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  1. I played somebody who had a Camilla with a Mjolner (idk how its spelt) and no particularly outstanding skills. She was only going to attack once and do 1 damage, but she crit and luna'd and did 3 (big whoop.) However, she then attacked again (like she was using a brave tome or whatever its called [side note im SUPER good at this game]) and did 44 exactly, which happened to be the amount of health i had left. Not sure how this happened, I was recording for my yt when it did happen and reviewed the footage, but nothing that could have possibly triggered this stood out. Anyways, can we try to stick to tiering classes based on risk vs reward (using my system p much)? I get that some classes have the advantage over others, but some take a little more of a risk to use but can yield great results, and some are simply more consistent.
  2. Tactician's a non-dlc class that's akin to the Valkyrie in Awakening, Grandmaster's a dlc class thats really similar to awakening's grandmaster, except it's more magic based
  3. I mean you're not wrong but I organized this post differently
  4. Hello Serenes Forest, I'd like to get a discussion going about a tier list for classes in Fire Emblem Fates. This is only for Limited Battles because Standard is uncompetitive and kinda gross, and obviously the royals are the greater characters because they have cooler weapons. Anyways, the way I'm formatting this tier list is based on how risky it is to use a class vs how rewarding it is (not rewarding as in personal reward but how often you'll win with it.) Tier 1 Low Risk, High Reward Wolfssegner Swordmaster Falcon Knight Tier 1' High Risk, High Reward Master Ninja Songstress Maid/Butler Dread Fighter Tier 2 Low Risk, Decent Reward Sniper Paladin Nine-Tails Sorcerer Malig Knight Dark Knight Hoshido/Nohr Noble Kinshi Knight Tier 2' High Risk, Decent Reward Berserker Basara Lodestar Spear Master General Bow Knight Tier 3 Low Risk, Low Reward Great Knight Oni Cheiftain Adventurer Hero Tier 3' High Risk, Low Reward (AKA utter trash) Merchant Preistess Ballistician Blacksmith Onmyoji Unranked I have never used nor seen these be used, and I can't make a judgement purely by observation Strategist Witch Dark Falcon Vanguard Great Lord Grandmaster Wyvern Lord Master of Arms Great Master Mechanic Again, this is only a preliminary list at the moment, and I'd like to get discussion going about some of the placements. Keep in mind that all of characters likely have a niche in one way or another, but that doesn't automatically make them good. I'm willing to move just about any class in a heartbeat if someone makes a good enough argument for the movement. I will be keeping a log of all changes in the OP.
  5. I don't remember posting this in resources, but whoever moved it there, thank you for correcting it!
  6. Alright, 1st thread coming in hot n slimy. I have programmed a really REALLY rudimentary damage calculator for Fire Emblem: Fates. It's currently in Alpha, and hardly so. It only works on chrome. You can use it here: http://bit.ly/24iK1gL Jsjsjsjs It's not a rom, but a resource. I know you may have the question: "Well it's slick but what's it good for?" So I compiled a list of uses. a. Predict one of your units survival b. Check to make sure you can kill the boss before potentially sacrificing a unit to do so. c. Win debates by using an unreliable (it works but may be null in debates lol) calculator. Any concerns? Lemme know. Any questions? Lemme know. Any suggestions? Lemme know. You like the calc? Yay lemme know. I hope you enjoy! Edit: Fixed a bug that said you dealt NaN damage
  7. Felicia is cute as a button, Jakob is pretty cool but sorta boring. Also, Felicia is a better unit because of her high magic cap (Physical maid = no offensive niche.) Going back to my first point, all you need to do is hear Felicias quotes in myCastle and you'll agree.
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