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  1. Hmm yeah I see. I mostly was going for what is in meta right now. Since alot of it is still rather new to me, but I will try and see what I can come up with.
  2. Also if you have other suggestions for a new playthough since this one has it's pairing already let me know I am open to try new ones. I am looking for a decent pairing for them all.
  3. 1) Long term plans. I plan on using them for the remainder of my playthorugh. Also allows me to know what setups I want to use when I try lunatic mode. So this is good prep 2)I have all the DLC and am ok with grinding. So nothing new there.
  4. Heyo fella's I am waiting on passing on skills until I know what would be good skills to pass on for my kids. Any suggestions? Also weapons would be nice as well. Since some skills are better with other weapons. AvatarxSelkie SilasxAzura JakobxKagero KazexBeruka RyomaxCamilla TakumixRinkah SaizoxSakura KadenxCharlotte HinataxHana AzamaxFelicia SubakixHinoka.. I had to do this pairing.. HayatoxOrochi.. Witch Rhajat? Unless you have a better build. I still think bringing her down the witch route for the skills is optimal... XanderxPeri... Not really sure what I was thinking here.. if you have any ideas on how I can salvage it let me know. LeoxNyx BennyxOboro... I know benny can be a decent wall once you give him some tlc... but I had to. KeatonxSelena ArthurxMozu... not sureif I will be using percy alot. but if you have a good idea let me know. OdinxElise LaslowxEffie NilesxSetsuna If you see missing pairings it is because of the SilasxAzura. they had two kids..
  5. I did end up beating you fairly. Just did not take screenshots, mainly cause I am not worried about rewards. Also that dusk dragon statue is a must destroy if you expect to live. I mean christ. It was murder getting to it and killing the golems.
  6. I do plan on battling everyday. Not only do I get the benefit of free DVP I also get to try new builds and ideas.
  7. Will challenge again later. I do have some suggestions since my initial fight was a gauge of strength. Takumi needs Point Blank. Would make him super deadly or at least deadlier? Took him out in one shot since he could not retaliate. Secondly I see alot of skill proc skills. Only issue is the rate of procing. Yeah the weapons makes up for it by pure damage but the rate in which those skills fire off seems low by at least 15% to 20% It would be different if half of them had skill at around 45 to 50. Reason being is most skills have a proc bonus of 0.5% to 2% which means you could get the potential chance to proc and slaughter things more often.
  8. Well in using the little Inheritance planner I can pass some skills down. And one of them has like a 87.5 on mag as a dark flyer. So yeah dmg is real there.
  9. Surprisingly I can see alot of these working well for each other. I mean if you include Some DLC reclassing. I can see dark flyers in there somewhere.
  10. Hmmm I am mostly going for the best mods. not so much in the convo or looks. And I think it is still Sahliel in game as well for the name.
  11. Ok I am looking for some really optimal pairings. Something i can use to get really powerful children. I have almost the full roster avalible besides the following. mainly because I wanted to marry my avatar out of just pure..feti..*cough* fandom for selkie.... Anywho a nice list of potential partners also would like reasons as to why these pairings are considered by you* to be the most and best logical choice. Please and thank you. KadenxCharlotte SelkiexSahliel
  12. Well I still thank you for the suggestion.
  13. I heard the same thing but was not sure. I will just create two saves and do one RinkahxKaden and KadenxCharlotte
  14. *Raises the Hate cannon...oops no batteries for the charge.* Yeah normally I just do whatever but I am trying to go for that power. So I can raid and fight friends. But thanks for that idea as well.
  15. Ok so I am running this on the revalations path so this could be a viable partnership for kaden. Sounds nice. I will have to try it out.
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