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  1. Both Thales and Solon were from ancient Greece, with Thales being considered by many to be the first western philosopher. I'm pretty sure that Solon was some kind of statesman,
  2. If you slow down the speed when they're about to go into the first battle, you can see that Sothis is listed as the "Unit" of the paralogue (maybe it just means that she's a character in the story of the paralogue).
  3. Post-time skip Edelgard is definitively giving me Daenarys vibes. Hoping there'll be some kind of Game of Thrones-esque Malig Knight class
  4. Are the Duma's Lance/Shield and the Mila's Bow/Ring drops for the amiibo dungeons? Are those the only items you can get there, or are there any other drops?
  5. Are any of the character's starting stats or levels altered in any major way? Also
  6. I'm expecting the cast to be around 20-30 characters, but because I love getting overly excited about these kinds of things, I have just complied the characters I'd like to see in the game. This is probably going to make me disappointed by the size of the final cast, but here's my ultimate cast of about 70 (!) characters, which will never happen but I can dream of it. And then an actual, although some of these might be less probable (highly doubting any from 2,4 or 5) , cast of 30 characters that I'd be happy to have.
  7. How big can the cast be expected to be in this games?
  8. Could I do the Sniper one? If so, would you want me to boost his weapon rank or other stats?
  9. Sword: Ganglari Katana: Hagakure Blade Lance: Effie's Lance Naginata: Guard Naginata Axe: Bolt Axe Club: Fuga's Club Dagger: Sacrificial Knife Shuriken: Flame Shuriken Bow: Shining Bow Yumi: Fuijin Yumi Tome: Brynhildr Scroll: Izana's Scroll Staff: Fortify Rod: Hexing Rod
  10. In a perfect world, wouldn't we all want characters with good stats and good personalities? I do, however, prefer characters with good stats. It's a game where strategies are pretty dependant on stats. I have this weird obsession with always having a wielder of every legendary/S-rank/preference weapon, so classes and which weapon they use are also important. This is really hard in some games which gives you both preference and S-ranks, like Radiant Dawn.
  11. It would make sense though, if they "can't" upload Path of Radiance, they'll probably wait with the sequel.
  12. It wouldn't be that much work to do it, at least with Radiant Dawn, as you can play it with the Wii U:s backwards compatability thing. Or maybe I shouldn't speculate much on that; I know nothing about programming and such.
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