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  1. I found a new one! It has 3H characters/posts! https://textsfromfodlan.tumblr.com/
  2. The first Target they attacked/looted/arson'd was chosen because it was basically R&D for how to screw over black people to improve profit margins, plus Target headquarters are in Minneapolis
  3. Okay, in response to the Minneapolis riot, there are now riots in such varied places as Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland, Washington DC...
  4. So... Minneapolis is burning because another Treyvon Martin incident happened. ...yeah.
  5. Color me... cautiously optimistic. I actually wasn't as hard against Sticker Star as I know others can be, and I actually thought that Color Splash was only slightly below 64 in terms of quality, but, again, I would really prefer the classic Paper Mario style over more Sticker Star-likes. Though the gameplay we do see gives me hope, considering that we don't see anything like the stickers/cards that you need to collect to actually attack anything.
  6. I would bet money on them adding some sort of romantic Sigurd/Deirdre scene involving a full moon or body of water that has a sweeping power ballad-y song playing. You know, like something from Lunar: The Silver Star, or a Ghibli movie. Or, heck, 90s Disney movies.
  7. Skills: Lancefaire Armored Blow Swordbreaker ---------------------- Shinobi
  8. Swords and Lances. Their garb is sort of a stripped-down Hero, with metal arm armor, but mostly cloth.
  9. Person A will post the class's name. Person B, the weapons it uses and the description of its outfit. Person C, the stats it specializes in and what classes it promotes from or into. Person D finishes it with the class's skills. Then, a new person starts over from square one with the class name. -------------- Raider
  10. I'm trying to piss people off. Kool-Aid.
  11. A sweet but slightly sarcastic villager who gives you a neat weapon. Kendrick Lamar
  12. A few months? A year? Two? And what would you want to see from the next FE game?
  13. Lark's a mercenary (not the class) assassin (also not the class), contracted by the enemy nation initially, but able to be swayed by the power of mad dosh. He's a bit of an insomniac, but he's very vigilant. He's rather guarded, tending to keep to himself and doesn't like to open up. He has a secret soft side, as he rather likes to sew and knit. Lark's stats place him in the glass cannon area. His Strength, Speed, and Skill are very good, his Luck is above average, but his HP, Defense and Res are pretty bad.
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