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  1. Sorry, but did we play the same game? After the whole ordeal with the Kitsune, Corrin actually did feel remorse about the whole thing and wished that it didn't have to come to that. Also, no matter how someone dies, people will still mourn or even cry. How is Corrin a 'bitch' for that?
  2. You mean the thing with the Kitsune where they where hell bent on killing them and their army and felt like they didn't have a choice, or Hoshido where they couldn't even warn their siblings if they tried because of the Valla bs, both of which they had no real control of? With both, people seem to forget that even pacifists in this series had to commit murder countless amount of times. It's not just exclusive to Corrin.
  3. Have you just ever seen a character that gets so much hate to the point where you generally feel bad for that character, not even because you like the character, but because you don't despise or dislike the character? Heck, while the character isn't your favorite, there are somethings that you like about the character that you feel that others don't see. So feel free to post about those poor souls and make them feel valued. I'll start with an easy one. Corrin- Good god. Never have I seen a character get so much hate not only in the FE fandom, but in ANY fandom. Before all the user reviews came in about how much of a mess the story of Fates was, I honestly that Corrin wasn't that bad. In their supports, they seemed very supportive for their fellows in arms, and I liked that. Then after some time passes, the criticisms started to come in, which led to hate, which led to Corrin being the most despised Lord in the series. I generally understand not liking a character, but nowadays anyone who even tries to justify or defend these poor Manaketes is bombarded with paragraphs on how awful they are and how pointless it is to even try. Hell, one person I know literally thinks that Corrin is worse thing to happen in MEDIA. All of this just got me to a point of feeling bad for them, especially with the baggage that they carried: Being an 'unnecessary' smash choice, being the main character for a game that was the follow up to a game that got mixed receptions from the FE fandom, being an avatar character in a series that only recently started adding them, and some other stuff. Like, no matter where you go, there's going to be someone who hates the sheltered, naive prince/princess, and I can't but feel bad, especially considering some stuff in the story. Corrin would literally off themselves to please others and doesn't even argue with anyone. He doesn't even argue with Takumi, who every Corrin hater likes to say called Corrin on their 'bullshit', even though they truly agreed that what happened was their fault and even wanted to leave if that would make things better. Like, Corrin's not amazing by the stretch of the imagination, but all of this hate just feels blind and over proportioned.
  4. Yes! Hard ass agree. Awakening's cast is honestly one of the best in FE imo. Here are some characters that I like: GBA Era Echidna from FE6- Mainly from her design and class alone. Being the first Female Hero and being being competent as a until is awesome. Can't really say much for her character, but lol GBA support system. Legault from FE7- He reminds me a little of myself, generally being calm when it comes to tough situations. His design stands out to me as well. L' archel from FE8- She's a very strong character because how she keeps headstrong in spite of the situation. That's really hard to do, especially irl. 3DS Era Cynthia from Awakening- Same reason as L' archel, but bonus points for being so damn cute and even more fun. Beruka from Fates- Love her design and how her supports showcase how different the cast is. Especially fond of her Supports with Corrin, Kaze, and Camila. Mae from SoV- Same reason as Cynthia and L' archel. Three houses Mercedes- Like many, I originally just liked her for design, but she's honestly very sweet and surprisingly confident. Also super fun to use a a unit. Lord Hector- He doesn't take shit from anyone. Also, after watching Ghast's support science, I think I can relate with him the most. I recently lost a brother three years ago, but I was the only person in my family that actually didn't cry. I honestly felt bad for not crying, because it didn't seemed like I care, but now I understand that being composed and mourning in silence is a sign of strength. I also like how in heroes he's opposed to Roy and Lilina getting too close, because childhood friends becoming lovers usually are bad.
  5. For spell list I can see something akin to Edelgard's spells: Fire on D, Bolganone on C, Dark Spike on B, Banshee on A.
  6. Comments in Bold and Brass. I think I'm just gonna have to agree to disagree when it comes to Bow Knights. The class isn't bad, at all, but I just don't see the hype it gets when you can go Paladin/Falco/any Wyvern variant and have better mileage with movement/canto, Snipers still stay relevant in the long run and have a better mastery, and Bow Knights require the highest rank for riding to promote to one as a whole, so why should I focus on Riding that much to an okay but underwhelming class when I can focus on something like Authority? Yes, Characters Like Bernadetta and Leonie can get into the class easily, but if I were to take that into account, then every endgame class would be considered amazing. That would beat my argument, and I should've added that when I mentioned what I was basing all of this out of since I do it a lot in the list, but that example really wouldn't worked out in the long run, as I did say, though it is an oversight now after actually reading, that this is the FINAL class tier list, not a general class tier list.
  7. Felix. The timeskip made me appreciate him more. I already liked him a bit from the supports that I read. Dimitri. I only picked his house for Mercedes and Dedue, but he wound up being one of my favorite lords in the series. Raphael. He's so lovable and surprisingly strong willed. The way he handles the loss of his parents reminds me how I handled my own loss, so I can relate to him. The big one. Lysithea. I cannot stand character like Ricken who's only trait is "Stop treating me like a child Waaaah!" Lysithea is actually kinda fun as well as being tragic. Even though he has has some rough edges (Her support with Ignatz is just rough to read.)
  8. While I don't blame you and I appreciate the heads up on the movement bonus since I actually didn't know about that, I do mention that the tier Bow Knights were placed was for unit that are not bad but are overshadowed by others. Like, Bowrange+2 and 8 move is nice, but Paladins have 8 move as well, and Master Seals are not only limited until you get the secret shop, the requirements to get to Bow Knight are just not worth training a horse unit in bows or a bow unit in riding. Snipers can also come at an earlier time than Bow Knights since the Level requirement is lower. I don't think I need to explain Hunter's Volley. Again, Bow Knight is not a bad class, but not great and overrated in my opinion. Again, would have to disagree with Bow Knight. I already posted my reasoning for Bow Knight. Assassins I feel I need to reconsider, though. Even though they are the best sword class I kinda underrated them. You don't need %100 pass rate, but a high chance is usually preferable. Didn't think about the soft reset thing, though. Something I feel I should mention about why I'm Advance<Master. It's fairly simple: Advance classes come in at an earlier time. You get Advance Seals way before you get Master seals which puts them at an edge for me. Sure the Wyvern Lord is stronger is Rider, but Rider comes in super early when compared to Lord. Also, I don't really recall saying that Lord's requirements were bad; I said that Wyvern Lord is Limited to being a Master Class and Rider already does what Lord could do at an earlier time. Also, while not 'difficult', the main reason why I mentioned the requirements so much in my reasoning is because they take up time. Even if you prepare for them beforehand, it'll still take a good while to reach the requirements to get a good score, especially when taking in consideration weaknesses and what the unit can learn through leveling up certain ranks. EDIT: After reading these, if I had to rearrange something, for A tier It'll be something like: Falcon Knight < Paladin < Grappler/Assassin < Sniper I'm pretty content with everything else, though.
  9. Thread title. I made this a while back after a few playthoughs of the game for fun. My opinions haven't really changed much. Anyways, here's my list. Tell me your thoughts. A few things to note: -This is only my opinion, so you can disagree. -With that said, I’m basically my reasoning off of various things, which not only include overall battlefield performance, but also class bonuses, availability, weapon skill requirements, how your units perform in the classes, and growths, mastery abilities, CAs, and class abilities. -This is assuming you’re playing Hard Mode seriously. Like a legit, no NG+ Playthrough. Tl;dr Version: Version with explanations: Revision 1 with reasons:
  10. Thanks! I will admit that the thing with Thales slipped my mind because everything else about that chapter visually and sound wise made me not pay attention as much as I should have.
  11. FE6: Chapter 7. This chapter actually left such a bad taste in my mouth that I actually stopped playing FE6 for a very long time. Those Wyverns. Those fucking Wyverns. FE7: Chapter 26. This is basically considered the low of any FE map, so I don't need to explain why I don't like it because It wouldn't add to anything. FE8: Ephraim Chapter 11: I'M ON A BOAT! FE13: Chapter 17. The reason I put this here is because I actually played this without grinding, and it was the worst experience I ever had in Awakening. The fucking Falcon Knight ambush spawns, my god. I don't know if the wyverns from FE6 Ch. 7 were worse, but I got soooo tired of miscalculating were they will go and losing a until because of how fast they were. Also, I love walking in a cramped straight line to the boss. So much fun. FE14CQ: Also Chapter 17. In short, Ninjas can go die in a hole, Poison skills are the worse thing to ever be implemented in FE(Why bring it back 3H), And Kotaro is an asshole. FE15: The first Desert map in Celica's route. You know a map's good when you can't even use your main lord in combat in a literal anti flier fortress. Why don't mages have normal move in deserts in Echoes again? FE16: Chapter 13 for all routes besides Black Eagles. Separating your units like this chapter did, along with being Sliver hell with enemies like Assassins and Snipers, makes for a painful experience.
  12. I definitely think that this is most fun system so far. I wouldn't say I'd want to see it in every game, though.
  13. FE6: Dunno if Echidna is consider bad, but I always go to her chapter since I really like her. FE7: Isadora is considered not worth it, but she made me love female Paladins so I'll always use her. FE8: Tana and L' Archel are my girls. Lute because of high damage porn. FE13: Should I put Chrom!Kjelle here? She's a child unit in Awakening, but I usually make her into a Swordmaster. FE14: Fighter!Beruka is fun and she looks cool as a Zerker. Same with Charlotte. FE15: Mage!Faye. Same reason for using Lute. FE16: Mercedes in anything but a magic class. I'm even doing Warrior!Mercedes on my Maddening Run. I have a problem.
  14. Not ordered because that would be hard: Echidna(FE6) Hector(FE7) L'archel(FE8) Eirika(FE8) Maribelle(FE13) Cynthia(FE13) Owain(FE13) Beruka(FE14) Charlotte(FE14) Saber(FE15) Bernadetta(FE16) Felix(FE16) Mercedes(FE16) Lysitthea(FE16) Claude(FE16)
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