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  1. Okay, fine. Don't ruin it for other people who want to do so, however. Stop forcing your opinions on other people.
  2. Honestly, I don't know what happened. I just quoted you, deleted your first line, then hit 'submit'.
  3. Put all your 'the crests are to blame' and etc jokes in here.
  4. Just from what I've seen, I already have a few ideas for shipping. Edelgard x Ferdinand (rivalries into romances are my jam!) Linhardt x Bernadetta (antisocial dork and lazy dork together just seems to work) Caspar x Dorothea (a very commoner-esque noble and an actual commoner will be sweet) Felix x Ingrid (Ingrid is the protag of an otome game, and whenever I play them, I always go for the brooding bad boy loner)
  5. Given that magic has limited uses, I can actually see why they'd give Anette an ax (and Mercedes a bow). You might wanna conserve magic to use later, and having an off-weapon can help with that. It also means that magic-focusing units can have strengths in weapons. I mean, we saw Hubert have a Bow strength, as well as a Lance ", level me up for a unique perk" thingy.
  6. With Linhardt's new reveal as him being lazy but gifted, I think Max Mittleman leaning more on his Inaho Kaizuka role from Aldnoah.Zero could work.
  7. Hopefully the new Mercurial Gauntlet will help give the game a minor kick in the pants.
  8. Catherine looks to be a cool older sis type, so she's making me think of Michelle Ruff or maybe Amanda Winn Lee.
  9. My two biggest ideas are "Basically the Vampire Emblem leak that we had before Three Houses was revealed" and a newer idea involving humanoid dragons playing chessmaster over the continent they used to rule but were banished from, one on the side of the humans, the other against them.
  10. -Byleth's Crest activates, apparently, on Critical Hits. Or maybe at random, and it just happened to be a lucky Crest Crit. Still, the theory that it heals like Sol seems to be correct. I'm doing a bit of math to crack how Felix's Crest works, given that we see it getting activated as well.
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