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  1. I'm looking for a private RP between certain characters, but I have no clue where to post such a request. Can someone point me in the correct direction?
  2. Hey! This is Niles X Anyone. This is mainly for fellow Niles lovers. Basically, he's trapped in the real world after a strange incident. Once one person responds, this thread is shut off from anyone else! DO NOT POST HERE ONCE THE ROLEPLAY IS ACTUALLY GOING. Is smut allowed? Of course it is, but it must be consensual! You can play yourself, but an alternate universe version of Corrin would be sweet as well! Both boys and girls are allowed. With that out of the way, here is the prompt for this! Niles whistled as he made his way to a lake. Niles was a sly and lewd man, with a sadistic streak, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t trustworthy. He could get jobs done, though sometimes he did it in his own way. The army of Nohr was taking a break, and Niles had been wanting some water for a while. He knelt down next to the lake, cupping his hands in the crystal clear water, sipping from his palms. He let out a sigh of relief. Good. He needed that. He looked around when he heard a strange noise. Something like talking, but it was garbled up. It was as if it was coming from the lake. He looked under, but all he saw was his reflection. He shrugged and began to stand, but slipped on a bit of moss as he got up. He fell in the water. He almost swam up, but then… He noticed something. A light coming from a gaping crack in the lakebed. He was probably going to regret his curiosity… He swam a bit closer, and closer, until he found himself bathed in light. Suddenly, the light intensified. Niles panicked, and tried to swim back up, However, he soon found himself passing out, as if the light was draining him of energy. He was unconscious for an amount of time he could not guess.[/size] Soon, his eyes opened, and he looked around. Was he in a bedroom? Niles groaned. Gods, his head hurt. All he remembered was the Nohrian Army stationing near a lake, and a bright light coming from said lake. All of the sudden, he was in someone’s room. It made no sense to him. He felt to make sure his eyepatch was still on. Good, it would be bad if it wasn’t… Was his bow and arrows with him as well? He looked to his side, sighing in relief to see his quiver with all his bows. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder… What was that light, and where was he now? When he heard a door open, he looked to his side. “Can you tell me what the hell happened…?” He managed to say. “I need to get back to my army… Lord Leo, no, the Nohrian Army needs to know where I am.” When he got simply a baffled look, Niles suddenly got a sinking feeling was that this was not Nohr or Hoshido… Or even worse, he had a feeling that he was somewhere completely different. “Have you… heard of Nohr? Hoshido...?” Met with the same look, he sighed. “Oh gods, I’m in trouble.”[/size] ((Fire Emblem: Conquest meets Real World AU. Niles is straight from Nohr here, but he is now trapped in our world. Feel free to respond as any character, whether they are from Fire Emblem, or not, or even yourself! This can go anywhere!))[/size]
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