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  1. Zerolr

    Zero's Art Thread

    >w< thanks for the critique! Mm yes you're right, it's tricky to get an expression correctly at 3/4 view. It's mostly likely the eyes that throw everything off-- I was rushing when I did them.
  2. I wanted to start my art thread since I'm going to start making FE related fanart >w<
  3. Currently being a couch potato...

  4. I just finished playing both maps as well! I enjoyed how they connected the story with Fates. >w<
  5. Zerolr

    Intro >w<

    Thanks for the welcome~!! Haha! Ah no! It's an old username I made up for my email address long ago. Now it's practically my trademark name in the internet. I use it for any website account I open up. It's also my penname/artist name. I'm also called "Zero" for short >w< Ah! I'm watching "Active Raid" and " Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju", "Please tell me, Galko-chan" and "Osomatsu-san" (love love! Osomatsu-san!). I've fallen behind on Gintama, which is my all time favorite anime. (I've followed it for years).
  6. Damn... I was hoping that gaining more support (like be A rank for example) allows you can bath with the opposite gender. ;A; At least it's good to know that you can bathe with your spouse.
  7. Zerolr

    Intro >w<

    AHH!!! Yes!! I don't mind talking about Awakening! I really love that game!! >w< Sure!!
  8. OHHHH that's fantastic fanart!! >w< I love how you keep improving over time!
  9. Zerolr

    Intro >w<

    Thank you! for the welcome!
  10. Zerolr

    Intro >w<

    Thank you, thank you for the welcome! YES. PLEASE. I'm having too much fun playing Fates (Birthright).When I saw the trailer for Nishiki/Kaden, since I'm a huge fan of kitsune chars, I was totally promising myself to have my MU marry him. But currently my MU had been paired with Takumi ;w; Though I have to admit it took a while for me to adjust to all these new characters since I was still holding emotions to all the Awakening characters >w< I get attached to fictional characters easily, so these games hit me in my weak spot!
  11. Zerolr

    Intro >w<

    Thank you for the welcome!! I will try to be active here >w< as much as I can.
  12. Zerolr

    Intro >w<

    Hello Everyone! I just joined today, hoping to join a FE community. I don't have anyone to talk about these games LOL. I'm a fairly new FE player (my first game being Awakening) I'm currently playing Hoshido route in Fates. I really love it, as I enjoy tatical games and playing matchmaker I shamelessly admit is my favorite feature >w< Aside from FE games, I'm a writer/artist. (mostly for fanfiction/fanart) I'm a huge anime/manga fan, and I enjoy looking up random facts just because my curiosity ticked me. I'm a night person, and I'm usually online at night into the wee hours of the night. (I'm usually up till 4am) And when I'm passionate about a subject I can write pages and pages of words. TwT Well that's all about myself for an intro that I can think of, but thanks for reading!
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