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    Fire emblem, Anime, visual novels, sleeping, pokemon, manga,lots more videogames, Collecting art books, most likely would be called a weeb or otaku, water, swimming,drawing,otomate games, harvest moon, body pillows,
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  1. I read this as big Sis. My eyes need much checking.
  2. Hi there! And thanks bunches and..you could give it to the people who have a lot of snow where they live so it can coat the roads? xD;; Im so sorry Thank you so much! So far I am having a blast! No worries for the double post! Ty for the welcome! Haha thanks so much ;v; everyone is so nice here!
  3. Happy Birthday! Go Phoenix!

  4. Ahah thank you very much the two of you, I hope to post a lot and meet new friends.
  5. Hey everyone! Not sure what to say about me in all honesty. ^^;; I adore fire emblem ( Currently on fates now ) and lots of other things hahaha..you may call me Yachiru and I tend to be more of a lurker then a poster but I hope to change that. I love the sites layout QvQ so pretty. Well uhm if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here! Hope to get along with everyone!
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