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  1. well crap. i looked up what all a bootleg lacks and this is a legit copy but its probably been used to the point that it stuggles, do these games use an internal battery?
  2. i bought a used copy of fire emblem from amazon and it works fine, mostly... after every turn theres a half second delay and the music stops during. I think that isnt normal, any advice on how to fix it?
  3. i'm suprised this topic got so far, glad to see 3 people participate atleast. hoping to see more, i've noticed that not many people seem to know about bond units and there arent any places (from what i've looked for) that are bond unit sharing vids, forums, etc.
  4. anyone willing to make this a bond unit my castle sharing thread? i found that bond units are really interesting and would like to help others get a bond unit. All you have to do is take someones card and give accessories (you don't lose them) my castle address : 16217-27993-09739-85114 I will send accessories back within 24 hours, put your castle address in a reply aswell if you want more people than I to help with bond units
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