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  1. I really wanted Soren to win, but then thought since Takumi beat him, he would certainly beat Shanna... Either way, GG Team Shanna! And I ended up pulling a +ATK - HP Shanna on the Free pull, so clearly, it's fate. This gauntlet was a little silly, all things considered... it was the battle of the haircuts, after all, if anything some weirdness might have been caused by lack of interest. Hopefully the next one will prompt more!
  2. Of course I have to share my Maria...Was so thrilled that she made it in the game, and as a release unit no less!
  3. There have been very few times I've beaten the sensor (*sniff* Bridal Lyn) but thankfully it's been when it counts! Ike's first banner, on the second summoning session pulled both 5* Ike and Soren! Dauntless Crimeans Banner, pulled Elincia and Nephenee on the first summoning session!
  4. I just love that laugh the most. Especially when it's followed by her forlorn sigh after victory. XD I love Noire's contrast.
  5. Oh, I've waited so patiently for this day to come... "Don't mess with a BUNNY!" And then I realized they were bunnies, not giant rats. ... Love this guy.
  6. Voting for dat laugh. It's just subtle enough for me to enjoy even though it's Tharja. :D
  7. You just can't not love his excitement with his country battle cry. Especially if he's in a class where he jumps through the air when he criticals.
  8. CYNTHIA! I couldn't miss her day for anything. Cynthia is frankly a fantastic unit. The fact that her fathers are limited actually makes her easier to rate, because her skillset and stats stay generally constant. She has amazing speed and strength, but without training, easily inherits her mother's defense. Chrom breaks her with Aether, Henry and Gaius can pass Counter, and Frederick just generally makes her more of a tank, and passes a Wyvern Rider class if you weren't happy enough with the Pegasus Knight - but other than that his passed class sets are rather redundant, as Sumia already passes Knight. Not mentioning MU, 3/4 fathers really break Cynthia as a unit. She grows easily due to having high stats and a low level, and easily becomes an offensive powerhouse by the time she's through Dark Flier, if Galeforce wasn't inherited. She easily carried the first run of my game, getting 2nd place in kills just behind MU. And she's only gotten better as my knowledge of the game has increased. Her only cons are a somewhat limited class set if Chrom or Frederick fathered her, and having initial low defense and being very vulnerable to arrows, but the latter two remedy themselves with easy training. Personality wise, she is my favorite female child, what with her determination and witty catchphrases that are way too much fun than they should be to repeat ("Too slow bro!"). Overall, 9/10 for being one of the best children, and having ridiculous speed potential from Gaius/MU.
  9. "Say goodnight..." It's all in her tone. It's so calm it's unsettling. ...Love Maribelle so much.
  10. Maribelle's "Darling" because I almost always find myself saying it after she does. And then there is just about everything Miriel says: Fascinating. Hold a moment. Why thank you. Very gracious of you. <- I repeat most of those on a daily basis, and am having trouble saying 'thank you' regularly now. And finally, Chrom's "Hold on, I'm coming!" simply because of Lissa and Emmeryn's conversation in the Hot Spring DLC.
  11. Gah, I missed another day. Panne is a very good unit. The beast weakness is hardly a problem in awakening, in all honesty, though it is more prevalent than a dragon weakness. Her only issues are her very difficult join chapter and her shaky defense. Though she hates resistance as well, that only becomes a problem in late-to-postgame, as she usually dodges everything with such high speed. Makes a great not taguel as well, especially as a Thief or Assassin. Great growths, great bases, but has a somewhat shaky join. A good unit that is very easy to train and has a lot of payout in the end. Overall: 8.5/10 Personality wise, I hate her. I don't care how mad she is, she didn't have to open her fat mouth to Emmeryn. Ok, so now Cordelia. Cordelia, in her join chapter, is very useful with the right pair-ups due to being a flying unit. If not paired, however, it is quite easy to see her get killed instantly, like most other units at this point. Cordelia comes in with very good bases in the Offensive department, and grows accordingly well, and never really lacks for any stat besides possibly magic and luck. She also has extremely useful reclasses, having access to Armsthrift!, Galeforce, Lifetaker, Sol, and Tomebreaker, which are all very solid skills. She is easy to train and easily versatile with her starting weapons and flying, and reclassing easily makes her a powerhouse with no real weakness. Her modifiers are fantastic, and she has great support options, being a female. One of the best first-generation units in the game. Overall, 9.5/10. Personality wise, I am indifferent bordering fondness of her. She is rather boring, and like most Awakening characters lacks any real depth, but I find her funny.
  12. "Your end has come!" Simply because we can hear the raw power in his voice. It's brilliant.
  13. AH, I've missed a few days. I have to rate Maribelle! Her join chapter is one tough cookie for her, so on Lunatic and higher her joining could be in jeopardy, but pairing up should get her through it, and her Mend is slightly useful as well. Her bases are average, bordering good for a healer, and she has very solid, very consistent growth rates that allow her to grow quite well in Mag, Res, and Lck. Her Spd and Skill don't seem to fall behind either, but her Str and Def will always be rather lackluster. But for a healer and a Valkyrie, it's not quite a problem. Maribelle makes a good Magic tank but is quite frail, and needs to be worked up before she's truly "proven her superiority." Nonetheless, her consistency makes her a reliable healer and Magic powerhouse if she is promoted to Sage or Valkyrie. She does not need as much work as, say, Lissa with reclassing to make her consistent, as she only really needs Defense. And, G-Galeforce access. Overall, a great unit. 7.5/10 Missed Ricken too. Ricken's defense is the only thing he has over Miriel. His join chapter is tough for him as well due to a lack of speed, which seems to be his problem when trained as well. His bases are impressive, especially for Defense, and he grows surprisingly well in Def as well. His main problem is that the rest of his growth rates are somewhat up in the air, especially Spd, a notable flaw. His reclassing options are not very good, as they don't use magic, but his strength might be improved somewhat by reclassing to Paladin or Cavalier, but Dark Knight can essentially give him the same bonuses. He is a thoroughly average unit. Overall: 4.5/5 Ok, now for Gaius. First thief, great reclassing options, as he has access to Counter and Vantage. Sadly, he is a stereotypical glass canon, and despises all things Def and Res while having a ridiculous amount of Spd and Skll. His luck is none to impressive either, but he will end up with a lot of Str despite really having no other stats to back it up, besides HP. So, he does make a good combat unit at first - at all, especially with only having a D in swords, and will need to be trained before he can stand alone. If not, Pairing up and switching should allow him to get most chests, but he will still need to be strong enough to withstand the enemy phase, which can be a big problem with him. Utility unit at first, but can become a good fighter if trained well enough. Also, gives good class access to children and has a solid Spd modifier (*cough* for Cynthia *cough*). Overall, a frail, but decent unit. 6/10
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