you need to escort an engineer dude so he can help reset a bridge that gets you into the pyramid thingy you need to reach. I think "escort X to location Y" would be a neat idea.
  4. Claude: Tricky is my middle name! Raphael: I thought your middle name was "Von".
  5. I just started watching Kamen Rider Black, and it's been fun!
  6. Oh, for Chinese Zodiac Year of the Snake for me.
  7. I am of the 'casual viewer' variety: I definitely do not believe that the stars decide our personalities and destinies, but I do like reading on them, partially because I like zodiac memes, and partially because I think it's an interesting breeding ground for magic systems or the like in my writing. I am a Scorpio, by the way. How do you see the zodiac?
  8. The reason ghosts say "Boo" is because it's a Latin verb, meaning "To yell". So anytime a ghost says "Boo!" they're literally saying "I'm yelling!".
  9. I just took a DNA test, turns out, I'm 100% That Bitch.
  10. Boomers have also done more to screw up the economy, the atmosphere, and the politics of the world than Millenials. I'm not a Millennial, I'm a Gen Z. So, don't call me out for being a Millennial.
  11. The way I see it, Fire Emblem has a popularity level roughly on par with the Tales of series: We have a solid, medium-sized, dedicated following and our games appear on a solid number of "Best of" lists for our genre.
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