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  1. It'll vary. Looking at the wiki it's sorta spotty. I'm currently working on S1 cards and the first card I ran into without a translated quote was Sully's N. We can let you know when we run into a card without a translated quote.
  2. Awesome. Our group has a discord chat where we discuss our progress and where you can access the drive with all the proxies. I can PM you the link.
  3. I am currently working with a group to create translated proxies for cipher cards and there have been a few quotes on some cards that haven't been translated. If anyone is interested in helping out with translating the missing quotes or knows someone that might be able to help please comment below.
  4. Listening to Olivia's Japanese voice, particularly her crit quotes made my ears bleed. Also I don't know whats up with Xander voice post-Fates. He sounded fine in that and yet in Heroes and especially Warriors it sounds like he's foaming it in. It just ain't the same. Also the replacement voices for certain characters rings wrong with me, particularly Hinoka and Niles. Oh, almost forgot, Peri's heroes voice...yikes thats not what I was expecting.
  5. Recently I pulled 2 Sigurds from his banner, both have HP- but one has SPD+ and the other DEF+. Is the extra speed worth it or should I focus on the more tanky one? For the leftover one should I fuse him or salvage his skills to someone else?
  6. Fair enough. I'll post it in that thread then. You can delete this one.
  7. Recently I pulled 2 Sigurds from his banner, both have HP- but one has SPD+ and the other DEF+. Is the extra speed worth it or should I focus on the more tanky one? For the leftover one should I fuse him or salvage his skills to someone else?
  8. Conquest March 24 Sturdy/Clumsy Sky Knight!Kinshi Knight F!Corrin + Benny = The Flying Fortress
  9. Corrin: Sabia Class: Dark Falcon Special Skill: Foreign Princess Level: 10 Castle Address: 01617-73602-46607-34140 I cant recall her pros and cons
  10. Honestly with all three paths being pretty bad I'm not sure if I want any of them to be canon. Hell the japanese title was Fire Embloem If, referring to the "what if" scenarios each story has, so in that regard you could argue that none of them are canon. With that said however I would imagine IS pushing Revelations hard as the canon story, despite being the worst written of the three. If I was forced to choose between the three I'd go with Birthright as that one was the least worst of the three in writing quality.
  11. Nope. It doesn't matter that they're not related, Fates is playing off the sexual fetishes of "banging your sister who's NOT REALLY your sister so there's no issues here" schtick, ESPECIALLY with Camilla. It just feels wrong, especially with Elise who loves you dearly as a younger sister and I feel like marrying her would be betraying the relationship that they have, and of course its morally fucked up. Same goes for the Hoshidan siblings who are in the same boat thanks to IS wussing out on committing to the proper incest (and destroyed the entire point of Birthright all together since there's no blood relation now). Honestly when I first saw the game I knew they were gonna allow marriage with the royals as people would complain about it's absence, plus its a Japanese game so its their usual bread and butter.
  12. The dark song is my favourite of the two. The light song is nice and all but its too similar to the other versions we've already heard. The dark song spices it up with a feeling of despair and its just so catchy.
  13. I started off with Hoshido for a balanced difficulty scaling since Conquest was much harder. With that said Revelations was an odd transition after Conquest.
  14. I haven't done many of the kids supports but from what I've seen of them so far, personality wise I'd say Shiro (A beast in my Rev run) and Mitama are my favourites. Runner ups being Nina (Favourite kid design), Kiragi, Midori and Soliel.
  15. Corrin is one of the main reasons why Fates story is rubbish. Most of what I'd say has already been said above but I will say that Revelations REALLY showed the worst of Corrin's flaws, especially the Anthony arc where his/her naive personality and careless trust is called out and then is immediately turned into a positive after the mission, which quite frankly was ludicrous. Also their personality is just bland, and it really makes me miss previous protagonists with actual development and personalities. \ Dishonorable Mentions: Conquest - Not cutting down Hans where he stood during the Cheve massacre. Not explaining the Valla info he learnt to his siblings (There were definitely ways to do this that they didn't even attempt). General - Letting Leo get the glory of killing the major villains like Iago and Zola (Made Leo more likable in my eyes though). MCorrin really gets the short end of the stick, considering his poll position in the popularity chart and heroes poll in comparison to his female counterpart (Hell he didnt even make the top 20 in the latter) and the lack of merchandise he got. I've seen people excuse Corrin's flaws when its the female version because for her, it's charming while its irritating for the male counterpart, which is just stupid. They're both the same character so she shouldn't get any special privileges. She's only more popular than the male version due to her design (thigh gaps be damned but sex sells so what can you do) and self inserters. Edit: Also no matter how many times they tell me, Corrin's dragon design aint no dragon I've ever seen. It looks like Xerneas's missing cousin. Then again...better than Lilith's design.
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