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  1. ...if you claimed Panic! At The Disco sold out after High Hopes got big. ...if you think that Fall Out Boy should have stayed broken up because Folie A Deux was the last good thing they made.
  2. I have negative taste! Protein shakes.
  3. New one: You might be an emo if...
  4. ...if you refer to people older to you as "sensei" or "senpai".
  5. A sexy R&B/New Jack Swing group like Bell Biv DeVoe. Ice Heart
  6. ...if you can tell a voice actor with your eyes closed.
  7. "I'm so healthy!" Strawberry lemonade.
  8. Your early game healer. Beyonce.
  9. Alright, idea #593: A modern-day RPG about psychics. I didn't have much of a plot (there's an Eleven-esque girl who runs away from an evil organizations and gives the protag, and allies he chooses, psychic powers, which they use to fight the organization and get help), but I did have a main mechanic. The Will meter, which is basically the MP meter, is both an escalation mechanic and a corruption meter. It starts at 0% at the start of the fight, but as you use abilities, it goes up. As it increases, the character it's attached to get bonuses to attack, defense, speed, etc. They also get bonuses to their skills, increasing their power and adding modifiers to them. Once you hit 100%, you can even use special limit-break-esque attacks. However, there's a maximum cap of 200%. Once you get higher than 150%, your character goes berserk, and starts using attacks indiscriminately, and their boosts are obscene. Once they hit 200%, they're stunned for a while, and then they wake up at 0%.
  10. Three Houses has come, and, for better and for worse, we're devouring it. What would you be interested in seeing come the next Fire Emblem game? A return to basics? Or an evolution on Three Houses's ideas? Or a mixture? Tell us.
  11. I've had about a bajillion ideas for stories and gameplay ideas, so if this ever needs a bump I'll post about an idea of mine. I've always wanted people to take the Fossil Fighters/Spectrobes ideas of turning fossils into collectible monsters further. Still not sure how I would put my own twist on it, though.
  12. A gameplay system or story you'd want to tell? Share em.
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