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  1. Actually, they haven’t been silent. They’ve been bolstering police and have instigated the looting in some cases. There’s an infuriating video of armed guys hanging out with the police after curfew, when just earlier unarmed protestors had been gassed. It’s absolutely insane (but sadly believable) that we’re seeing so much overwhelming and overt police brutality - of course this has always gone on, but now people have mobile phones and can record live and it hasn’t stopped the police at all. And I’ll happily argue for you, Lord Raven, once I’m finished with work.
  2. It’s ok for people to be weak. Some people are going to be physically or mentally weak no matter how much help they have. Weak people still have as much to contribute to society as strong people. Many of the best people I know are ‘weak’ by society’s standards. I reject the idea that weak people need protecting, too. Weak people don’t need to pandered to. I would consider myself weak. I certainly couldn’t join an army. I’d hate to be considered inferior merely because I couldn’t fight. There’s a world of difference between socialist and communist. I’m absolutely a socialist and having come to the US from a *slightly* more socialist country (nationalized healthcare, etc.) - I miss it. So yeah, Edelgard isn’t what I would consider terribly left. Re. Narcissism, I was careful not to call her a narcissist. I don’t think she’s a narcissist, and all leaders do have to have narcissistic traits to a degree anyway in order to lead. But I do find some of her dialogue to be very similar to dialogue a narcissist would use, too similar to ignore. Ultimately she’s a fictional character, and I, the player, am not Byleth. And I wouldn’t claim that Edelgard gaslit Byleth. Someone doesn’t have to have wronged you for you to dislike them. Personalities clash; not everyone is going to get along. And that’s why I’m not going to be persuaded to like Edelgard. If someone really strongly reminds me of another person in multiple ways I’m going to assume that they’re somewhat like that person. Maybe if she actually existed and I could learn more about her I might grow to like her, but as she’s fictional all we have to go on is what we get in the game.
  3. She’s also pretty authoritative. I know Fodlan’s politics can’t really be compared to modern politics (plus I find the world is not that fully-fleshed out, with a fair few contradictions), but yeah, meritocracies generally don’t jive with left-wing politics. ~ One thing I haven’t seen mentioned yet: I personally dislike Edelgard because I find her pattern of speech and turns of phrase narcissistic. I actually find her self-centered in that she believes she knows best and has the answer for everyone. Being willing to sacrifice others’ lives for your own goals (even if you’re also prepared to lay down your own life) is not something I admire. And as someone who’s had to deal with narcissistic abuse in their life I actually find Edelgard very, very hard to listen to. I’ve come across a few other people with similar backgrounds to me who dislike her for the same reason. I also disagree with meritocracy on a fundamental level and don’t believe they work - and the ending of CF doesn’t help in this respect because all of Edelgard’s close friends end up being in positions of power (and yes, I agree it would have improved a lot to see Dorothea or another commoner placed in a position of power). And some people are weak - physically or mentally or weak in terms of influence - and that’s okay! They still deserve as much of a chance at life as anyone else.
  4. Well, as a Rachel, I am more than happy to welcome you as another Rachel! (I mean, I already knew that was your name, but it’s extra special when someone chooses that name for themselves!)
  5. Apparently I am Dimitri and I also matched with Dimitri in the boyfriend quiz Makes sense, Dimitri could use some self-care
  6. I’ve nearly completed all four routes (almost finished Church) and for me it’s: 1. Blue Lions 2. Golden Deer 3. Church 4. Black Eagles This is why Black Eagles is in last place for me. I was hoping for more nuance from the plot and for Edelgard to surprise me with some good reasoning, but I actually feel Edelgard is more sympathetic/understandable in Blue Lions and that Black Eagles made her seem more villainous than I was expecting.
  7. I’m a documented immigrant. Immigrants, documented or undocumented, do not qualify for most kinds of benefits, period. Medicare and social security are unavailable for documented immigrants until the immigrant has either been present in the US for 40 quarters (so 10 years) or has worked the equivalent of 40 quarters. Additionally most documented immigrants have minimum income requirements placed upon their immigration status (exceptions are asylum seekers and, I believe, lottery card winners). Not sure what the requirements are these days but in 2008 I had to prove I had access to income of at least $37,500/year in order to immigrate. So, simply, benefits aren’t going to immigrants. I did qualify for unemployment and FMLA but that was because I had paid directly into those programs through work. I’ve also been paying social security and Medicare taxes since I immigrated but I cannot take advantage of those.
  8. I also played Blue Lions first, then I did Edelgard’s route and finally I’m currently on the Golden Deer. Blue Lions: Black Eagles: Edelgard:
  9. Oh hey, thanks! I wanted to know what would happen if you did this (I had the same thoughts as you) but I chickened out. It was still rough, though! I’ll echo what many have been saying: - the monastery and world-building - the likable cast - better-fleshed out characters that aren’t one-note caricatures - a lot of decently written female characters, I can’t remember the last time I played a game where I actually enjoyed the female characters - the voice acting is decent all-around so far!
  10. Dedue, Annette and Mercedes have all been stars so far; however, Felix has had some amazing stat growths and critical hit rates. Just need him to level up a little more!
  11. Woohoo! Congratulations Shoblongoo! Lily is beautiful! (I found giving birth to a bigger baby easier, myself. I think gravity helps! It was worse with my 7 lb 3 oz kid than with my 9 lb 3 oz kid).
  12. This is what I have heard so far (from anyone else not able to watch, like me): - Trump paying someone to bid on a portrait of himself (Trump), he then reimbursed himself with funds from his charity and the portrait stayed with him. (With handwritten notes from Trump detailing these plans?) - Receipts showing clearly that Trump paid Stormy Daniels hush money. - Trump asked Cohen to lie to Congress and elsewhere numerous times (with a lot of witness proof). - Trump lying about the value of his properties to pay lower taxes. - Trump inflating his assets to secure loans. Specifically he claimed his net worth doubled between 2012 and 2013 because he added a value for his personal brand of $4 billion. - Cohen says there is other illegal activity the House isn’t aware of that SDNY is investigating. A lot of this we already knew. Republicans present in general: ignoring any and all actual evidence and focusing on smearing Cohen’s character (not that they can do much else). A couple of Democrats appear to have found their spines, that’s good, and about time!
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