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  1. I checked a different Fire Emblem Wiki. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello, where might I find the FE1 script in English? I don't mean a translation patch, I just want the script. I checked both Serenes and the Fire Emblem Wiki, but found nothing. I need it for an essay I'm writing about Fire Emblem narratives.
  3. I'm always surprised whenever you actually exist on SF

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    2. Sunwoo


      I see. You're just not super active on SF anymore?

    3. General Banzai

      General Banzai

      Guess not, one day I will finish Thracia UV though

    4. Sunwoo


      You probably should finish that, yeah. I started reading it some time ago and it's pretty funny.

  4. FE4 sux Map design and character balance kills the whole thing, but it also has a lousy story too
  5. Holy fuck, you actually exist

  6. Awakening if nothing else is extremely consistent on its themes, but it really is "if nothing else"--any of its attempts to build tension or mystery are undermined by its slipshod pacing and inconsistent tone, which fluctuates too much between parodically lighthearted and seriously dramatic for its seriously dramatic elements to succeed. An anti-drug PSA can have consistent and strong themes, but that doesn't make it good. Awakening can't stand on its themes alone. Whatever inconsistencies exist in Echoes on a thematic level, it maintains a consistent tone and pacing that allows its big moments to succeed on an emotional level, something Awakening sorely lacks. Of course this discussion only highlights the truly greatest FE story, Sacred Stones, where tone, pacing, theme, and character are all unified and consistent...
  7. Awakening's story was super bad by FE standards, mostly treading the same ground previous games did but with plot points rushed or condensed due to the bizarre 3-arc structure. Then Fates was even worse The gameplay of both games is stellar though, so overall I can't complain
  8. I find it hilarious that this meme of "Fire Emblem isn't known for having a good story" has shown up all of a sudden, because when FE8/9/10 were coming out, Fire Emblem was specifically known for having good stories (and permadeath). (FESS has the best story by the way)
  9. What this fandom is great, this looks like a single person overreacting
  10. if you wanna see something cool, check out Dondon's 0% growth playthroughs. He mods the games so that all units have 0% growth rates and then beats the games as fast as possible. He also has some pretty cool commentary explaining his strats. (He uses Zealot a lot)
  11. Tiers on this site are generally based around completing the game fast, which is easier to do with units that start overleveled. Even though Wendell and Zealot have atrocious growths, their bases are good enough to be solid contributors for a significant portion of the game, especially in Shadow Dragon where units can be reclassed and given forged weapons that can trivialize many units even lategame.
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