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    Love playing Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Overwatch, and League.

    Best of each series would be Hector, Empoleon, Roadhog, and Aurelion Sol.

    Hector is the only good blue-haired lord, and lord in general.
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  1. I have no idea if I am just tired of waiting, or if I just skipped them, but I think on the main page of this website, I didn't see any Sacred Stones characters you can summon, not even Eirika or Ephraim. Is the list still being updated (Which I assume), or is this the final list? I will only use Lute for my tome user, so this irks me a little.
  2. Never thought of it that in that much detail. Deep. I doubt it though, or at least the part on going to war with Turkey. If I remember correctly, Ferdinand was the duke of Austria and Hungary. the guy who shot him (Princip?) was from Serbia, which was basically walking on egg shells around those countries. It was the just the end of the spark, the war was going t happen eventually. Turkey is an ally on the US, we would either go to defense of Turkey, but eventually the conflict will die down to do the UN's interference. It's not nearly as bad as it was with the Great War. I don't believe in a deity, but god helps us all if WW3 happens.
  3. 1. Lopunny (Didnt know it was a hooker until well after I played Platinum, no regrets. Mega lopunny almost gave me a heart attack when released) 2. Empoleon (Best Starter imo) 3. Gardevoir (Main powerhouse of Ruby and Emerald) 4. Garchomp (Favorite pseudo legendary) 5. Sceptile (Favorite grass starter) 6. Weavile (Always loved sneasel, an evolution just secured its place on my list) 7. Vikavolt (Hated it at first, but slowly became the Gardevoir/Lopunny of my team) 8. Talonflame (Based off of Horus the Avenger, my username which is also based off of. Also awesome typing, besides charizard already existing) 9. Drapion (Love scorpions) 10. Mew (Favorite legendary)
  4. I thought for a split second the claimant said my name. I'm sorry, dude, I don't know how it feels, nor will I probably know, but that has to really suck. I honestly don't know what else to say, but hopefully this cloud has a sort of silver lining to it/
  5. GBA. That's what drew me to Fire Emblem, I love the animations.
  6. Bath. Or Barth, I forgot his name. I can't stress this enough, he has probably the lowest growth rates for resistance in any Fire Emblem game, and overall a bad knight. Bors is way better, but after using Gilliam in FE8, I don't even use knights anymore. For looks, probably Camilla. Chick is DD and not afraid to show it off.
  7. Yeah, he said he played every Fire Emblem game to come to the West
  8. Cool Beans and Skinny Jeans

  9. Ok, I managed to patch the game following your steps, Idk if I am just being plain-out dumb, but where is the patched file? Or is it the original Japanese ROM I downloaded off the internet? This is my first time doing this kind of thing btw.
  10. Not gonna lie I like the new animation style, but I really think they should focus on Generations more, or a new protagonist on the main series. :/
  11. I honestly don't care. It is 100% their choice. If they want an abortion, go for it. However, I do care about the embryos aborted. I believe the aborted embryos should be used for stem cell research, as it could cure many different diseases, it could cure cancer for all we know.
  12. I am almost 100% sure they will eventually release it. One of them is Halloween themed, maybe it will be released around that time?
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