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  1. I also played Blue Lions first, then I did Edelgard’s route and finally I’m currently on the Golden Deer. Blue Lions: Black Eagles: Edelgard:
  2. Oh hey, thanks! I wanted to know what would happen if you did this (I had the same thoughts as you) but I chickened out. It was still rough, though! I’ll echo what many have been saying: - the monastery and world-building - the likable cast - better-fleshed out characters that aren’t one-note caricatures - a lot of decently written female characters, I can’t remember the last time I played a game where I actually enjoyed the female characters - the voice acting is decent all-around so far!
  3. Dedue, Annette and Mercedes have all been stars so far; however, Felix has had some amazing stat growths and critical hit rates. Just need him to level up a little more!
  4. Woohoo! Congratulations Shoblongoo! Lily is beautiful! (I found giving birth to a bigger baby easier, myself. I think gravity helps! It was worse with my 7 lb 3 oz kid than with my 9 lb 3 oz kid).
  5. This is what I have heard so far (from anyone else not able to watch, like me): - Trump paying someone to bid on a portrait of himself (Trump), he then reimbursed himself with funds from his charity and the portrait stayed with him. (With handwritten notes from Trump detailing these plans?) - Receipts showing clearly that Trump paid Stormy Daniels hush money. - Trump asked Cohen to lie to Congress and elsewhere numerous times (with a lot of witness proof). - Trump lying about the value of his properties to pay lower taxes. - Trump inflating his assets to secure loans. Specifically he claimed his net worth doubled between 2012 and 2013 because he added a value for his personal brand of $4 billion. - Cohen says there is other illegal activity the House isn’t aware of that SDNY is investigating. A lot of this we already knew. Republicans present in general: ignoring any and all actual evidence and focusing on smearing Cohen’s character (not that they can do much else). A couple of Democrats appear to have found their spines, that’s good, and about time!
  6. My father-in-law is an alcoholic (now 13 years teetotal); his father drank himself to death, as a result my husband is wary of alcohol and drinks very rarely as he recognizes that alcohol addiction is rampant in his family. From his perspective, alcohol is dangerous. Most of the people he knows who drink are alcoholics. Yet he also recognizes that millions of people drink alcohol without becoming addicted and without it ever affecting their health. It’s the same for weed; as Shoblongoo says, many millions of people smoke weed, probably far more than you can imagine. Yet weed by itself is far, far less dangerous than alcohol - you’re not going to die from weed poisoning. So if anything, comparing weed to alcohol does a disservice to weed.
  7. Been a while since I posted here but I’ve been following the Mueller investigation closely and there’s a lot of interesting developments from the past few weeks. The memo on Manefort was scorching. On a note relevant to the past few posts, since I last frequented here I’ve gone from working for Bay Area tech start-ups to a weed company in Washington State and it’s certainly changed my opinions on weed, as well as proving why legalization is the way forward. At the very least the latter is run with far more integrity and honesty than any of the tech companies I worked for, as well as actually contributing a significant amount in taxes. The customer demographics are startling, too; a considerable percentage of customers are either seniors or veterans.
  8. This is because serial killers can remain ‘hidden’ if their killings aren’t ever connected by law enforcement or a nosy reporter. But how would you disguise mass shootings in other countries? Are you really proposing that whole countries are hiding mass shootings happening within their boundaries from the rest of the world?
  9. What a rollercoaster the past few days have been. To start on a positive note: Great to see the number of women, especially Native American women, elected to Congress. Funny choice of words, to call Gillum an ‘extremist’ when DeSantis is the one rubbing shoulders with Proud Boys and who used racially-charged language against Gillum in his campaign. In addition to the deceased brothel owner, three Republicans indicted on felony charges also won their races. Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats talking of compromise are going to help sink the party; they’ll be steamrollered by Trump, just as he’s promising. The whole Jim Acosta situation is pretty revolting. Not surprising, but still revolting. The sheer brazenness of the White House/Fox etc. in calling his actions assault when Christine Ford is still being harassed is just... ugh.
  10. Other countries have similarly high levels of mental ill health in their populations, yet don’t see the mass shootings that the US does. There are also millions of people in the US with mental illnesses who would never dream of shooting anything and the immediate jump to blaming mental illness only further stigmatizes those people and makes it harder to seek help. The only regular correlation with mass shootings is a history of domestic violence.
  11. It’s going to end in disaster and I don’t know how we can prevent it. It’s a good time to remind people that undocumented immigrants pay billions in taxes a year. We gain far more than they cost us.
  12. He was shot, wounded and treated by Jewish hospital staff. He appeared in a wheelchair in court on Monday.
  13. It’s such a terrible tragedy. It’s important to distinguish it as an anti-Semitic crime because it was specifically an attack against Jewish people, not religiosity in general. It was an attack wrapped up in white supremacy. Four armed police responded very swiftly by all accounts (a report I saw originally said they were already on scene, but it appears that was wrong); not sure if armed security could’ve done any better, to be honest.
  14. You haven’t posted in this topic in weeks. The country has bomb threats and 11 Jewish people murdered and numerous other acts of violence committed after a president has made dozens of speeches that refuse to outright condemn the violence - he even not-so-subtly victim-blamed in the speech after the bomber was arrested (as well as turning the attention back on himself!) - and that’s the time you decide to march in to tell left-leaning posters here to ‘be respectful’. Exactly what respect has been earned? Your comment epitomizes the very problem with Republicans right now. And I’m generalizing and saying ‘Republicans’ because I’ve been reading a lot of comments over the past few days on news articles and the like and I have not seen a single, outright condemnation of the violence from a Republican. I have seen hundreds of comments implying that it’s all a conspiracy or that it is somehow deserved and so yes, this is a party-wide problem right now. It’s mind boggling how millions of people are reacting to this. It really is. I’ve actually been shaking with disbelief at how people can absorb all of this information and still think they have a moral high ground.
  15. I’ve had at least two people very close to me who suspected they were drugged; one of those incidents I witnessed and I agree that she was drugged. Luckily in both situations they had actual decent men (a boyfriend in one situation and a Good Samaritan in the other) take care of them. I wanted to add that rape/sexual assault is exceedingly common and if you don’t think it is then you’re probably just not told about it. Women tend to tell other women (and male victims often tell nobody). Women often tell in women-only groups and nearly every one prefaces their story with ‘my husband/partner/parents don’t know.’ I’m literally the only woman I know who hasn’t experienced rape or (bad) sexual assault myself and either my sisters, friends and acquaintances are all liars or it is actually that common and women just don’t feel safe telling most men.
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