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  1. Is it worth sacrificing a +Def -Spd 5* Cordelia for Brave Lance+ on 5* Effie? I don't ever use Cordelia, and Effie is on my main team, but kind've unsure because Cordelia was my first 5* and maybe she still has some use with that IV.
  2. My team right now is Ryoma, Effie, Nino, and a bonus unit for arena/Reinhardt when on PvE. I just saw the new Azura banner and was wondering if I should spend my orbs on her, then replace Effie if I get her. Would this make my team better or worse?
  3. My current team is Ryoma, Effie, Nino, and Reinhardt. Since there is a Ninian banner currently, I was just wondering if it would be better for my team to replace Effie for Ninian. I've heard that dancers make teams exponentially better, especially ones with hyper offense units like Ryoma, Nino, and Reinhardt. Although this move would sacrifice Effie's bulk and power, making my team less balanced and more vulnerable on enemy phase, I feel that Ninian along with Reinhardt's Reposition should keep me safe to the point where I don't need a dedicated wall. Thoughts?
  4. Just pulled a +Spd -Res Ryoma, and I'm planning to give him Ardent Sacrifice, Fury, Moonbow, and Hone Spd. What would be his best B slot, Vantage or Desperation? I can't realy decide.
  5. Wanna get some other opinions. My current team is Marth, Sharena, Nino, and Kagero right now. I was just wondering, since Nowi is a focus banner unit right now, would it help balance my team to replace Kagero for Nowi since I don't really have a good bulky bait unit on my current team? Or is Kagero essential for this team that I'm overlooking?
  6. Just found out that I have the resources to make a Horse Emblem team. Can it still outperform an infantry team if I still plan on having a non-cavalry bonus unit for arena as the fourth slot? I've heard from a lot of people that Horse Emblem is pretty busted, wondering if it's worth it or not. Planned Horse Team: Eldigan, Ursula, Cecilia, and a bonus unit Current regular team: Marth (If I'm blessed enough to pull Ryoma, he's benching Marth), Effie, Nino, and a bonus unit
  7. Really just depends on what your team needs, what are your current 5 star units?
  8. Since my previous question got lost before, here it is: My 3 unit core team right now is Marth, Effie, and Nino, and I was just wondering if there are any common threats that my team has a bit of trouble handling. If so, could anyone recommend good last slots that would help balance out my team?
  9. Don't promote unless it's +spd really, don't invest all the resources.
  10. Optimize speed, and make him have desperation to make a Quadaven build. He isn't meant to take hits really.
  11. My 3 unit core team right now is Marth, Effie, and Nino, and I was just wondering if there are any common threats that my team has a bit of trouble handling. If so, could anyone recommend a good last slot that would help balance out my team?
  12. Hmm, couldn't I just inherit it onto Olivia though and get the same effect? Sharena also would provide fortify defense buffs, so I was mainly wondering about individual viability and not their buffs to Nino.
  13. Currently, my team is Marth, Effie, and Nino. I'm either deciding between Sharena or Olivia to be the last member for my team. Who do you guys think is a better fit? Btw, I already have buffs in Marth with Hone Spd, and Effie with Hone Atk, so Olivia would just be used purely for dance and nothing else.
  14. -Spd Nowi really, REALLY hurts her actually. -Spd Kagero isn't really helping either. Olivia is just an amazing unit overall with Dance, and her IV's are very good, so I say she's easily your best candidate to promote.
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