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    Acrylic painting, sketching, nudism (naturism), vegan, cooking, programming, chaotic good (D&D fans will understand), unique games like Terraria, Fire Emblem, Fallout/Elder scrolls where things are highly customizable. In other words I'm a highly creative individual... that sums it up nicely.
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  1. its not that im not trying its just now that someone pointed out "every villain does what Garon and Ganon have done", its true. I just wasn't thinking about other villain designs. It'd be the same like saying Sephiroth is just like Kefka or chrom is just like marth. I wasn't thinking of the generic design of characters I was more thinking of the actions they took and the methods they use to try to meet their goals.
  2. lol well what I meant was they have similar styles and attitudes. I mean yeah so does every villain ever I get that. I was more thinking in terms of ruling a kingdom and plunging the world into darkness and chaos, a sword is used to defeat them that only the wielder can use, using new found tools or dragon power to travel the map in a way that was not able to travel before, people being forced to fight, dragons and triforce goddesses, and i feel like it doesn't matter what I say at this point every ones more into "stereotypical comparing" shan the op shaaan! Meh I still say Gorens design was influenced at least a little bit like Ganon.
  3. ikr! When and take all my money, rupees, and gold!
  4. So earlier today I had sort of an idea played in my head and then it got serious. It was a simple thought; why does Garon remind me so much of Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda. If your not familiar with LoZ (I've met hardcore gamers who don't know much about LoZ) Ganon is a dark wizard who is perceived by chosen oracles known as Sages or the warriors of the triforce goddesses (Farore=courage, Din=power, Nayru=wisdom) who chose to embed their gifts into, as an evil omen. No seriously all the townsfolk almost never mention Ganon, only the things hes done and to that they don't even know if he did it. The three warriors are always set in a certain time (or dimension) and events seem to always revolve around, if not in, the kingdom of Hyrule. So I was in the shower and suddenly I was making comparisons about the two kings. Garon as we know uses faceless to fight for him which are basically undead. Either that or he has Leo do it for him, but something makes me think he can summon them himself since a lot of his subordinates can. Ganon summons redeads to guard his castle and if you look at a redead upclose he looks a bit like a faceless just not as much muscle and crazy mask... Anyway Ganon sends out minions and guardians to stop Link the main protagonist, so does Garon with his subordinates. In some of LoZ's dialog some of Ganon's minions actually don't like fighting for him or are fed up with Ganon's reign but know they will die or be destroyed if they don't comply. Same lies true with Garon. There's a lot more comparisons to the two but I don't want to bombard you with a wall of text. But hey last thought, this wouldn't be the first time Fire Emblem had a play on names.
  5. Secrets revealed to me the day I held aloft my sword and said... by the power of dragons I have the power!!!

  6. 3DS Friend Code: 4313-1289-9992 pm me your code if you add me. Castle Address:05619-81324-81603-06556 Chosen affinity: Hoshida Avatar name: Star Stone Castle name: Lux Astri Region: California Food: Peaches Minerals: Amber Notes: So I'm going through a lot in real life trying to get a new job after just getting laid off last week. I won't be on much but I cram on FE so I try to get caught up. Sorry there isn't much to look at on my castle but I organized it so its quick and easy to do whatever and I update every time I play or get feedback. I also have a steam account: StarXStone Just in case you'd rather pm me on steam. Also I just got Asugi and its blowing my mind hes basically Gaius! My personal opinion but I feel like characters from Awakening had more personality and interest then the BR and BL games. Even in love their like "wanna be together" "-*Biltch*- uh, yeah sure f&^#in whatever." "oh good I'm so thrilled" "I feel... hold on Sakura... -*fart*- oh man its smells so bad... yeah Sskurogi-poo I love you as well i guess." ALSO WHY WONT THEY BRING BACK THE OLD WEAPON FORGING!!! I mean you could like make weapons a certain color and I think in other games you can add elements to them. I am for durability too but I can see a way to make weapons unbreakable for a price. Okay enough talk see you soon! PS I always give a rate and accessory!
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