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  1. Hmmm. Ok. It seems like it'll be similar to birthright then. Anyone else who has input feel free to post :3
  2. Hey all. Beaten the other two, now it's on to Revelations. Who did you guys marry up? Who did YOU marry? Was the game hard? How does it play (like, are there opportunities to level people up, etc. like in Birthright?) I'd love to hear what everyone has to say. Avoid spoilers, please~
  3. Hey, I forgot to ask one thing. Is it 3 big hearts or 3 little ones where she reveals her true name?
  4. Really loving the responses. It's kind of cool to see the various reasons and reasoning behind why people went one way or the other with a character or characters. Me, I love the story behind pairings, and the paralogue stories. Good bit of flavor story to add to the game.
  5. Hey there guys. Thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone's Conquest pairings were, and why they chose them! What were your Conquest "S" ranked pairs, and why did you pick them? Did you get all of the kids unlocked? Let's hear them! :)
  6. Ok. This was a big help...I'll keep all that in mind in my future play throughs. Nice art by the way :)
  7. So, how do I see the friendship bonding status? Furthermore, does it only apply when someone has a little heart by their name in "My Room" when you invite an ally over? I've bonded with Kaze like twice and I think he only has one heart still lol
  8. Aww man...I was so looking forward to her revealing her name :( Now I don't get to hear it/see it! I'm all the way on Chapter 17. MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  9. Dang...is there anyway to get that dialogue while married? I never got it.
  10. Hey guys, does anyone know when Selena will reveal her true name to the Avatar? My avatar is married to her, and I've got a little over 1 big heart with her. She hasn't said anything about being Severa! If anyone would be able to answer, that would be great.
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