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  1. Villains showdown. Julius VS Alvis _______ Zephiel VS Narcian _______ Michalis VS Camus _______ Lloyd VS Linus Who will win? Who will lose? Who will Falaflame? Find out, if the devs actually do something like this.
  2. Got descriptions working, new screenies of them
  3. I've been thinking about trying to make a hack for a while, and i'm going to try with this. This hack is about a magical apprentice who is learning from an ancient master until their sanctuary is penetrated for unknown reasons. I have everything except for the maps, events and pre level conversations finished on the first two chapters, so if you want to check some of the characters,you can play this predemo. FE7 in case you were wondering. LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/download/mz9sn27c3saquxp/Fire+emblem+Dark+Demo.ups
  4. Fire Emblem Conquest, huh. Noob: I bet ill bweeze threw dis since i iz amazing at birthwite. Dis is sooo easy, i bet dis chapta is even easiya (Starts Chapter 10) Pro:this can't possibly be harder than Thracia 776, i bet that if i keep my fliers in close and use the environment this will be easy (Starts Chapter 10) Me:I doubt this can really be that hard (Starts Chapter 10) 20 minutes later... Noob:Betta swich to Phoenix morde cuz diss is tooo haaaaaard Pro:Thank god i got out of there with all my units alive, that was really a hazing Me:Guess we have to go on without Odin (turns around) YES THANK GOD THAT ANNOYING GUY IS GONE
  5. Prob your punishment for playing on phoenix mode
  6. I think Brian being recruitable would make more sense, and maybe arione, but definitely NOT ishtar
  7. I am SigurdWorshipper aka Jackson, and i have just recently created an account after playing FE for a long time. My favorite fire emblem game is The Sacred Stones, with Genealogy of the Holy War a close second. I play fire emblem a lot, and have played around half of them. I hope to be a lasting SerenesForest forum member.
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