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  1. Managed to pull Fallen Berkut. +SPD/-ATK, which is nice 'cause I only wanted him for Warding Stance 4 fodder, and after getting his Heroic Ordeals Dragonflowers, he's just gonna be fodder for me. Since I already exhausted the Tickets for this banner and got Tiki, I'm gonna start saving my orbs. Now I just need to decide who I want to have Warding Stance 4... Would Fjorm be a good option?
  2. So, since we have Fallen Heroes, here are a couple of potential future Fallen Heroes: Chrom - Risen Exalt | Red Sword | Armored 49/52/55 HP | 39/42/46 ATK | 18/21/24 SPD | 31/34/37 DEF | 23/26/30 RES Weapon: Grim Fang [MT 16 | Grants ATK +3. When unit initiates combat, grants ATK +6 during combat and deals +10 damage when Special triggers.] EXCLUSIVE Special: Luna [3 Cooldown: Foe's DEF/RES is reduced by 50%.] A Skill: Fierce Breath [When foe initiates combat, grants ATK +4 and Special Cooldown Charge +1 per attack during combat.] B Skill: Rightful King [Accelerates Special Trigger (cooldown count -1). After combat, if Special activated, grants Special Cooldown -2.] EXCLUSIVE C Skill: Panic Ploy 3 [At start of turn, inflicts [Panic] on foes in cardinal directions whose HP is at least 1 lower than this unit's HP.] - Sumeragi - Samurai Shade | Red Sword | Infantry 39/42/45 HP | 31/34/37 ATK | 37/40/43 SPD | 25/29/32 DEF | 21/24/27 RES Weapon: Hagakure Blade [MT 11 | Inflicts SPD -2. Unit attacks twice when initiating combat.] EXCLUSIVE Special: Astra [4 Cooldown: Adds +150% to damage dealt.] A Skill: Brazen ATK/SPD 3 [When HP < 80% at start of combat, grants ATK/SPD +7 during combat.] B Skill: Ganglari [Grants ATK +3. Deals +10 damage when Special triggers, but if Special triggers, deals 8 damage after combat.] EXCLUSIVE C Skill: Odd ATK Wave 3 [At the start of odd-numbered turns, grants ATK +6 to unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn.] [NOTE] Sumeragi wields his equipped weapon with his right arm, and always holds Ganglari in his left arm. Ganglari is used to attack instead of the equipped weapon when his offensive Special triggers during combat.
  3. Just pulled Fallen Tiki. +SPD is nice, -DEF less so, but I wanted her the most so I’m happy. And I’m one Tiki away from Tiki Emblem, so maybe I’ll +10 Adult Tiki.
  4. I could see Faye’s Bow of Devotion being a ranged Vidofnir at base with the option to add “When an Infantry Sword or R Tome ally is within 2 spaces, grants DEF/RES +5 during combat” to make her a better defensive unit. Lukas I could see getting a 16-MT Slaying Lance with optional Guard effect when above 50% HP. I have no idea what Stahl and Sully could get, or if they’re gonna get basically the same weapon like Cain & Abel did.
  5. Wasn’t expecting both CYLs to be rerun for Golden Week, nor did I expect it to come with a bunch of Tickets for both of them. I’ve used 1 Ticket each and 15 Orbs on Legendary Alm’s banner, and so far I’ve pulled: Brave Lucina [+RES/-HP] The only CYL1 Hero I hadn’t pulled yet, got her on the free pull. 5-Star Reyson [+DEF/-ATK] CYL2 Ticket pull, not gonna complain since I have a second one that’s +SPD and has been waiting for a merge. Winter Eirika [+HP/-SPD] Got the Colorless I wanted most, since Alm will come back on future Legendary banners when I (hopefully) have more Orbs. Definitely gonna summon on the CYLs again since I haven’t exhausted the Tickets for those. May try for Alm/Red/Green on the Legendary banner again, but I’m not 100% sure about that.
  6. Picnic banner gave me Picnic Genny. +RES/-SPD is pretty good, Genny’s SPD sucked anyway and the RES could make for a decent Ploy user and backup magic-tank for facing Red enemies (plus Toasty Skewer+‘S defensive buffs will be much appreciated by Leo). And today, Children’s Day B gave me a second PegaNino on the free pull. This one’s +RES, and the other one’s +DEF, so I’m not sure which one to merge into, but I’m definitely merging them.
  7. Well, I used up the free summon and all of the Tickets and got nothing of note. Then went in with 15 Orbs after finishing the newest Chain Challenge got Ranulf twice on the same circle. Not sure if +DEF or +HP is better for him, though I'm leaning toward +DEF at the moment since he'll end up with 48 DEF when his weapon's effect and Fortify Beasts/DEF Tactic are both active, which is awesome. Either way, I wanted Ranulf the most from this banner, so I'm super happy right now. At the very least, I can start sniping Red on any future sessions since I don't need to shoot for Green any more.
  8. Just pulled another Legendary Lucina on the Yune banner, so now I have a +1 +HP Lucina instead of a +HP/-ATK Lucina, which is nice. Probably gonna shoot for Yune some more once the April quest and Voting Gauntlet Orbs come in, since I'd really like to get Lewyn, Ophelia or Yune, but at least I got someone.
  9. Cavalry Charge! [Just a bunch of cavaliers who aren't in the game, and who I would like to have in the game, and also skills/stats I could see them maybe being given though that part's very wishful thinking on my part so feel free to ignore it] Sain [Blue Lance Cavalry | 37/41/44 HP | 35/38/42 ATK | 26/30/33 SPD | 26/30/33 DEF | 13/17/20 RES | Sain's Spear (MT 11 | Accelerates Special Trigger (cooldown count -1). Inflicts SPD -5. Unit attacks twice when initiating combat.) | Glimmer | Sturdy Blow 2 | Chill DEF 3 | Odd ATK Wave 3] Kent [Red Sword Cavalry | 39/42/45 HP | 29/32/35 ATK | 34/37/40 SPD | 24/27/31 DEF | 14/18/21 RES | Kent's Blade (MT 16 | Grants DEF +3. When initiating combat, if unit's DEF > foe's DEF + 1, grants Special Charge +1 per unit's attack during combat.) | Bonfire | Steady Blow 2 | Odd DEF Wave 3] (Demote, with Odd DEF Wave 3 available at 4-Star) Rath [Red Bow Cavalry | 36/39/42 HP | 33/36/39 ATK | 30/33/36 SPD | 23/26/30 DEF | 12/15/18 RES | Rath's Bow (MT 8 | Inflicts SPD -5. Unit attacks twice when initiating combat. Deals +10 damage when Special triggers.) Luna | ATK/SPD Solo 3 | Chill SPD 3 | Even SPD Wave 3] Kieran [Green Axe Cavalry | 36/40/43 HP | 32/35/38 ATK | 32/35/38 SPD | 26/30/33 DEF | 12/16/19 RES | Crimean Axe (MT 16 | Inflicts Special Cooldown Count -1. Grants ATK +3. When unit initiates combat, grants ATK/SPD +3 and deals +10 damage when Special triggers.) | Moonbow | Brazen ATK/SPD 3 | Desperation 3 | Odd SPD Wave 3] Grand Hero Battle: Rudolf [Blue Lance Cavalry | 46 HP | 36 ATK | 24 SPD | 33 DEF | 16 RES | Emperor's Lance (MT 16 | Grants DEF +3. Grants Special Charge +1 per attack when foe initiates combat.) | Ignis | Angel Ring (At the start of every 2nd turn, unit recovers 10 HP. After combat, unit recovers 6 HP. Exclusive Skill, cannot be inherited.) | Even ATK Wave 3] (Even ATK Wave 3 at 4-Star)
  10. Got a 4-Star Soren from Bartre & Fir since there were no Reds. Meh. Pushed my pity rate to 4.25% shooting for an FE6 banner focus character who isn’t Sue since I got her twice, but thanks to the BHB I had just enough Orbs to pull Idunn! She’s +SPD/-DEF, not the best but also not the worst IVs. Mostly just glad I pulled her, really.
  11. Wait, Selkie has the same base RES as Jagen? I didn't know that. This might be a better effect for him then I anticipated. And yeah, quad-Ploy would be pretty good on him, especially with the Foxkit Fang effect since he's getting +2-3 in all stats if RES Ploy hits someone on top of the -4/-5/-4/-5 that they're also gonna be experiencing. Well, Cain can run triple-Brazens and Galeforce, two things that Ares cannot do as well since IIRC Special Spiral doesn't activate after Galeforce, so he's not able to run it especially well, and Ares doesn't have a Brazen on his weapon, limiting him to double-Brazens. I tried to make him into physical Celica with a Slaying weapon, though he probably wouldn't be as good as she is. Abel's refinement is a Brave Lance, not cooldown reduction. Glad you like the refine though... And now I'm thinking that I could've given him a Klein-type Brave Lance with 1 less MT and only a -2 SPD penalty since he has alright SPD and it'd be better with the Refine effect, that probably could've been good on him. Gonna edit my last post with that. I don't think IntSys would give Gordin a Klein-type Brave Prf since he's rather slow (25, compared to Klein's 33). Outside of that, yeah insta-Moonbow would probably help Gordin, though he could also run Bonfire/Ignis with Special Spiral and one/two Infantry Pulse allies to make use of his DEF with some investment. Glad you liked Draug's, I went back and forth on it for a while (it was a Safeguard with the DEF-based omnibuff, then a Klein-type Brave weapon with Steady Blow refine, then a Steady Blow weapon with Gordin's refine attached, then the Wo Dao + DEF-based omnibuff I stopped on). Warding Stance 4 was chosen because it boosts the only non-HP stat Wrys has that isn't crap, plus the Guard effect should help him tank mages (because his statline doesn't really help him do anything else). Ovoid Staff's effect was chosen since it isn't a combat effect and Wrys doesn't have the stats to do meaningful damage in combat so a mid- or post-combat effect wouldn't be all that great for him. Also, granting stats on heal is already a series of Specials, so I'm not sure they would put that on a staff (though buffs-on-heal would be good if we ever get Barrier/Barrier+, and now that I think of that I should've called this weapon Wrys's Staff instead of Barrier, not sure why I didn't do that). I'm quite glad you liked these! And yeah, Staff Prfs when? Mainly Lachesis/Nanna with a staff that references their Earth Sword, though IMO the Cavalry Staves introduced before Veronica and all the Infantry Staves who aren't Loki/Mikoto could all use a Prf too. IMO Mist and Genny should be top priority since they're 5-Star-locked and not especially great (Mist I covered last page, TLDR she's Wrys except more balanced and still not good, Genny has solid ATK and RES but lacks the SPD to double and thus is not as good as Loki/Mikoto offensively). I feel like ATK/DEF Ploy 4 might be a bit too good... -5 would probably be sufficient. And does Jagen really need a second effect if he gets Foxkit Fang's effect and ATK/DEF Ploy 3? That effect being always active feels too good, but I see your point. Maybe something like "When unit initiates combat against foe using Sword, Lance, Axe, Dragonstone or Beast damage, grants ATK/DEF +4 during combat, and if foe can counterattack, unit performs a guaranteed follow-up attack" could work? Maybe it's a bit OP, but it might make him a decent archer for taking on DC melee units?
  12. Ah, I see what you mean. Elise is inferior to Maribelle and Brave Veronica offensively and fodder-wise, yeah. I could see her getting a Prf to help her compete with them. And to be honest, I would like to see that.
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