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  1. Hello and Welcome to the forums. I have a question, What do I do with all this salt from not having Fates in the UK?

    Hi there! And thanks bunches and..you could give it to the people who have a lot of snow where they live so it can coat the roads? xD;; Im so sorry

    Welcome to the forest, enjoy your stay.

    Thank you so much! So far I am having a blast!

    Hello and welcome to the forums, hope you have a good time here.

    (Sorry for the double post)

    No worries for the double post! Ty for the welcome!

    Welcome to the Forest, Yachiru!

    You know, lurking is okay. As long as you enjoy being here, you can lurk for all eternity!

    Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!

    Haha thanks so much ;v; everyone is so nice here!

  2. Hey everyone! Not sure what to say about me in all honesty. ^^;; I adore fire emblem ( Currently on fates now ) and lots of other things hahaha..you may call me Yachiru and I tend to be more of a lurker then a poster but I hope to change that. I love the sites layout QvQ so pretty. Well uhm if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here! Hope to get along with everyone!

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