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  1. Just... no. Top Battle Point person, just no. Omega Yato stat boost stacks, Battle/Visitation Seals stack, everything stacks. Hackers don't make Online Battling fun, since y'know, they're nearly unbeatable due to the stat boosts. But really, do you need 4 Omega Yatos on all of your characters to beat someone? Not cool man.
  2. Dayyyyuuuuum Hacker, back at it again with those multiple (and stackable) Battle Seals! Something needs to be done about it, it's game breaking.
  3. But the fact is, they equip their units with multiple battle seals, it stacks and it's extremely broken and game breaking. Hackers aren't fun to play against online.
  4. Alright, there's been cases of myself facing off against hackers. Everyone level 99, all of the item slots filled with weapons forged up to +7. Sure, that can be possible naturally, but it crosses the line after you see unreleased classes and skills (Witch, Balistician, Point Blank... ect), character'a slots filled with multiple (Up to 35 in each item slot) Battle and Visitation Seals (They indeed stack), and most of all, Warp, the DLC exclusive skill to the Witch class. All of it at this very moment is unfair. Can Nintendo possibly not do anything? Ban on Hackers who abuse their cheated items and play against players who battle under fair terms. Nintendo needs to ban players. Sure tell me to put them on my blacklist, but still, it will not stop them from ruining Online Battles for other players.
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